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Thu Mar 9 20:25:45 PST 2000


Andronason (Bill): Good evening.  I am Andronason here again with you this
evening.  Minearsia and I have exchanged environments.  No, he has not
given up on you.  (Laughter)  But we thought that it would benefit the
mission for there to be more teacher exchange, and since we Melchizedeks
have been teachers forever and will continue to do so, we volunteered to
begin the process.

Your curiosity about names is understandable.  (Editor:  There had been
discussion about a name for our Avonal Son.)  However, it is not necessary
to be preoccupied with such things for it is not the name, which brings
about the essence of a personality, although a name does to some degree at
times express that personality.  We have referred to our Avonal Son as "The
Beloved One."  This will be sufficient to express his nature.

Your conversation once again has been most amazing and instructive to us,
for your contact with morontial and spiritual reality is not unique to the
Teaching Mission, but is in fact, shall we say, spread abroad through the
belief systems and the cultural backgrounds of all mortals on this planet
who are willing to reach for spiritual reality.  Whether they perceive
angels, spirit guides, teachers, extra terrestrials, however a person
conceives of the other, we use those conceptual frameworks to make initial

Much is being done in other areas as well.  Doctors, physicians, scientists
are often being contacted at a subliminal level.  Ideas are being given
them to ponder, for the state of emergency on this planet continues to
heighten.  No longer can the inhabitants of Urantia afford to continue in
the direction of the past for the conceptual parameters are no longer
adequate to embrace the reality which is expressed environmentally,
socially, culturally and spiritually.  As you know, once mortal, will
creatures evolve on a planet, they are never allowed to perish in some
cataclysmic disaster such as a collision with a large space body would
cause to happen, but they will be taken elsewhere to continue their
evolution.  We do not expect Urantia to become hopelessly destroyed by
humanity, but if that should happen you will not perish, but be removed.
Far better however to put the brakes on the greed that fuels the fire of
materialism by spiritual transformation and the birth of hope in the place
of self-centered, panic stricken, short-sighted living.

It has been the purpose of this mission to focus upon individual growth,
for this is where all growth begins.  For 10-years now these agendas have
been played out in your numerous groupings.  Always will that emphasis
remain for perfection is literally beyond eons and eons of time in the
future.  However as planetary citizens you also have your roles to play in
the development and evolution of Urantia into the next dispensation, the
coming Magisterial Son age.  Last week I said that we would not discuss
time frames, and we will not.  However I wish to clarify, broaden my
commentary slightly.  I wish you to understand that it is next to
impossible for us to predict the future with anything approaching
statistical certainly, for we are not God and we are not privy to future
events.  On our side, on the side of Christ Michael all preparations are in
full swing, but it still all depends upon mortal will, the sovereignty of
freewill choice is absolutely inviolate.  Therefor we cannot be sure of the
direction that groups or individuals will take.  

One thing however we are quite certain about and that is that leadership is
crucial to the evolution of spiritual growth.  We have taken the role of
leadership and now we are asking you to embrace this role as well.  It is
time to come out of the closet.  It is time to boldly speak about your
spiritual growth and the source of it.  No longer need you worry that you
will be put into a white straitjacket and carted off to the nearest funny
farm  (Laughter.)  Seriously my friends, it is time that the gospel of
Christ Michael be restated with power: that we are all children of God and
therefor brothers and sisters; that this life is but the beginning of
endless and eternal growth toward perfection.  

Put aside your fears.  Put aside you trepidation's.  Now please understand
that I am not advising you to purchase or build soap boxes upon which to
stand and make your statements to the world.  No.  Nor am I suggesting that
you need to go door to door in the manner of some organized religions, but
that sensitivity to the leading of God in your lives will tell you when you
can speak your truth and share your Good News.
	I have concluded my presentation.  And I hope that my words have been
clear.  There is another who now wishes to speak.  I defer to him.

Christ Michael (Bob S): My beloved children, it warms my heart when you
seek the truth and find it all around you.  How true it is that those who
seek will find.  Those who persist will evolve.  Those whose hearts have
found that spot which all humans seek, will find sustenance and warmth.
How fortunate are you for you are all well along the path to individual
self-discovery, edification, and, dare I say, perfection.  Yes, you have a
long way to go, but you are beginning to feel the change.  You are
beginning to know you are on the right path.  You are beginning to feel the
touch of what it is like at the next level, the step one morontial experience.

My brother and sisters, it warms my heart to see you happy.  Yes, this is
the one you call Christ Michael.  I shall now take my leave.  My friends, I
hope I have helped you open the door to tomorrow.  Today can be wonderful.
Tomorrow will be even better.  Good evening.

Daniel (Bill): Greetings, I am Daniel, your true friend, great admirer,
faithful teacher and joyful coach.  I have been asked to moderate a
question and answer session, and/or commentary so that you may feel that
you are being included in this forum this evening.  I also was literally
jumping up and down with desire the spread my arms around you and embrace
you.  We are all recipients of Michael's Spirit of Truth, and we (teachers)
hear his comforting words daily in our realm.  You also have this
opportunity, should you desire it, for Michael is not any respecter of
persons or of ascension stages.  He gives his spirit freely even as does
the First Source and Center and the Second Source and Center, my
grandparents, through Michael.  So my friends,  do you have questions or
comments at this time?  Andronason is present as well.  (No questions or
comments were forth coming.)

Very well then.  I wish to conclude this evening with a few comments.
Before we say our good-byes and before we say our final prayer, realize
that the nature of our classroom has been changing over the years.  We
began with a strictly lecture format for it was necessary to present you
with fundamental truth so that you could build your spiritual foundation.
Then we moved into self-discovery and the understanding of your two
natures, the animal nature and your divine nature, which is the presence of
your indwelling Thought Adjuster.  From there we moved into consideration
of various aspects of inter-relationships.  After this we have moved in
multiple directions.  We have had a variety of topics and speakers.  You
have provided answers to questions in the format that Aaron prefers.  

Now we are asking you to take another step, and that is to become
evangelists, spreaders of Good News, spreaders of the truth which this
darkened world so badly needs.  It is not as though you have not done this
at all.  Quite the opposite in fact is true, for you have been from the
beginning evangels and bringers of Good News.  But is our perception that
you have established credibility among your associates and friends.  You
will not be mistaken for persons who are demented, foolish, or
fly-by-night.  You have credibility, and you have courage.  I ask only
this: that you maintain your practice of stillness.  Do not let that slack,
for from this source comes your strength, your alignment, your
prioritization of the best, in contrast to merely the better.  Our mission
is only just begun.  We are here for the long haul.  The tide that raises
all boats is coming.  We are the first wave, and now you are the second.
Eventually the third wave will come.  The Magisterial Son shall manifest,
but we need your leadership.  We ask you to think about this and report
back at another time.

And now my friends, let us stand and conclude our meeting.  TR Bob, will
you allow me to speak through you?

Bob: Of course.

Daniel (Bob S): Brothers and sisters, think back to the days of your youth
when each day was filled with wonder and awe, and newness, and everything
was amazing and new.  You will in the next few days, weeks, months, years,
begin to see some of that again for we are at the dawning of a new age.  It
isn't just the millennium, its much more.  How fortunate are you to be a
part of it  .Now, hear the words of my prayer.  

Oh, most loving , beneficent, kind and wise Father, you have placed us all
in position.  Open our eyes, we pray, to allow us to see this new vision
which is before us.  Give us strength, wisdom, courage and the sensitivity
to find our roles and become fully that personality you have created.  As
members of Christ Michael's team we go forward knowing you are the pilot.
We follow your lead.  Amen.

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