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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Love, Faith, Belief, Healing, Light and Life
Teachers: Elyon, Tomas, Jessona, Margul

May 14, 2000
*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Dear friends, this is Elyon.  Let me begin today by
once again stressing the ever-present reality of love.  Though we all have
learned and understand that the Paradise Father is at the center of all things
and moves not from His Paradise Isle, and though we all have learned and
understand that He is resident with us, until you have experienced fusion as I
have, you will entertain doubts as to his watchcare, that love and concern. 
Being as you are now, housed in physical form with impaired circuitry upon this
planet, it can be difficult to discern the presence of the Father which is love,
and here is where your faith becomes of utmost importance, for it is your
antenna; it is your vehicle for discernment.  When the wind blows, you can sense
it upon your skin; you can sense it on your hair.  Your faith is your sensor to
the wind of love.
	Once again I return to my oft-repeated admonition that stillness is
likewise the means whereby you can increase your sensitivity of this loving
presence of the Father, for during times of tribulation when you need to receive
this love the most, you will not have the opportunity to develop your
sensitivity.  A crisis may throw you into sensing this love, but that is not the
optimum route to take.  The better approach is to practice the presence of God,
thereby you will be strengthened for those difficult times.   You will begin to
seek for and connect to this love prior to the upheavals, prior to the crises.
	I have known you all for quite some time and need not spend a great length
of time reminding you that love is far more than the feeling and emotion but is
an all-encompassing state of being that includes your intellect, that includes
your feelings, your ideals, your values, and all personalities.
	Love is the foundation of all sound religion.  Love is the motivation of
every spiritually progressive soul.  I would say that it is as gasoline to a
but in reality it is as combustion of gasoline is to a car.  It is the energy
source, not simply the material itself.  When love explodes, it expands; it does
work.  It effects others.  It is the one thing in the universe worth seeking
above all else, for it is the radiance of the Father.  
	I will here pause and allow others to address you.
*	Tomas (Gerdean):  I am Tomas.  I will pick up with belief.
	Elyon has reminded you, spoken to you, about the force of love, the force
inherent in God and in your Indwelling Adjuster that gives rise to your faith,
that proves your faith, whereas your minds are capable of creating your beliefs
which also give you a sense of driving power, but it is not the same as faith,
for beliefs are born in the mind and supported by community.
	Behold your conversations preceding our session.  The belief system of the
Aztec civilization and the belief of Christians that jointly called for blood
sacrifice.  Behold your discourse regarding your community enterprises and
experiences and that your beliefs in what you are doing, although founded on
faith, are indeed embellished by your interpretation of what you are about.
you build a belief in what you are doing and how you walk the will of God.  The
power of beliefs is indelibly great; it advances and destroys civilizations.
faith is that quality which resides in eternity with or without a structure to
hang upon.  Belief systems are good as they provide a foundation for great
action, but belief systems may need to be altered or corrected in order for
to grow and flourish into the next order of being.  Thus behold the
companion who
has acknowledged a need to break through the bonds of self-imposed restraint and
enter into a more meaningful relationship with her spiritual nature in search of
healing and the force of life-giving faith.  Be courageous when your belief
systems, your cherished belief systems, are altered.  I am reminded of our
ignoble Lucifer who was so committed to his established beliefs that a
portion of
the universe was alienated from reality because of his steadfast refusal to give
up his own belief system.  The effects can be long range and difficult of
correction.  Yet if your faith in our Father is intact it will allow you to
yourselves into that wondrous reality which we desire and will, as it is His
	I have finished.
	Mark:  I request Jessona's presence.
*	Jessona:  I have been here awhile already, my friend.  It is an honor to be
called into your consciousness in this arena.  It is a joy to experience a new
TR.  I have met with Gerdean before, and we will see eye-to-eye on most matters.
	What I see you needing me for is a confirmation of what you have already
resolved in your heart.  But I will not put words in your mouth but rather will
ask you to express your need for my guidance.
	Mark:  You have been instructive for us on the topic of healing, and I
perceive that I am being asked to function in this capacity.  I am willing and
just concerned that I am able. I ask for any instruction you could give as
to how
to be a proper conduit for my sister and what service I could be for others, as
*	Jessona:  Thank you, yes.  Your relationship with this friend is being
lifted to a higher, closer, level.  Your experience in this healing range is a
way of experiencing greater intimacy with your sister, in that you are helping
her to become more identified with her actual spirit reality.  Let me find an
example of something I can use.  I see the example of the fairy tale "The
Princess and the Pea".
