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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Sailing the Great Vessel, Turning Water into Wine
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona, Michael
February 20, 2000
*	Elyon (Mark TR):  I would greet you today.  This is Elyon, pleased to be
serving with you on this journey.
	Although we are each individually responsible for our own journeys, we do
as well share one in common as those who have signed up to sail a great voyage. 
It takes a great many hands to sail a fine vessel, each one subservient to the
overall plan of sailing the great vessel, each one willing to work in unison
the others to do the work necessary to prepare the vessel for the journey
and the
continual labor required for smooth sailing.  We have all signed on to this
voyage together, and we have set sail and been adrift for quite some time.
	It is so pleasing to work together in this capacity, to each volunteer so
freely and willingly at the task at hand, to throw in your effort and your
eagerness into the pulling of the ropes and shoring up of the vessel.  While
every hand on deck may not have full awareness of the course plotted for the
journey, all have agreed to sign on for the journey.  I oftentimes have the
privilege of standing high on the poop deck and observing the working of the
smooth operation of our boat.  It is truly pleasing to see such eager, dedicated
souls employed at this common task.
	On this voyage we learn many things; we grow a great deal and can look
forward to our arrival at distant ports as changed individuals.  Our willingness
to accept this growth makes for a richly varied voyage.  The seas may swell; the
storms may rise.  There will be ample opportunity to put our skills to the test
and triumph on our hard work.  We all share a common faith that, if we but
do our
parts, the voyage will meet with success.
	For my own part, I must say it is an enjoyable episode to feel the
challenges touch your being as the wind in your hair, to feel the graces of life
gently roll you and pitch you.  These are indeed the good times, the ones so
with learning experience.  I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share
them with you.  I would echo your earlier prayer and include myself as being in
much appreciation of my role to play in this mission of Michael, this voyage
before us.  It is a gift and an opportunity for untold spiritual progress.
So I,
too, share with you my gratitude for being a part of this journey.
	As assistant navigator I might forewarn you, the crew, that our ports of
call are indeed ideal destinations and that our charted course will take us
many adventurous routes.  Together we will learn much.
	I have no further imagery for you at this time.  I just bask in the
association of our presence together and look forward with great anticipation to
the outworking of our mission.  I would allow time for others to speak.
	Jonathan:  You said you were assistant navigator.  Could you elaborate on
that?  Are there other navigators?
*	Elyon:  The overall journey is the plan of Michael.  The captains may be
the Melchizedeks who are in charge of plotting the course to oversee the
Allow the captains to use their best judgment in navigating the conditions and
best routes to achieve the port of Michael.  There are many personalities at
in the overcare and oversight of the journey, and yet, when we are adrift on the
high sea, it is our skills and our effort that will bring us back safely to
We attempt to hold fast and to not deviate from our course, but some
deviation is
expected when we encounter life's storms.  It is up to us to right our course
again and get back on track.  The sign of a good crew is to do that as
efficiently and as quickly as possible.
	Just more imagery for you to ponder.  
*	Jessona (Jonathan):  This is Jessona, I greet you.  I have but a few words. 
I am glad to be in your presence and to count you among the fold of those
who are
ever alert toward the furthering mission of Michael.
	It is an honor to serve under him and to work on this planet in particular,
as it is one in such need.  When one surveys the extent of need here on Urantia,
it can appear overwhelming and certainly beyond the abilities of any human being
or angel.  Try as we all might the tasks seem to appear as quickly, if not
quicker, to be undertaken than are accomplished and set aside.  That is the
nature of working on a planet like Urantia.
	When I was stationed on a world that was not classed in rebellion there was
actually less for me to do, for the agencies and the personalities resident upon
that world were better equipped and managed than they are here, where even many
of these agencies do not exist.  But the absence of these overseers does not
leave Urantia without attendants.  More so is the opposite true, for here there
are hordes of beings intent upon helping Urantia recover from its stumble and
hasten on its way toward Light and Life.
	When a world is smoothly and naturally evolving, though there still be much
that must be accomplished to foster a higher civilization, to improve morals and
ethics and spiritual values, often it is the work of personal growth that
contributes directly to the conditions and the betterment of the conditions of
the world.  But, as you know, that to enter into a workshop that is a mess, much
must be done to set the shop in order before efficient progress may be had on a
project; Urantia needs its tidying up.  At times it appears that more
cleaning up
is necessary than would ordinarily be required.  Sometimes it can even appear
that one's own growth is secondary to the more pressing needs of the planet, but
I do not speak to those who are insensitive to the truth that your personal
betterment as a child of the Father is very valuable for this planet.
	It is refreshing to note such keen alertness and enthusiasm in ministering
to your fellows that you all manifest.  Ever keep in mind this reciprocal
oscillation of personal enhancement and social service.  Neither one must take
precedence over the other, and each complements the other, for it is an
experience of yours already to have gone into the mode of ministry for another
and to emerge from that event uplifted and strengthened and further enlightened
yourselves.  It is because of your attention to the growth of your soul that you
are better equipped to be a minister to another.
	Know that as the tasks of life come before you and you are harried in your
needs and demands, and that you feel that this ship is rocking and reeling from
the onset of a storm, that there are many hands on deck, that the other sailors
have rightly coiled their ropes, have tended to the measures necessary to face
this storm.  You will not be washed overboard.  That every sailor is fit is a
matter you may trust; that every sailor has strengthened himself with training,
that everyone has seen to their station and the needs and requirements thereof. 
We are a team.
	As often as we hear the prayers of the mortals towards the angels for
assistance, do know that likewise we are seeking your assistance to help us in
our projects.  No position is considered unworthy.  How many times has the brave
sailor been applauded for his climb to the crow's nest under turbulent
to gaze ahead and to foresee what is in store for the entire crew?  Yet,
when the
day's work is done it is the mess hall cook who is much sought after.  We all
play a role, and they are equally valuable.
	There are times when each one of you takes shore leave in order to refresh
yourselves to be better fit for the next journey ahead.  It is a wonderful
situation, our twofold nature of being about the Father's business, both in the
advancement of our own ascension careers and the upliftment of the planet
you are
stationed upon.  The Father's business is open twenty four hours a day.  You
always have something you may do.  I am here only to remind you that no one
the journey alone.  Ever be willing to call on the assistance of Michael and his
	As always I give you my love and support.
*	Michael:  Greetings.  I am Michael.
	Once again I am surprised by yet another miracle.  I perceive each of you
as vessels of water that have been turned into wine.  I must be straight in
admitting that it is no surprise, for I am not limited by my bestowal
requirements as I once was.  The wedding feast is on, the marriage of Urantia
with the rest of this system of Satania.  It is each of you who will feed those
who have attended this feast.  We are here to celebrate a union.
	Much preparation goes into a feast and a ceremony of this nature, and it is
important that all ingredients be on hand.  Though my insignificant act of
centuries ago was for a small event in time, we are all engaged in a similar
celebration and  union of souls on a grand scale.  Be joyful, as a
celebration of
this nature ought to be.  Rejoice in the bright future ahead.  Fill the cups of
your fellows with the refreshing water of life.  Know that your vessel will not
run dry, for I will keep it filled that you may share ever onward.  The love I 
give you is the wine that fills your vessels.

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