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Greetings to you my friends, It is I teacher Javel. It is again, good to be here this evening. Welcome to you all. Last time, we discussed some of the problems attending the spiritual mind, in particular, fear. This week we are continuing our discussions with spiritual mind. We are going to discuss forgiving tolerance.

First of all, tolerance is the capacity to move beyond your ego-mind, ego-self. To move beyond the ego-self, you are moving beyond that boundary and limit which is at once familiar and comfortable in an attempt to access something as profound and uniquely different than yourself, your thinking, your feeling, your beliefs. As a reference we look to the divine spirit which lives within who has the capacity to forgive you your humanness and through indwelling also tolerates your yet to be evolved spiritual mind. This is the model. As you attenuate towards spirit consciousness and spirit identity, always is there a teacher and guide and a personal companion model resident within your soul, your mind.

Tonight we want to look at the not so obvious aspects of tolerance. The obvious being the ability of individuals to tolerate each other. First, those aspects of self, of your own evolving personality and history which need to be approached in a manner of tolerance with reference for a capacity to accept yourself at any given moment. The ability to completely acknowledge and to be able to move forward from this acknowlegement. This gives a sense of completion. Many times in life, you are confronted with situations which you feel and sense to yourself, how many times do I have to repeat living this situation out, over and over. It seems like you have just dealt with this situation, and are faced with it again. You are frustrated, maybe even angry, something in your life has put you on a patterned path of repetition, finally you confront this head on and a glimpse of awareness opens inside your mind to allow you to see more clearly that you have been avoiding this situation, you have been dealing with it in a wrong way.

The aspect of forgiving is closely associated with this aspect of acknowleging. It is alright that you have made mistakes. It is allreight that you have had to learn important lessons in life. It is allright that you are not something else at this moment. It is allright that you are angry or frustrated or whatever you need to wcknowlege at that prticular moment. By acknowleging this you own it, own uup, you are clear about what you are dealing with. There is a sense of tolerance in accepting yourself wherever you may be along your path. A mumber of persons at times defeat themselves by setting goals which are too far-fetched, set up with expectations, then becoming upset when these goals have not been met.

In evolving spiritual consciousness and mind you must have the capacity to know who you are to be able to move forward. Knowing who you are is your ability to access spirit. Spirit has an uncanny ability to show you the bare facts and raw truth about self. Spirit is not obsessed with acutriments, frills and embellishment. Spirit is more concerned with the ability to view yourself naked, bare, and to see yourself exactly as you are in an effort to offer suggestions and hintssd to move forward, deal with what needs to be corrected, to make better decisions and to provide opportunities to seek help and understanding to deal with any aspects of your life.

Living in the world as an individual amongst a large group of people, it becomes necessary to be able to practice who you are in a way in which you can accept and tolerate who everyone else is and where they may be. This does not necessasrily imply that you have to indulge others behavior. Having the ability to accept others and not react to situations which affront you is the ability to grasp within yourself a strong sense and responsibility to your spiritual inclination.

The model for this is indwelling spirit, who rather conscious or knowingly, patiently sits, lives quietly within your mind, unconditionally accepting and loving you. Neither judging, pushing or aggravating you. Yet has the ability to meet you wherever you are, at that moment when you can access spirit. Never will you hear the spirit say to you that I cannot offer help to you, you have been bad, what you did yesterday was not very good. Never will spirit abandon any dream, desire, hope or any aspect of help you may need. This is not spirit's function. Spirit cannot be bent, moved or changed to your conditions. It is you who bends, moves, changes and transforms to the conditions of spirit. Sometimes it is quite difficult to tolerate change and all aspects which accompany dramatic change--change in thought, change in practice, change in intention, desire, as well as just everyday physical changes, small yet necessary changes.

What is it that has the ability to ground you in centeredness. All of this can chanfge around you, yet you are unmoved, you can standforth in a stance of acceptance and tolerance, love. The ability to see the striving spiritual aspect of a given situation. The striving spiritual aspect of a situation is such like when you experience doubt and confusion and problems, because spirit is attempting to motivate you to change, to get you attention. Things are not working to your satisfaction, and spirit is interferring in your life. You are certainly interferring in your own lives. The ability grasp the intention of spirit as your own good intention and worth to move into a new territory within yourself where your will and work is synchronized with spirit's ability to show you what you must move into next and what you are to do to bring yourself to where spirit is attemopting to bring you.

Spirit acknowleges everything that you do. Spirit is the only entity who has to ability to access your intention In time, as you become more spirit conscious, you will have the ability to access intention.

Why is tolerance such a human issue. Let us look at where you come from. Does a hawkl tolerate a mouse? Does the lion tolerate the gazelle? Do the large fish tolerate the small fish? You can see that in a basic and human-animal sense, intolerance is an aspect of fear. Animal mind is so strong that it wants to regulatae thought patterns and justify this as social order. In contrast to this, spirit is attempting to identify you as an individual a unique son and daughter. You must live two lives. You must live the life of a citizen, and you must live the life of a son and daughter of spirit. Look at these aspects of tolerance.

You are constantly have to compormise your ego ideals and standards, to allow others the ability and opportunity to experience themselves without your interferrence. This is a core issue in human behavior. It is one of the first fruits of the spirit which appears on the spsiritual vine of endurance and transformation. It is a very simple, yet utterly profound ability to constantly access spirit in the face of so much challenging differences.

When confronted with a situation you cannot deal with modestly at first, stop and look at what you are having an issue with. Look at how you can best deal with this situation for everyone involved. Look at what you are having a challenge to tolerate and sense what it is that you fear in this situation. You will find that this ability to look clearly at a situation will show you how you used to deal with this, and allow spirit to "show you " a better way. You begin to sense that you are changing, you are not identifying with the type of behavior and patterns which were the former you, you are now moving into a spiritual motivated sense of purpose and being. Acknowlege this. Allow spirit mind a chance to acknowlege you by showing you its ability to interact and interface a situation for you. Tolerate spirit's ability to show you a better way.

There is no need for a spiritually motivated mind to tolerate the indulgence of the ego-mind, its behavior patterns, its judgements, its narrow sense of self, its ability to cut you off from your true identity of self. This mind of your ego identity is just your generic default mind attempting to gain recognition through you, using you to extend its short life. Its power and connection to your will presents a struggle and contrast to the power and control which spirit mind is moving you into.

The more you gain control of your spiritual mind by allowing spirit to access your will, you reach a threshold where you gain the ability to dominate your lower and former identity.

It is like you are preforating this dense and compact bubble around your ego-self, your animal-mind, this small mind which cannot actually be consumed. It has to be acknowleged so that its boundary begins to soften, its shape bagins to change, its pattern begins to take a new shape and begins to become formed to the larger spiritual mind, this greater mind with its spiritual depth perception.

You can make decisions now which will impact and change your future, bring your future to you in a more functional and integrated way. You have two minds. Spirit mind which is a hundred percent tolerant and forgiving, nurturing and holding your mind, your developing mind with the intention that this mind will begin to sense a need to break and pop out of the small egg shell shaped mind into the greater spirit mind, and access a larger potential of beingness.

Spirit does not give you anything for nothing. The Father is not going to give you the keys to the kingdom if you are not going to use them to open and access your own capacity to be of love and service to another. Spirit is willing to guide, to hold your hand, to assist you in every capacity. All that is needed is your activation, your ability to decide to move in the guided direction. Then spirit has something to work with. Spirit always provides decision an opportunity. Thank you

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