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Q&A part 2

Student; thank you, JarEl, for a very significant message. I have recently received teacher messages regarding the year two thousand. We are at the end of the twentieth century and that the twenty-first century will not begin till Jan. 1 the following year. Some of us in the teaching mission are undergoing a transitional period, which is a stepping up to much greater and better things which will happen after the first of next year. IF we practice the lessons given by the teachers we will be given expanded insights, used as vessels for the teaching mission work. Could you comment on this.

JarEl; Thank you for sharing this. What you say is true. It is hoped that as individuals who are beginning to access truth and transformation are able to move into a higher frequency of being, that they afford an opportunity to be more of service to humanity as spiritual vessels. This is the intention, at least from a spiritual perspective. We are non the less encouraging and yet patient beings, and it is important that the individual begins to do the work it takes to make these adjustments. To be able to hold forth in this manner of living, thinking, and being which enables one's self to be used as a vessel of spirit. As you are relating to a time reference, this is of very insignificant concern or importance to the individual actually making the transformations, because the cup cannot be filled, until all of the cracks are mended. Does this help.

Student; Yes, Is this going to open the door towards widening others to become involved who are currently not a part of the teaching mission?

JarEl; The correcting time mission, this emergency mission to this world, is a multilevel and large scale endeavor in which the teaching mission is only a small aspect of the whole agenda. There are many in many areas which are being brought forth in their ability to access their own light, their own truth, in whatever they may be engaged in. In their personal, religious or otherwise work related endeavors, for correction must take place on a very large scale and in every aspect of the social infrastructure on your world. It is not important to evaluate what aspect is more important. What is important is that the whole fabric of society take on a new design and pattern. This is what is hoped for. The whole is only as good as the individual. Does this help?

Student; The thing which we are striving for in the teaching mission is to get the individual to grow spiritually, not society or the culture.

JarEl; One hand feeds another, my friend. The farmer feeds the businessman, the businessman helps to finance the farmer. So that in an aspect the teaching mission is involved with the individual expanding and growing spiritually. We are interested in corrected spiritual misconceptions on your world. (Correcting them in other people or ourselves) What part of what I am saying don't you understand. I will repeat. In the teaching mission you are taught to expand your concepts and notions of spirituality. You are taught to contact the inner presence. This is a personal endeavor is it not. (Yes) So in a greater aspect, the correcting time involves many individuals on the planet who are brining about more synchronistic, expanded, and directed ways of correcting many of the situations in which destructive patterns have been brought into play. The whole fabric of your world needs to be shifted in its focus.

Student; This involves that the bases of most of our problems are fear, this is causing our hangups. Fear inhibits us becoming spiritual.

JarEl; this is true, there are great challenges in removing fear. It is like a very large prison. It keeps everyone in line, and a few less in control. In the kingdom of God, everyone is in control of themselves.

Student; Fear is at the basis of our animal background which we have to overcome. Would it not be, I liked what Solonia had to say, a fragment of the father which she doesn't have and we have is constantly chattering to us all day long. All we have to do is listen to him, do his will, and fear will disappear. Nothing will happen to you of a serious nature. If you constantly think of the father is within you at the store or in traffic, the Father is in you chattering at you all the time. If we choose to listen, this completely eliminates fear.

JarEl; This will completely eliminate fear within yourself, this is correct. As you begin to eliminate fear within yourself, others around you will feel confident to eliminate their own fear. It is all reciprocal. Once you contact the father, grow more spiritually and show forth more light, it creates a situation which others can also support their inner guidance and thus show forth their own light.

Student; You mentioned that on the mansion worlds there is no reference to fear. I cannot imagine what this would be like, there is so much fear around us here and now. You also said that there was no place for fear, that those who are fearful here and go to the mansion worlds, they are everything but that. Do you have any personal experience of knowing anyone who was so fearful that went to the mansion world, what was left to them. What is a person without fear?

JarEl; What is a person without fear? A person without fear is a person who has had the opportunity and experience to grow with spirit, to identify with living faith. To show forth trust and living truth in their lives. This is part of soul growth. The soul is not based on fear. It is not grown from any fear references. The soul's singular reference is that which the human has aligned with the Father's will for that particular human's destiny. That creates the soul A person living in fear is not living in the direction with which the Father has planned for that individual. There is a lot more to do than to support one's greed of fear. In terms of designing and experiencing a whole transformation in being and personality. On a normal world, where there are spiritual references on the planet, most people with no soul growth, do not make it to the mansion worlds.

