[tmtranscripts] TM 2000 Conference, Ham, 6-23-00

Susan Kimsey hmbtm at coastside.net
Tue Jun 27 20:52:12 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,

This transmission by Rebecca Bynum, from the TM 2000 National Conference at Lake
Eufala, OK, was transcribed by Jim Foster and Darlene Hunt.


Ham:  Greetings my children, I am Ham and I am well pleased to have
this opportunity to speak to you again.  Tonight, let us speak of the large
things and also the small things of life. Oftentimes, I know in your hearts
you are overwhelmed with the greatness of the tasks, with the arduousness,
of living.  And I want to reassure you now that the only way to make progress
is to take one step at a time. To focus on the small things, the minor things
for a while, and to diligently discharge the duties that are put before you.

In Stella's case, the writing of such an immense book would have been
overwhelming, had she not taken it one paragraph, one line, at a time.
You can all do great things if you do the simple things everyday. Do
that which is simple, that which comes naturally, that which gives you
joy, which gives you peace, in that time, in that day, and let the future
unfold as the Father wills it. Do not sap your energies in worrying
about how things will turn out, or what will happen, days, weeks, years
from now. Draw instead from the well of peace that only is available in
the "now time."  Draw from that well what is yours. Do only that which is
possible to do, and do not worry about that which is not done, or which
is too late to do.

This simple lesson is probably the hardest one to master, for you are
all naturally somewhat fearful beings, and the threats that loom upon the
horizon not yet formed are the ones that you perceive as most menacing.
But I say to you, have faith and banish these shadows of your
imagination. Allow yourselves to be held in the Father's Hand. Allow
yourselves to be drawn to Michael's breast.  Allow yourselves to be
comforted, not now, but in the "always now," so that that time that is
now will always be with you, and anything that comes will be diminished
by that comfort, and can be swayed by the mighty forces that surround

Again, I hope that I have been some comfort to you through these
years. I pray that my service has been helpful, and I pray that you have
all received my love, now, and for always. My thoughts are with you, my
prayers are with you, and my love is upon you,   Shalom.

Teaching Mission 2000 Conference,  Lake Eufala, OK

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