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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Goal of Unfoldment, Healing
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona

March 19, 2000
*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to all of you; this is Elyon.  I have been
enjoying your conversation, and I do wish to stress that the very issues you
considered this day are the very processes we hope you undertake
continually, for
it is this form of activity through which you become a greater soul being.
	The correcting mission comes with a purpose, and that is correction and the
reinstatement of the isolated worlds into the system.  But the true goal for
everyone involved is not a goal of attainment but rather it is a goal of
unfoldment, an undertaking wherein you increase your skills at understanding
life offers, of understanding the consequences of your choices, of developing an
understanding of the dynamics of these two and to be ever alert, to be
conscious of
your power to have a forward effect upon these multiple factors.  It is not in
our interests to seek completion but to promote continuation.  To use my
often-repeated analogy, our goal is to keep the ball going.  Every game that is
played is better enjoyed when the athlete has good control, has developed the
coordination and skills to volley without blunder.  The game thereby increases
not only in its enjoyment but increases in its outworking.  Beauty unfolds
in the
precision of the volleys.  Your reflectivity today over various topics
illustrates your developing skills at determining truth and perceiving goodness
in the situations of your life.  This is what we seek and hope for in every
individual upon this world.  To be alert, to be awake, to be perceptive, to
from the hints that life brings into your arena of activity, to discover the
emerging spiritual luminosity that is growing upon this world, and to be a
dynamic, active force that propels this light forward.
	If a blaze were to begin in a forest at the base of one tree, it could make
its way and spread itself far and wide and consume everything in its path.  But
this does not always happen.  Breaks in the fuel line will cause a fire to
out and cease.  But if a blaze were to begin all over in many places, all of
these would rise up and unite in one huge flame.  This on a spiritual level is
what we teachers seek, to plant little fires all over this world that one day
will blaze with the light of the Father's love and the truth of our Michael Son.
	So, be happy with your tiny fire knowing that you are contributing to the
greater intensity.  Rest assured that your small flame is contributing to the
giant fire, that you are not to be burdened with being the source of all
	The world which you inhabit is an evolutionary world.  This evolutionary
nature is unique, and you will further appreciate your condition today in the
life to come when you are domiciled upon architectural worlds, worlds very
stable, very organized, very functional.  You are in a playground this day, one
that shifts even as you play within it, one that changes continually
bringing new
surprises to everyone.  Not only does freewill have great range of function, but
the continents themselves are in movement.  Your sun has a short life in
to the stretches of eternity.  Change is everywhere about you.  This is an
exciting time to be alive, especially to those like yourselves who are so
grounded in your faith that you know of your eternal standing, of your life
everlasting.  All this change becomes thrilling, alluring, and in no way should
it ever bring to you feelings of hopelessness or desperation.  That is for those
who don't understand their eternal connection with the eternal God.  You will
encounter those in your life who do feel this desperation, who feel the
impatience from the shortness of time that life carries on and ends without any
power to slow it down.  It is for you, the faith children, to present the great
gospel of your eternal standing with the Father, your unconditional
membership in
the family of God.
	Michael taught to become as a little child.  One of the traits of a child
is its ability to enjoy an event for a period of time and then to transition to
another without the least bit of distraught complication or fear that the change
is going to be a loss.  For those with eternal security, one can live as a
spiritual child and move from activity to activity, from location to location,
without any sense that you have severed yourself from the past, from the
pleasures and excitements of those prior events.
	Your experience in life is an accumulation of many treasures.  While the
events will pass, while time rolls on, your treasures only increase.  You can
look with excitement towards new activities, new discoveries, without the
slightest feeling of the loss of the past's offerings and rewards, for they are
only indicators of greater acquisitions in the future.  This, in a sense, is
laying up of the treasures in heaven, for you know of the permanency of these
spiritual acquirements.  The goal that we seek is a goal of continuation.  To be
completed, that will be when we all rest in the completion of the Supreme.
