[tmtranscripts] Something to remember :-)

Susan Kimsey hmbtm at coastside.net
Sat Apr 29 14:01:16 PDT 2000

A thought for today from Olfana:

You are so loved by God's Creation.  You are so dearly cared for,
by so many levels of compassion, so many levels of respect and
worthiness.  There are Great Beings who commit themselves to
your watchcare.  Remember that in yourselves--"I am valuable
enough to God that He offers His Angels in my service," and in that,
become a prayer toward these Beings, of love and appreciation for
this watchcare.

You are, indeed, the cherished ones of angels, of celestial guardians,
of the Great and Mighty Most Highs, the orders of many Sons of God.
You are --that--important to the universe, and you are encouraged to
cherish yourselves as they now cherish you, also.

You may be tiny seedlings, but you are precious plants, precious
blossoms, and precious creations "in potential."  And Those of the
Father's Watchcare hold these seeds in the palm of their hands,
and they carefully collect you, and most certainly place you in
nutritious soil, as much as possible, in your own growth.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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