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Daniel (Bill/Isaac): My friends, I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide,
your coach and your great admirer.  Indeed does the complexity of a group
change with a reduction in numbers, but intimacy is deepened often.
Therefor any size of gathering of faith sons and daughters is an
opportunity for spiritual growth.

	We have been eagerly sitting among you listening to your evaluations of
the success or failure, as you perceive it, of your relationships to
co-workers.  Much like the earlier apostles, the attempt to work on a
higher plane has been variously received by those people whom you associate
with, and like the apostles it is easy to shift your minds into an
us-and-them mode.  It provides you some emotional release from your
frustrations.  It is not required of any of us that we be forever in
conflicted situations.  Even the Lucifer rebellion was not interminable.
At the same time such stressful conditions do require many decisions on
your part which can be springboards for expanded understanding.  Yes, you
do work at different levels of enlightenment, and like the Master you
experience that frustration which led him even to say "How long must I bear
with you?"  Our Jesus knows your human feelings, for he felt them himself.

Also I would remind you of the Master's insightful and effective technique
for dealing with stress when it reaches unacceptable levels.  He took his
friends, his apostles away from the situation to a place of recreation and
retreat, and forbade them to discuss shop.  You have experienced this
effective strategy in the past, and indeed this will be the ultimate
solution to your stress problems.

The one point that I wish to conclude with on this topic has to do with
making an effort on your part to move away from a judgmental stance to a
more understanding stance.  Recognize the limitations of those who are not
ten-talent people.  Realize that most people strive to do the best they
can, given the options they understand.  In this case understanding is
diminishing rather then improving, and unacknowledged and unresolved issues
in the lives of individuals have voiced the well springs of motivation so
that a negative cloud accelerates in impact.  Try not to grow bitter
yourselves, but remove from your minds any sense that other people's
decisions are your responsibility.  Once again remember Jesus journeyed
several times to confront those who criticized him and literally sought his
life to present them with another opportunity to see the light.  His
efforts were unsuccessful, and his divine mind he knew it would be.
However, his merciful nature allowed the possibility that his divine
foreknowledge might not have been complete, and that there would be a
chance of effecting change in his hearers.  When they smote him, spit upon
him, flogged him and crucified him, he refused to become bitter, and truly
experienced pity and sorrow for these, his misguided children.  Now, I know
we are not Creator Sons, but we are brothers and sisters.  Try to see these
people as your erring brothers and sisters.  Now my friends, this has been
a personal, more like a private meeting.  Use your discretion in terms of
publishing this transcript.

Virginia:  Could I just interrupt here for a moment?  What is amazing to me
is that this was one of the questions I was going to ask tonight—about the
foreknowledge that Jesus had concerning Judas, and why he let him be an
apostle in the first place.  And it was very interesting that you said
"fore-knowledge," and the fact that the (Urantia) book says he gave every
opportunity for that person to succeed.  But it was I believe, your comment
was that his foreknowledge was not complete.  Is that what I heard you say?

Daniel (Bill): You see, if Jesus had rejected Judas as an apostle based
upon his fore-knowledge, then would Judas never have been given the
opportunity to interact with the very Light of Life.  If foreknowledge were
completely the same as complete foreknowledge, pre-determinism would be in
place.  If Jesus had not accepted Judas as an apostle and treated him the
same way he treated the others, then Judas' range of free will choices
would have been altered and restricted.  And in the same fashion if God did
not show mercy but relied on foreknowledge, the element of free will would
be altered.

	And yes, I did say "incomplete fore-knowledge", for that is my
understanding.  This was not a defect in the divine mind of Michael, but in
the unknown in the equation of experiential growth the development of
Supremacy entails new things, new possibilities, which we at our level of
understanding cannot completely reconcile philosophically with the idea
that the Deities of Paradise are existentially all-knowing.  There is, we
believe, and by we I refer to universe philosophers, there is something new
about experiential Deity attainment that is new, and outside of the
existential existence of the Paradise Trinity.  At the same time
existential Deity is the First Source and Center on finite levels.  These
concepts are mind boggling.  Have you caught the drift of what I am talking

Virginia: I'm not sure I fully understand all those points, but I do
certainly appreciate the free will and mercy having to be extended in order
for each individual to be able to experience to the fullest their choice.
So I do appreciated that.  And what is incredible to me is that I told Bill
I was going to ask questions tonight and I would not tell him what--and it
made him mad.  And you've done a very good job.  Thank you.  (Laughter.)  I
love it.

Daniel (Bill): My dear, your relationship with Isaac is quite a joy to us.
(More laughter.)  You have been to each other of late excellent teachers.
No, Isaac had no inkling of what I was going to say.  He very seldom does.
He takes that leap of faith each time that a TR opens his mouth to see what
comes out.  	
	At this point I will stop and offer to the others here the opportunity for
questions or comments.  Lori, or Bob or Virginia, do you wish to discourse?

Virginia: Daniel, I did have another question.  Many years ago we asked
about people that were just curious about the phenomenon coming (to the
group), and of course I do feel that this a very strong element of the
person that may have shown up tonight and did not.  And I my just
wondering, obviously you know what is going on in our lives, and whether
you have an opinion on this person?

Daniel (Bill): My dear, it is permissible for this individual to attend.
His motivation is multiple.  Yes, he is a curious person, but he is also a
truth seeker.  We will welcome him with open arms; but before I would
entrust him with responsibility such as I entrust with you now, it would
remain necessary for his participation in spiritual growth to be manifest.

As Andronason and I discussed last week, every flicker of interest in
spiritual growth on this planet is being responded to by more than Thought
Adjuster and angelic ministry.  We have reached the point in this mission
where the planet is almost saturated with personnel who can respond to
every eager truth-seeking mortal.  The tide that raises all boats is
coming, and the waves, as I said, have already begun to proceed it.  I wish
I could say yes for sure you will see it, but I cannot say that, except to
say that you will see it on one side or the other of the veil.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel (Bill): You are welcome.  Isaac is tired, and I will continue this
meeting through my friend Bob, with his permission.

Daniel (Bob S): My friends, the hour grows late.  What is your wish?  Shall
we continue, or call it a day?

Bill: I would like to ask one procedural question, Daniel.  Do you have any
strong feelings regarding our agenda discussion, moving the TR-part to the
front of the time frame?

Daniel (Bob): Our advice is to do as you see fit.  (Laughter.)  We are not
avoiding the issue.  It is rather our view that you understand your group
better than we.  You understand what works for mortals better than we, so
we are just deferring to your personal, experiential insight.  Does this
answer your question, Isaac?

Bill: You said what I though you would, and I appreciate your confidence in
us.  So I guess we will try it next week.  But I am grateful that I was
offered the opportunity to participate tonight.

Daniel (Bob): Yes, you are most welcome.  Are there further questions,
comments, concerns which your elder brothers and sisters may assist you
with this evening?  	Very well.  Shall we stand as has been our custom, and
close with a word of prayer: 

Oh most kind, loving and ever present Father-Mother, you have blessed your
children with so much.  We regret our inability to see all you have done
and currently do for us.  But we remain grateful for those glimpses of your
divine and perfect love, which on occasion we are able to perceive.  Go
with us all now, we pray, as we each seek to incorporate you more fully
into our lives, into our personalities, into our existence knowing that is
your desire.  We are most thankful for being allowed to be part of our
Creator Father-Brother's plan of upliftment for this planet.  We pray our
individual roles in this most magnificence plan will be pleasing to you and
all of our brothers and sisters.  Be with all of us now as we part to live
our lives; we know you will remain with us.  We are blessed to have you
with us.  Amen.

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