then, all of us must look forward to the thrilling and uncertain cacophony of
events that will play out before you.
	I am grateful to be in your group, as always.  I will step back for the
time being.
	Mark:  Thank you.  Your lesson gives new meaning to the phrase, "Keep your
home fires burning."  I see we have a responsibility to fan the flames,
which you
help us do in anticipation of the winds of change.
	I request the presence of Jessona if she is available.
*	Jessona:  I am in attendance.  Thank you for your request to hear from me.
	Mark:  I had this recent episode with my dad, and I wonder how to process
this.  Anything you can fill in on what happened in that exchange, how I
might be
of further assistance regarding him.  I reach to you as you have requested that
we do.
*	Jessona:  You have functioned expertly in your ministry to your father. 
You have stepped forward boldly in assuming your rightful place as one who
may be
a healing minister.  This is, in itself, a significant part of the visit.  Not
only has your father experienced the transfer of life energy, but you have
increased in your witness of this manifestation of celestial contact.
	  We hear your prayers for healing, and we seek to fulfill them in
accordance with the will of the Father and Michael's plans for his children.  I
encourage you to continue to offer yourself in the manner that you have but to
maintain foremost in your mind that it is the faith-growth of your father's soul
that will carry him further than the relinquishment of physical discomfort.
has begun.  Like the reference to the fire that Elyon has just expressed, this
small ember is astir and will grow.  This will contribute greatly to the overall
well-being of your father.  Relate to him as a soul brother.  Continue in your
boldness in taking him into confidentiality.  By that I mean being willing to
speak unguardedly from your heart about these truths you have come to
Do so as two brothers who walk with arms about each other, as a comrade, for it
is natural in the human family to have the barriers of father and son, maturity
and immaturity, to overcome.  Emphasize in your actions, in your demeanor, your
brotherly-ness.  This will be an exciting development for your father in your
relationship together.
	A word to you, personally, is that you are developing a new talent.  What
you experienced is the success of the energy coming into you and transferring
through you.  You must be unconcerned for the final results.  That you must
to the Father.  You can take delight in the acquirement of this trait, and you
can look for another event to come your way where you may develop this talent
	I hope this has been helpful to you.
	Mark:  Very much so.  I pray I gain your and any other's assistance when I
act in this capacity.  I have discerned this desire, and I wish to proceed. 
Thank you for your acknowledging words today.
*	Jessona:  You are welcome.
	While I am on the line, I have a comment for my associate Tom.
	Rest assured, my friend, of the close proximity of the Father.  Know that
even my association here with you is because the Father so wills.  The presence
of the Fifth Epochal Revelation in your life is because the Father has willed it
to be, that the impact of Michael and his gospel upon  you is because the Father
has decreed it to be.  All about you are many forces, many personalities,
who are
and who do because it is the Father's plan.  We are all the trees, and He is the
	When you seek in your stillness to embrace Him, know that His embrace is
all about you in forms too numerous to count.  Understanding that the divine
presence that resides within you is the divine presence that pervades all of the
universe will help you to make deeper contact.  If the difficulty is the
of sinking deep within, attempt to expand in all directions outward.  You
encompass the divine spirit, and the Universal Father encompasses you.  You are
nested together in fellowship and in identity.  It is hard for a biological
creature to grasp the significance.  Your very efforts and your very
demonstrate that you know this within your soul.  An episode of stillness
may not
be successful, but your very effort itself is the prize that is sought.
	You have read where it is said that the Father within you longs to speak to
you in direct channels of communication but often awaits the dissolution of the
physical body before  such an event may occur continually.  He shares your
frustration.  That you know this and that you know that he knows this is the
soothing ointment to the sense of separation and the difficulty of the stillness
	I hope that I have helped you to continue your pursuit.
	Tom:  Thank you for your encouraging words.

	Mary:  I would like to offer my gratitude and express the joy that I feel
in experiencing the ever -strengthening ties that bind each of us
individually to
each other, the joy of this experience of brotherhood and sisterhood with my
friends in the flesh as well as the joy of brotherhood and sisterhood with
friends.  This present joy forces me to look to the future with anticipation of
deepening these experiences of joy and the love of brothers and sisters
under our

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