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May 17, 2000

THORSON:  I'd like to say a few words to you this evening about the love of 
the Father.  The Father's love is not an intellectual pursuit.  It does not 
contain rational analysis.  Neither can it be scientifically studied as 
factual, but nonetheless it is real and it is powerful.  It is the function 
of the divine spiritual essence resident within which is constantly attuning 
the mind to open the heart to this well spring of love.  This seems to be the 
greatest challenge for most of the humans on this planet.is to lessen the 
fear and distrust and to be able to soften to this love.  If you are in your 
mind, in your head all the time, you are not going to access this bountiful 
wellspring of love.  Love springs forth as it is needed, as you begin to show 
a concern for others.  As you begin to remove the importance of yourself and 
honor just the simple respect and importance of other, through this channel 
of love, part of the challenge to access this love is to access an open 
relationship with God.

You do not have to understand what this love is to possess it.  You do not 
have to understand what it is to give this love.  You don't really have to 
understand where it comes from.  But, as you do begin to show forth love, you 
do get a sense of where it originates and you get the sense of it's source.

There have been volumes of words written about love.  There have been many 
sessions spoken of love.  You in your own lives have felt the joy and 
satisfaction which giving love has brought to you.  Love is an adjuster and 
love is a controller.  Love controls the moment.  It has a way aligning 
everything into a warm harmony.

Love is not something that can just be stored up like money in a bank, or 
food in a pantry, or air in a tank.  Love is living, like breath.  The only 
way that you can take in a breath is to exhale the one that you're holding.  
The only way to receive love is to give the love that you have, to move this 
energy out into the universe.  Move it through your intention, through your 
eye contact, through your voice.  Move it through your thought, even move it 
through your body, but you are constantly challenged to bring forth this 

It is interesting to think about this inasmuch as one can think about it.  If 
one is to think about it then one is to prepare oneself to access this love 
at a moment's notice.  To access this love in every moment is the goal of 
perfection.  When you can access love 100% all the time, you are living in 
accordance with the Father's will and you are getting closer in your 
relationship to that supreme trust that the Spirit of God Within seeks.  

There is an example in the story of the Master's life............how the 
Master was able to live in the grace of love through his whole earth life, 
never falling from this grace and never stepping out of love.........even 
when He himself, after having been nailed to a wooden post and hung up to 
die, still found within His heart the capacity to ask God to forgive the one 
on the side of him who are also suffering and to forgive his persecutors, 
literally to forgive the human race.   It was because the Master accessed 
love on a constant and continual basis that gave Him the ability to access 
the core of all situations.  How many times did he approach a person, a 
complete stranger in love and was able to completely read within the heart of 
that person?  You, my friends, can do the same things.  You can read what you 
want to see or you can read what love has to show you and you find that many 
times these are two very different things.  Test yourself this coming week.  
Consciously approach a situation from a stance of love and weigh your results 
against a situation that you approached from any other perspective and you 
will understand a little more of what I am saying.

I am not sure how I can help you access love, my sister (Lucille), but there 
is within you one who is capable and willing to help you access.  What I can 
offer is to briefly reiterate what I have said.   Love is not something that 
needs intellectual comprehension.  Love is something that needs the ability 
of the human mind to allow the human heart to open.  This could be a prayer, 
to as the Father/Mother God for strength, and courage and trust to open up 
that heart a little more, to lay away the fear which holds it.  You will find 
that as you begin to practice and exercise this relationship between the 
heart and this divine love which seeks to attune your whole vibration.  It 
seeks to attune and adjust the energy and vibration of wherever it's directed 
to begin to experience this real exchange through love you begin to trust.  
This is what is meant by putting your trust in God.

Thank you for allowing me to speak with you this evening.   We will see you 

JarEL:  Greetings to you my friends, it is I teacher JarEL.  It is good to 
have guests speak to and it is also again good to be here amongst you again.  
The last few meetings we had were spent in practice sessions which allowed 
you an opportunity to make teacher contact and to share orally with the 
group.  I am very pleased with the attempts and the results and I would ask 
that you continue in your practice of stillness and in contacting the 
spiritual realms, the Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, your adjutant 
mind spirits and your teachers.  At some point in these contacts, you may 
even begin to find out who you are.

Tonight we will continue our journey of personal spiritual transformation and 
I will talk a little about opening to the influence within the mind.  Many 
times, you are not aware of how much influence you are being given.  The 
evidence of this is that many times it takes coming to a place of doubt or 
confusion or maybe just a place where there is no where else to turn.  At 
that point, when you look inward you begin to sense the influence.  You begin 
to perceive the possibility of other choice.  One of the wonderful aspects of 
being indwell by divine guidance is that you have another choice.  Even when 
you have exhausted all of your choices, there is still God's choice, God's 
way.  Not that God's way is any different from your way.  What makes it 
different is the emphasis that God's way instructs you to use what you have, 
what you have been given, not solely for yourself, but to use these gifts, 
these tools, these opportunities which life have afforded you individually to 
begin to connect with the much greater reference around you, your brothers 
and sisters.