	This woman is a very sensitive woman.  Indeed, dealing in feathers is an
indication of a very fine and gentle soul.  Yet this princess has an errant pea
that is causing her distress.  She has already admitted she already knows the
source of this disturbance by acknowledging that she hoped to get through this
life without a greater grasp of what would be called upon in advancing interest
in her survival.  If this errant pea were to be smoothed away, she would be able
to find rest.  The smoothing of the coverlets is probably the greatest service
that can be provided in this moment in your relationship with her.
	Dwell not over much on the illness, on the lump, on the distress, but upon
the gentle easing it away.  It matters not how it got there.  The fact that
it is
the time for it to go in order for her to grasp her life with ease is what is
important.  The spirit is perfection-minded.  Tomas spoke of the belief in the
wake of Elyon discussing faith.  You have the opportunity now to introduce
her to
the power and force of faith that can eradicate a faulty belief which has no
purpose now in her.  Strengthen her cognizance of her connection with spirit and
let spirit heal her.  Minister to her, of course, and lay on hands.  Make the
meaningful gestures that will help her envision the relinquishing of those
irksome issues that have caused her a disease.  Allow the entrance into her
consciousness of the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit, in her washing away
which no longer serves, breaking up the pea that troubles her child's rest.
	Your motives are earnest; your desire to serve is great.  Your faith in
Father is well founded, and you do believe that in Him all manner of wonders can
occur.  It is in your best interests to believe in yourself as a mouth and a
voice and a breath of infinity.  By giving yourself a belief that you can bring
the Father into her awareness, you then can watch in faith while she grasps
truths inherent in her as a result of her indwelling adjuster.  Have no fear
your ministry will be effective.  Her desire is for the embrace of her spirit
community.  Offer her holistic faith.
	Mark:  How does one reconcile the desire to reach out as a healing conduit
and the apparent deficiencies in one's own character that are perceived as an
obstacle in this process?
*	Jessona:  Perceived by whom?
	Mark:  I speak personally.  "Healer heal yourself."  I see my deficiencies
that I need to reconcile somehow.
*	Jessona:  It is not you doing the healing.  It is as an imperfect vehicle
that you avail yourself of the Father's and the Mother's healing energies.
It is
your faith which allows the energy to come through.  You may not believe in
yourself, but you have faith in God, and it is that which will effectively enter
into the consciousness of your environment.
	Mark:  Thank goodness.
*	Jessona:  Continue to reflect upon those elements of yourself which will
require a correction and a refinement of perfection, for that is on-going as you
grow.  But at any given moment your faith may be so vivid as to as to rise above
any of your human doubts in love of that which is.
	Mark:  Leave yourself out and you become most effective.
*	Jessona:  It is as if you were TR'ing.  The more you stay out of the
picture, the better the teachers can teach.
	Mark:  Thank you.  I appreciate your confidence in me.
*	Jessona:  We will work with you and for you and for all of those with whom
we have a conscious connection, whether through you who know about the ministry
of the Life Carriers and the adjutant mind spirits and all the myriad
circuits of
activation and those who opt to call them by other names and yet who in
faith are
advancing their understanding of their place in the universe.
	It is a wondrous time we live in, a spiritual renaissance, indeed.  You
know there is much healing needed.  The more you contribute to the belief system
that the gods are concerned with even the physical welfare of their children on
earth, the more you have brought God consciousness to Urantia and the greater
steps we have taken toward Light and Life.  All of these are contributory,
and we
are supportive of your efforts to advance the cause of Michael.
	Mark:  I believe this wholeheartedly.  I welcome your assistance.  Thank
*	Jessona:  I will see you Wednesday if not before.
	Tom:  I have some of the same feelings of angst as regards my function when
I am bringing healing consolation to people.  I would like confirmation about my
friend who recently passed away.  I squelched numerous urges to go over to see
him.  Now it's too late.  Did I miss a cue or was my work done?
	Secondly, I am watching my father's rapid deterioration.  If we want help
we have to ask, so I ask for any help to ease my father's discomfort.
*	Jessona:  I would like to address your concern, my friend.  I am paused
before your phrase, "healing consolation".  Ask yourself how is this possible. 
Healing is an eradication of disease.  Consolation is comforting, assuaging
anxiety or guilt or burden or blame and allowing for a peace to appear and
blanket the organism such that power can effectively heal.  Your role as healer
is indeed a method of bringing comfort to the soul and psyche of the
afflicted in
order for the spirit to do the healing work.  Thus, the onus of whether or not
you "succeed" in healing is not a judgment for you to make, for you have offered
by your affection and your gestures a certain comfort and consolation in
ministering to them as you pass by.  But if you feel that your work is warranted
in an intensified fashion so as to underscore your belief in their capacity to
rise above the affliction in order to indicate your faith in their will to
survive and beat this ailment, it could require of you then a persistence
such as
would indicate to your patient that you are going to fight the good fight with
them until we have overcome.
