[tmtranscripts] New CDA Class session #10

Daniel cwithin at cet.cet.com
Mon Feb 28 07:02:54 PST 2000

New Class - Session #10

This Session started with a noticeably Long stillness time, and then this 
song kept going over and over in my mind---like the beginning of a 
transmission---so I figured I was supposed to sing it.

	Daniel sings:  “Once there was a little old ant, tried to move a rubber 
tree plant, but everyone knows an ant can’s, move a rubber tree plant.  
But he’s had high hopes, he had high hopes, he had high-apple-pie-in-the-
sky hopes.  So, when you’re feeling down and blue, don’t know what to do, 
just remember that ant.  Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant.”
***Levona (TR/Jill):  We thank Daniel for that gracious song as the 
introduction to our lesson this evening.  Good evening.  This is Levona.  
I am pleased to be here tonight.  You know how, for those of you have 
been in an airplane or climbed up high on a rock, you look down and 
everything looks so miniature?  Well, this song symbolizes miniatureness 
and greatness.  You, as the beginning human beings on your planet—beings 
that have a mind that can discern right from wrong—in the Grand Scheme of 
things you are but the small, tiny, miniscule ant.  However, being able 
to discern and think about yourself, and being able to be infused with 
Spirit, you can move rubber plants.  Oh, yes you can!  Everyone knows an 
ant can’t move a rubber tree plant—pause—don’t they?  Well, if that 
little ant is symbolic of you, I remind you that as beings of spirit, you 
can move mountains, as the saying goes.  

We are aware of the multitude of struggles that you go through, and your 
assignment this week is to think back on different troubled times and 
look at your reactions and choices, and the final outcomes.  For each and 
every one of you who reads this transcript, we believe that you will be 
able to see your own spiritual evolution.  When looking back at perhaps 
your first really tough challenge in your mind, and then looking at your 
current challenge, you will see that you have a much different approach 
to the problem solving than you had with your first problems.  What is 
different?  How have your perceptions changed—about yourself, about 
others, about challenges, in general?  Take time to explore your life in 
this way during the next week.  If you do, you will smile and feel a 
greater sense of peace and security because you will see how spiritual 
faith has transformed your life.  Invite your Father and Mother and 
spiritual brothers and sisters to be with you as you look through your 
newly-forming Morontia eyes and Morontia heart, and Morontia mind, at 
your life up until today.  Enjoy your journey.  Take time to discover the 
gift that was hidden in the challenge, and then take time to praise 
yourself heartily for All that you have accomplished in such a short 
lifespan.  We’re here to help you with every growth effort.  We’re here 
to cheer you on.  We are here to slip little insights into your mind.  
And your Thought Adjuster/Thought Controller is with you Every 
moment—guiding, adjusting, and controlling the direction of your thoughts 
evermore directly toward your Father and His Will.  Find time to be with 
your Father on a regular basis.  Enjoy your journey this week.

***Michael (T/R Daniel):  Be not discouraged, my little ones.  Be of good 
cheer.  Let loose your hopes and your fears, your dreams and your 
struggles, for Father and I will always be there to set you on the right 
path.  Let your hopes overcome your fears.  Let your dreams energize you 
through your struggles.  Each difficulty upon this path you have chosen 
is another and greater opportunity for growth and progress.  Know that my 
Father and I are with you at all times; there to help you; there to guide 
you in the most loving path.  Let love characterize your actions.  Go 
forward in action towards those material things which seem to be the 
Father’s Will.  Let nothing discourage you, and when disappointments and 
seeming injustices chance to appear on your path, allow Our Father and 
myself to be the ones who react.  Act in love, and leave the Reactions to 
us.  Continue stepping forward in the strength of faith which you have 
earned.  Take no thought of the consequences when you are wholeheartedly 
exercising your faith in our watch-care.  Let the consequences be ours, 
and you will indeed be energized and satisfied with the results.  
Patience is a very difficult lesson on this world of ours.  You will get 
it, and it will serve you in the years to come.  Already do you have a 
great deal more of it than you ever would have assumed possible.  You 
have seen the value of acting in faith.  You have experienced the 
pleasure of faith’s rewards.  Rely on it yet once again, and indeed your 
reward will be great.  Trust that we are in control, for I assure you 
that it is so.  Find what is right in your fellows.  Find what is loving 
and good.  Seek only that.  Much there is on this world that needs 
correction.  Concentrate on the love, and the correction will be the 
result.  You have given freely, and truly is your reward whom you are 
becoming.  You will likely not have a peaceful and entirely restful 
experience while you stay on this world to do Our Father’s Will.  You 
have chosen a path which will keep you quite busy.  Yet, as your proceed, 
the inner peace which is the Grace to all of those who consciously seek 
the Will of Our Father, will be with you and sustain you.  The inner 
peace of knowing your place in the universe as a child of God is the true 
peace for which you search.  Do not judge your experiences for their 
benefit to you.  I assure you, dear ones, they Are of great and lasting 
benefit.  That which you truly seek, you will most certainly find.  My 
love for you is supreme.  I am very proud of you, my children, for your 
desires, for your willingness, and for your hopes.  Allow your hopes and 
dreams to continue to pull you forward, and you will succeed, 
entertaining them.  I leave you with my love and my encouragement to 
proceed as you are doing.  Your “principal” has spoken.

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