Urantia is very special because of its unique and particular condition and problems here. Compounded by the fact that it is also Michael's bestowal world, has made it such that many incomplete and unbred souls are allowed to move onto the mansion worlds. What this does is create a very special place on mansion world one where these souls are held in estate, a probation estate, until the young soul is able to establish within that individual's personality by way of their tapping into inner resource, the spirit within.

Student; Did you say that on most worlds the individuals never progresses to the mansion worlds?

JarEl; I said, that on normal worlds, a person who has developed no soul, does not have a vehicle to survive death.

Student; That was basically my question, who is a person without fear. It is difficult to imagine that someone so fearful. Cannot fully articulate question.

JarEl; What is important is that this creates an opportunity for you to show forth love and fearlessness to this person. You cannot make decisions for another, non the less, just like beings who move onto the mansion worlds with the primitive animal instinct still intact, give an opportunity for the mansion world citizens to further be of service to these individuals. This is one of the peculiarly challenging situations that Urantia affords a spirit conscious being. There are many, many and more than many opportunities to show forth your light on your world.

Student; Should not the fear instinct have been eliminated when we became social humans?

JarEl; The fear element would have actually have been quite diminished with the full blending of the races and the addition of the adamic blood, under the loving and compassionate supervision of the spiritual resource and administration which never really was on your world. It is unfortunate that the plans did not follow the original pattern, non the less, all has not been loss and all effort is now being made to furthur correct this problem. This is why such as the Ubook and the teaching mission and Michael's l;egions of cel;estial beings have descended on your workd, to lend a helping hand to its Universe neighbors.

Student; JarEl; If I am not mistaken, you are sharing us something not in the Urantia book about a special place on mansion world one, as an incubator, a place that is make available for the soul deprived of us.

JarEl; This is correct. I am sharing information which is particular to this world and its adminsitration.

Student; It occurs to me that there are other worlds in the rebellion where a similar siutation to ours might have existed where they were not a bestowal world, is this the case?

JarEl; This is the case, and as a member of the federation of worlds in the unilverse of Nebadon and the system of Satania, all mercy is truly afforded all intentions of survival. Nothing is really lost in Nebadon. Just remember that many, lots of millenium were accorded the apostate prince, Lucifer and his stall of Lanonandeks, and subsequent spiritual agencies and personalities who alighned with the "reebellion". That the Father's mercy bestowed within the capacity of Michael, assures that all were given an opportunity to reconsider choices and rehabilitate patterns.

On most normal worlds this (soul rehabilitation) usually takes place on the world itself, that it is not necessary for this aspect (undeveloped souls experience) to be brought to the mansion worlds. On an apostate world such as this world, there is no reference afforded this world whereby any measure of correction could be qualified. It is through the wisdom and dignity of the spiritual administration of the universe of Nebadon, that such mercy and compassion is afforded each individual until a time where they are shown beyond any shadow of a doubt just what their choices are. As I have said, this usually takes place on the evolutionary worlds by the staff of the material sons and daughters and the planatery prince staff which are normally on such a world. They have set up spiritual and cultural centers to deal with jsut such problems. For example, individuals who do not exhibit the capacity for spiritual recaeption are just not bred into existence. It is as simple as that. Why waste the genetic seed to bring forth a useless and worthless being who is not even going to survive.

On normal worlds, it is much more important to design and devise a race and civilization of beings who are highly spiritually receptive to bring forth a more organized form of light and life.This is not known on this world. It will never be known as such on this world. It is not a problem in and of itself, thought this situation places a great respponsibility upon those individuals who have the capacity to become conscious in spirit. Who are willing to sacrifice their own self interests for the greater interest of theplanet and the races of beings at large, to live and serve that all may know.

Student; JarEl; you having experienced the universe of Nebadon, could you tell us for real is this a friendly universe.

JarEl; Yes

Student; You mean that there are no unfriendly aliens out there?

JarEl; Is there something that you are afraid of?

Student; In the great scheme of the grand universe it is possible that there could have been a rebellion such as ours, and one could assume that provisions on the mansion world for a long time were never needed. Has there ever been a need for this kind of situation to manifest before our need?

JarEl; It is a fairly recent phenomenon here. I would also like to say that intelligence is quite adaptable and in particular spiritual intelligence has the capacity and ability to adapt to any and all conditions and situations. We live in an expanding and growing universe. Unfortunate that here many of your references fall short of what could be called expansive intelligence. In this spiritual universe there is tremendous adaptability to situations that you could not at this time even imagine.