	Now you may want to review your motives in here and ascertain if you are
trying to usurp a prerogative which is not yours.  It is the earnestness which
you approach your desire to comfort that is endearing and indeed effective.
	The ministry that you apply to your earth father is a tireless ministry. 
Even though it is often done in a perfunctory manner, at the heart is your
concern for a dear person.  Thus your love is in it.  Your awareness of all the
circumstances involved in your ministry to an old man is a tender portrayal,
indeed.  This consolation that you bring eases the mind and eases the heart and
eases the soul and eases the body.  Once this gentle rest is accepted it is
entirely up to the Father what will transpire with His child.  The work that you
can do is to bring this comfort to the person such that experience is made
easier, so that their struggle is lifted, so that their embrace of the divine is
such that they will be carried into the next level of reality with good
cheer and
good faith, whether that be to the resurrection halls or to their own living
room.  Being about the Father's business is a full-time job.  Ministering to
those who are afflicted is also a ceaseless endeavor.
	Easing the pain of life is a healing practice that goes on even in the hale
and hearty.  You need to remember to minister also to yourself.  Those of
you who
give so much need, like Jesus, to go aside and take in energy to renew your own
font in order that you may continue your service paths without undue distress to
yourselves.  You are as precious as any other.  Be compassionate for your own
self as well.
	Is this helpful?
	Tom:  Thank you, yes.
*	Abraham: I am Abraham.  Good morning, my trusted soldiers.  I am here
informally at the prompt of your discussion of blood sacrifice.  It is a part of
my reputation I will have a hard time living down.  But I have advanced a great
deal in my belief system, if you will, since those early days.  But it is true
that once instilled these belief systems are reluctant to let go ... even those
that are a natural part of human evolution....  are sometimes with us into
advanced years, even into advanced mansion worlds.  This is why we are so
appreciative of our Creator who has prepared a path of advancement.  We can let
go of those things which once were so important as to matter in terms of whether
or not we were able to appease the angry gods and buy our way into heaven.  Even
today you all have residue imprints of your early, early racial conditioning
going way before your current cultural paradigms.  The vestiges of the
animal are
inherent and not as troublesome as you might want to think.  The practice of
of your superstitions, for example, are still a part of your unconsciousness,
subconscious, but your conscious mind has now become adult enough, aware enough,
that you know there is no truth to the superstition, and thus you laugh; you
about what was once an incredibly important part of the evolving religion,
especially as it is weighed against that which is being revealed in your
spiritual life as you strive for greater truths, greater realities.  The idea of
sacrifice, even in itself, is still a great part of you, and that does not even
consider how well we are outgrowing the blood part.  But alas, there are many
millions of mortals on this sphere who are not willing to forsake those
those beliefs, which would give their spirits greater freedom to embrace our
master's ascension plan for his children.
	I am not going to take the liberty of closing your group.  I am going to
withdraw.  With my embrace, affection, and encouragement, farewell.
*	Margul (Jonathan):  I greet you.  It has been a great length of time, as
you perceive time, since I have been in your presence addressing you in an
audible manner as we do now.  I am Margul, Trinity Son.
	Let me bring this meeting to a close with this final thought, and that is
that my task upon your world is one like he who plows a field.  I seek to
cultivate the soil of Urantia that it might one day reach Light and Life.  There
are many acres of fallow fields, potential that lies in the future for Urantia. 
I am endeavoring to prepare this ground, to bring the fertilizers that will
foster growth.  There are many agencies upon this world who are planting seeds,
who are tending to the crops.  Some are focused, as the master alluded to
when he
said "the harvest is great", upon the salvation of souls, upon resurrection of
human beings into morontia life.  Some are very concerned upon the
culmination of
growth and the harvest that the soul is safeguarded and cared for in transition
to what I could call the market place of the morontia realm.
	Many times you have witnessed what you perceived to be progress upon the
planet toward Light and Life and then are disillusioned by what appears to
be the
destruction of that progress much like a field of produce that has gone to
Do not be concerned, for myself and many associated with me are often planting a
cover crop that does appear to be robust and vigorous only to be plowed under. 
This is not disastrous; it is stepping toward Light and Life in a deliberate
manner with purpose and intent.
	You I deem to be as perennials, for your faith is strong, and you do not
wither as the seasons go.  I ask you all to bear well when the ground is
hard, to
be vigorous when the sun blazes strong.  Adversity will strengthen your limbs,
will drive deep your roots.  Send out your shoots.  Establish new areas
where the
spiritual manner of living can flourish.  You will one day undergo the harvest
and enter the morontia realm.  I will remain here with my Trinity Teacher Sons,
and we will continue to cultivate Urantia for that eventual garden of Light and
Life.  I trust you to help us in this process as you tarry upon this world.
	I now take my leave.  I will communicate again in the future.

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