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Hi everyone,

This is the lesson we got from Olfana at the meeting we had when Fred
Harris came to town.  Enjoy!

Love,  Susan

Olfana on "Expressing the Love Energy of God"          03/09/2000

Each of you has come to our gathering with your own sense of quiet
expectation.  "What can I experience in this gathering that will be
meaningful for me, that will touch my heart, that will help me in my
better understanding of myself as a Child of God, as a being who longs
to be loved, and longs to offer my love to others in this world?"
There are so many varied ways in which we can, indeed, offer this love
within ourselves, within our hearts, my dear ones.  Think now for a
moment.  How is it that you feel comfortable in expressing your "love
energy"?  Are you one who comfortably hugs and touches other people,
feels the enjoyment of this tactile press of bodies, and the energy
flow that comes from this hugging, and snuggling, and comfortable
animalness of, "Let us rub our bodies together?"  "Let us connect with
each other in a way that feels safe, and relaxed, and comfortable, and

Others are those who enjoy the quiet perception, even from across the
room.  They take in the body language of others.  They reflect upon
all the ways in which they "know" these other people.  They know this
person.  They know that person.  They understand the ways in which
their personality is manifesting now.  And they are savoring this
about the other person.  They enjoy being an observer of mankind, if
you will.  And they feel genuine love in their hearts, as they
perceive their brothers and sisters mingling among around the room,
mingling among yourselves.

There are others who can be very quick to connect emotionally, able to
sympathize and empathize, comprehend easily, the emotional nature of
another person.  And they do very well on one-on-one contact.  They
may not be the first person into the crowd, and connecting with a
large group of people.  That can sometimes feel too overwhelming.  But
they cherish those moments of the quiet one-on-one conversations,
where they can express a genuine interest in the other person.  And
when they ask, "How are you doing?  What's going on in your life now?"
They are very sincere in this question and they offer true interest to
another in this regard.

These are, in a sense, I would say, the "common-place" ways in which
we understand expressing our love to each other--the smiles, the
knowing looks, the patient ear, the loving hugs, the relaxed arms
around the shoulders, all these are ways in which we know we are being
lovable and we are receiving love in the process, also.  But now, I
ask you, strive to see a "higher order of love" in your nature.
Consider how there is a nobility of purpose that we offer in a genuine
attempt of forgiveness to any other who has wronged us.  That when we
consciously and intentionally consider the ways in which we can
express this forgiving nature in ourselves, this is a deep act of
love, my dear ones.  This requires much of your soul in this effort to
offer out this forgiveness, whether it be to one who has directly
wronged you, or perhaps, it is someone who has wronged your beloved
child, someone who has wronged your dearly loved companion in your
relationship, in marriage or partnership.  Perhaps it is one who has
wronged a parent, and this is merely a story you have heard.  You've
never met this person who, indeed, wronged your parent, but you know
the particulars of the incident, and it hurts your heart.  All those
ways in which you come across these moments of knowing how one you
love has been wounded by another, whether it be yourself or another
person--when you strive to perceive that incident with a nobility of
kindness toward that soul, you are, indeed, very much deeply involved
in an Act of Godly Love.

When you seek to be one who preserves beauty on the planet, my dear
ones, this is another High Act of love in God's Name.  When you offer
yourself in service, preventing destruction of the rain forest, the
destruction of species in the ecosystem, the compromising of the
atmosphere by the overheating of the planet, in all the ways in which
you attempt to fully understand, and are asking sincerely in your
heart, "Father, how can I help with this problem?"  "What can I do in
my own personal way to be a part of the solution of this, to be, in
some way, one who helps to heal this planet 'In Your Name'?"  You are,
indeed, expressing the Father's Love to this world.

When you attempt to retrieve those who are wounded in their heart, and
soul, and mind.  When you reach out to brothers and sisters who are
sorely compromised in their own life efforts, in their own daily
living in the world, when they suffer from mental disorders, when they
have come up against severe economic hardship, when they have given in
to the poor and, at times, evil choices of drugs, and alcohol, and
other toxic, addictive substances, when they have fallen prey to
sexual urges which allow them to be procured in acts which are
degrading, in any way in which you reach out to wounded mankind, and
you say:

"Let me be a balm to your personality."  "Let me offer you respect as
Soul of the Father."  "Let me help you in some way."  "May I offer you
a meal,
now?"  "May I provide you with some warm clothing."  "Here, brother,
let me make
a contribution toward this cause, which you now are working for."

In all the ways in which you attempt to offer healing to your Brothers
and Sisters in Spirit, you are, indeed, deeply involved in an act of

Consider all the ways in which the Master came here to express the
many levels of "lovingness" in his nature:  everything from being the
one who could hug; being the one who could offer a caring ear; the one
could regard his family, his friends, his compatriots, with deep
respect and devotion; the ways in which he saw the problems of society
of his time and, indeed, made effortful choices to right the wrongs of
the world.  Jesus manifested love in this broad spectrum of his
choices.  And when you hear discussed this way in which he is this
"perfect expression of love," define this for yourselves, my dear
ones, as these many broad choices of service, kindness, care,
tolerance, respect, honesty, effort, and deep devotion to his Father's
Will.  You can, indeed, be a loving being in all these ways,
yourselves.  And holding Jesus in your heart, you can, indeed,
incorporate this broad definition of "loving the world" in all the
ways in which you seek to do these things, knowing that in some way as
you do, you are truly allowing this Love Energy of God to flow through
your being, and out into the world as, indeed, a blessing.

Half Moon Bay Teaching Mission Group

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