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Hi Everyone:

This is another excerpt from the San Francisco Bay Area Urantia
Book/Teaching Mission Christmas Party transmission.  This was the
first time that I have ever tr'd the Teacher, Rayson.  I perceive him
as a very powerful, confident, self-assured, and inspiring
personality.  My understanding is that Rayson is viewed as one of the
Master Teachers of the Teaching Mission, and having experienced his
impressive personality, I can understand why he is so respected by the
other Teachers.

Love,  Susan

San Francisco Bay Area UB/Teaching Mission Christmas Party   12-18-99

Rayson:  This is the Teacher, Rayson, who speaks now.  I have never
spoken through S. before this time, but I am well aware of you all as
souls dedicated to this Teaching Mission.  (Smiling)  I wish to send
you my own Christmas greeting, today.  Be stalwart, my dear ones!  Be
ever ready to rededicate yourselves to the work ahead of us.  There is
a great power in all of us combining together and doing this work now
for God.  What better thing to do with your lives on this world than
to save it--to pull it out of its trough of despair!

You are each more powerful than you can --begin-- to understand, and I
say this with a sense of irony and great love for you.  It is so
understandable that you do not yet fully recognize the ways in which
you are, indeed, "Of the Spirit."  But I am speaking now as one more
attempt to hearten you in this understanding.  Give yourselves each
more credit for the ways in which you wish to do good in this world.
Give yourselves each more credit for the ways in which you are capable
of good service.  Give yourselves each more credit for the ways in
which you are an expression of the Father, and Christ Michael--willing
to bless this world.

Perhaps it's not as hard, as difficult, to start with another person.
Can you each now do something for me?  Can you look in the eyes of
another one, now?  Open your eyes, my children.  View each other.  And
I wish each of you to say with me now, " I honor you."  Say to the one
you are making eye contact with now, "I honor you as a Child of the
Father."  Can you say this, now?

Group:  "I honor you as a Child of the Father."

Rayson:  (Smiling)  That feels good, doesn't it?  Then, do this
repetition.  Do this as a new habit in your life.  You may not need to
say it out loud.  You may just say it in your own mind and heart.  But
when you look at one of your own beloved children, when you look at
your mother or your father, at a dear friend, at a good neighbor, at a
kind and honest, decent, shop person where you come to buy your
groceries, pay for your gasoline, purchase the nuts and bolts carried
by a hardware store--look in the eyes of each other, my dear ones, and
say to yourselves, "I honor you as a Child of the Father."  You will
begin to feel this ricochet back and forth.  They may not know what
you're doing, but they will --feel-- that love, they will --feel--
that respect, and low and behold, they will begin to honor you, too.

There is this means by which we can spark this in each others' souls.
This is what we Teachers say to each other, every time we gather,
every time we meet in our work, most certainly, we say to each other,
"Olfana, I honor you as a Child of the Father.  Tarkas, I honor you as
a Child of the Father.  Althena, Greetings!  I honor you as a Child of
the Father."  (Smiling)  And they greet me this way too, my dear ones.

Let this understanding be known among you.  Remember this in your
coming together.  Be powerful--bonded together in your work.  Be
bonded together with love in your beliefs, in your faith in God, in
your faith in the pure decency, love, inspiration, and truth, offered
to you in the blessed Urantia Book.  Feel yourselves as gifted
children, and then, pass this feeling on.  Honor each other, my dear
ones, and honor yourselves.  For you are good people!  You are decent
souls!  You are faith-filled, and you are Workers for the Kingdom!
This is my greeting card to each of you during this holiday season,
and I say to each of you.  "I greet you.  I bless you.  And I offer
you holiday greetings as a Child of the Father.  Blessings on you, my
dear ones.  Blessings."

Let us come together now in a prayer.  I feel we have had a good
meeting, and it is time to move on to the other aspects of this
gathering.  This is a prayer that has been offered before to some of
the Teaching Mission groups.  And I, Rayson, now, wish to offer it to
this group.  I wish each of you to place into this circle of love and
brotherhood, sisterhood, soul connection, a gift to Christ Michael,
gift to God, that you offer during this holiday season.  Put something
of yourself in this circle, and we will go around.  First, I will
begin, and then P can continue.  Each one of us, give some gift of
yourself to the Great Deities who empower us and bless this world.  I,
Rayson, place my enthusiasm and dedication to my work to the Father.
P, What do you choose?  [Note:  Group goes around the circle, placing
their gift into the prayer circle.]

Group:  It is my hope to dedicate myself to the Father's Will.  And
with this, to impart to other people the happiness within my own
soul..I dedicate my humor to the Father, at this season, to share it
with everyone...I have to add a patient ear..I add my joy and
enthusiasm of the heart..I affirm once again that I give my full
permission to my soul to make all the decisions for my life, present,
and future..Father, I give you my heart and my love..I dedicate my
soul to the Father's Will, and my work, my teaching, everything I
admire, to God..I dedicate my two-inch spiritual books..I dedicate my
time and my energy..I dedicate my curiosity..I dedicate my humility.

Rayson:  Father, We have wrapped these gifts in beautiful papers of
                We have tied them together with strands of faith.
                We have decorated them with beauteous moments of hope
                Please, take these gifts now, Father, that we offer to
                Share them with your Son, Christ Michael.
                Enjoy them in all the ways in which we hope that you

                And, Father, Let us remember all the ways in which you
have gifted us.
                Let us continue to find all the hidden treasures
                Within our own hearts and souls
                That you have placed there as our bounty.
                And now, Father, may we all say together, "Amen."

Rayson:  This has been a wonderful gathering for those of us who teach
you, and we hope that you feel the same way.  Let yourselves now enter
into the human celebration, remembering my words.  You are, indeed,
powerful spiritual beings, and you have much to offer to the planet.
Respect this in yourselves, savor this in yourselves, and feel it grow
within you!  I close now.  May you all have a safe trip to your homes,
and celebrate the rest of this season with a full heart.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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