[tmtranscripts] Olfana on "Patterns and God's Design"

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This is the most recent lesson that I have received from Olfana.  I
hope you like it.

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A lesson on "Patterns and God's Design" by Olfana
February 15, 2000

I would like to present a lesson on "patterns."  Life comes together
in patterns--complex, varied, simple, and extremely complicated.
There are patterns to all of our lives, and yet we are unaware of so
much of what marks our lives as patterns.  These are God's
Designs--these ways in which the synchronicities of life appear, and
can seem to us to be "out of the blue."  And yet, indeed, there are
deeply defined ways in which the connections of life are made.  The
potentials come together to create, not only possibilities, but
--probabilities-- of life.  And then the beauty of free-will choice
highlights, lights up, certain parts of this pattern, and it is,
indeed, released into the reality of time and space.

Ask that your patterns be made more apparent to you, my dear one.
Pray that God reveal to you all the beautiful patterns that He has
constructed as the fabric, and tapestry, and potentials, of your life.
Ask God to show you His Design for you, and in this asking, you will
be empowered to partake of this Vision of the Creator who has designed
you.  Through the counsel of the Thought Adjuster, you will, indeed,
be able to apprehend so much more of the ways in which your life has
been marked with the beautiful potentials of various experiences.
This is the key to discovering the patterns of your life, those
potentials placed in you by the Father.  By seeing it through the
clear eyes of the Thought Adjuster, who holds your "soul pattern"
gently and carefully in His Hands.

To wander through life unaware and uninspired by these Godly Patterns
that have, indeed, been placed there for you, is such a tragedy, such
a loss of potential for a soul.  To feel that you wander through life
aimlessly from one experience to the next without a sense of design is
such a lonely route to travel.  If, instead, you can trust that there
are these beautiful, clearly-marked pathways that are designed for
you, and you alone, you can follow these pathways with the thrill of
excitement of knowing that you travel with God on these paths--that
this is laid down for you with His Love, with His Foresight, with His
Sense of Protective Care, for your best interest as a soul living a
time and space reality experience.

I encourage you to offer this insight, this perspective, this concept,
to all those you see who appear to be wandering.  Encourage them to
understand that there is, indeed, a beautiful path placed before them,
an intriguing pattern of great possibility and marvelous adventure in
their life, also--and they need merely to seek it, for it to appear
before their eyes.  If you can be one who offers this message to
others, you will not only increase your own ability to perceive these
Godly Patterns for yourself, but, you will be one who creates faith
possibilities in another wandering soul--that they can be, indeed,
guided through life with love, with trust, with protection from God,
just as you know you are.  This is my lesson for this evening.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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