To those of you who come here, week after week to this so called teaching 
mission, to those of you who read the so call Urantia Book and who are 
involved in spiritual practices and spiritual studies.. . God has so called 
you forth to offer you a greater responsibility.  A responsibility to change 
and grown yourself and to begin to forth these fruits in your daily 
relationships with others.  For the most part, you are not asked to join a 
crusade, to sell everything you own, to relocate.  For the most part, you are 
asked just to use what you have and how you are just around you.  This is the 
least that is asked of you.  It is asked in a way in which you are influenced 
by this.  You begin to notice as you practice and as you begin to show forth 
to those around you these fruits of the spirit........you begin to access a 
greater and intimate influence through the divine presence.  This is one of 
the keys to spiritual development.  It is not totally a linear 
progression.......so that just sitting in meditation and contacting is not 
going transform you spiritually.  It is the harmony which begins to show 
forth from how you live and how you act and what you practice which begins to 
develop into spiritual learning.  It is this dimensional aspect. 

 These choices that you are faced with, these options. to live your life and 
give lip service to God within, or to really believe and trust in this God, 
to dedicate the life you are given, to learn to access and know this God, to 
become intimate friends with this presence within and begin to love those 
around you.  You will find in many cases, that if you intend to love someone, 
you may eventually come to actually like them.  This is not necessarily 
always a prerequisite.  The challenge here is to allow love to transform you. 
 Love alone.  This was a pertinent and wonderful lesson by Thorson earlier 
about this transforming quality and nature of this love and accessing this 
love within.  Love in also influence.

It not intentionally personally specifically, but it is good that I am 
hitting close to home (in response to Mike's statement).  This is part of the 
challenge of living a human life in the times in which you live in today.  
More and more, time is speeded up.  There is not enough to take time to 
really do things correctly, so one is really challenged to take the time to 
do one or two things correctly than to hap-hazardedly do three or four 
things.  This is the difference that being rounded in a spiritual base begins 
to make in your life.  It begins to give you a larger perspective of purpose. 
 It show you in your relationship to time.  The time you spend on earth and 
it shows you a much larger perspective of time that you will continue to 
grown and live and develop on the spiritual worlds to come when you leave 
this planet.  From that perspective, it is not necessary to be in such a 
hurry.  To be haphazard about how you do things.  Make sure no matter what 
you are doing or how nondescript or simple it may be, that you take the time 
to do what you are doing correctly.  Many of you take time to visit friends 
and acquaintances who are sick or are in the hospital.  Many times, those of 
you in the group have been such situations have enjoyed the time that people 
took to come and visit.  Making the time is also very important in doing a 
few more spiritual practices.  In all of this, if you can hold love, you will 
really begin to benefit from this perspective. 

 If something appears in your life and you are not sure how to integrate 
this, what it means if you just take this situation and hold it in love it 
will begin to define itself a lot clearer to you.  Love has an uncanny 
ability to show how something remotely impossible can actually be done.  This 
is the challenge with the spiritual life and spiritual living is to take the 
remote possibility that you as a mortal human with this basic genetic make-up 
and these baser influences can actually begin to access and open to the 
divine presence and to begin to slowly transform and shift the emphasis from 
me to God.and to be able to take and hold forth this presence of love which 
is in your heart, you will begin to see things quite differently.  Love has a 
way of making a black and white situation all of a sudden colorful, or to 
take a gray and dour situation and give it life. 

 This is all I am interested in saying to you this evening.  In the coming 
weeks, find a situation that you challenge yourself to show forth love to 
this situation against what your mind is telling you, against what ever you 
are holding on to or what ever it is that you may feel, force yourself to 
open up to this situation with the intention of love and letting love make 
something of this situation.

I thank you Nell for the wonderful metaphor for it certainly is true.  You 
are asked to do a lot.  You are asked to use the resources that you have and 
what seems like a lot begins to shift once you fully begin to integrate the 
resource.  The resource of the Thought Adjuster.  The resource of the Spirit 
of Truth.  The resource of the Adjutants, the resource of the angelic 
helpers, the resource of your own will and ability to make decisions.  Yes, 
it is true, you are complex beings as pieced together from all of these 
different parts.  Remember that no one person is ever tested beyond their 
capacity.  Many times you are tests just to your capacity and if for no other 
reason for you to experience your capacity.  

Thank you my friend (Mike)  It is true that the change in the transformation 
in incremental and you are also correct that ever so slight incremental 
begins to open into much greater possibilities, to shift patterns of 
behavior, pattern of thought, patterns of modes of functioning that have 
become very familiar, maybe even a part of what you are identifying with.  It 
is also interesting that as you begin to shift your focus and identity and 
begin to do just a little work, all of a sudden you begin to see results.  It 
is hoped that as you begin to see these results that you begin to desire 
greater results.  You will also notice you will begin to attract others 
because of who you are becoming.

Thank you.


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