Travesty of justice and responsible leadership dignity is a very serious offense, non the less it is not necessarily punishable by death. Though many must suffer the consequences and therefore the warp in the overall fabric of Nebadon is displacced temporarily. Non the less the"slack" in time will be taken up and move forward in an otherwise orderly manner. In retrospect a long time from now, it will be viewed the wisdom of the administration that the rebellion was allowed to run its full course that there are great lessons attenuating such events. You yourselves, direct recipients of such tremendous and challenging lessions, tremendous reprocussions in the universe. What I am saying that there are many serious situations in the superuniverses which have afforded conditional and attenuating circumstances within the overall Divine plan for progresive intelligence and light and life, non is greater than the travesty of compromised responsibility. Such as in the cas of Lucifer and his compatriots.

Student; I would like to make a comment, frst of all a great lesson on fear, and also my observation is that way back in the teaching mission one of the first lessons which you gave to us was on fear. You were calling it a spirit poison. It is interesting that six years later we are having asimilar lesson on fear and yes, we always have to deal with the spiritual struggle to fear.

Student; What I would like to know is what did you mean by withdrawing seed which would perpetuate non spiritual beings? Did I misunderstand that, is this being done on the otherside, do we have this responsibility or what?

JarEl; Yes, you do have that responsibility. As a person responsible for your own life and well being and the world at large, you have the responsibility whether or not to bring another being onto this world particularly if your society eventually grows into the awareness and intellignece to be able to predict what type of being could be born from certain stock.

It is unfortunate on your world at this time that ther is a tremendous and tereible situation with the genetic condition of the races. There are many problems which were unfortunately never worked out on your world. Non the less, your current medical research and many groups on the world are doing the best they can to promote the quality of life, to prevent disease and genetic and embrological malformations and things of this nature.

On more advanced worlds where the races were blended and the adamic blood was fully incorporated into the races where eventually a super race of beings did evolve on many worlds in Nebadon and are living tremendously spiritual and productive lives. They have seen fit becausae of the spiritual guidance on theri world, to be able selectively dictate certain breeding habit and patterns, certain individuals who are not fit for social purposes are not allowed to breed. It is a privilege to bring forth a child and children on such a world. It is unfortunate this is not the case here and now. I am not intendiing to make any judgement about this except to point out that yes, you certainly do have a choice. It is not a situation which here and now would easily be understood by the majority of people on your world.

Student; We have certain groups on this world that insist that all children bge born with any regard for the backgrounds of the parents and I think that this is proving a great problem. This movement is so strong that it is affecting the political climate and the politicians in our governments. I do not know how to stop it. It just keeps on going.

Student: I could not help notice your energetic comment to the last question. I also have reservations about world war two in europe and the nazi extermination of Jews and the different experiments being conducted by the Germans in particular to this superior race issue. This is a tender subject at this time. Could you give any information about just what was going on in Germany with those experiments.

JarEl; It would be very detrimental at this time to undertake any type of program such as you have described. These types of programs are meant to be undertaken by responsible spiritual beings, not individuals who think themselves better than others. There is no conflict of interest between what happened in world two in Germany and notions set forth in the Urantia Book about normal worlds where all of the races over great periods of time are throughly blended until a completely homogenous genetic stock exists in which an uplifting genetic enhanser, the adamic race, comes onto the world and does the final cleansing of the races by upstepping and uplifeing the homogenized stock. Whatever happened in world war two should never,ever happen again on this wo;rld between any races of beings for any reasons. No man is above any other man in the eyes in the spiritual realm.

No life is more important than another of sound mind have all access to the Father within, therefore are all valued and treasures as sons and daughters of God. What would be appropriate for this world would be to medically create certain processes, possibly chemicals and drugs which would help allievate disease. Once the individuals such as are living now begin to open spiritually and live in accordance to their light, more and more will be given to clean up the genetics on an individual basis, so that eventually this world may enjoy a much more stable genetic and race of people. These are very sensitive issues. I apologize if I have offended anyone, which I do not think that I did.

Student; Does not the Ubook say that our civilization has advances too much for an amalgamation to ever take place?

JarEl; This is something which is not to be undertaken by the human inhabitants of a world. This is something which is directed by the spiritual adminsitration of a world. Quite frankly this is a situation which will never be attempted by either the spiritual administration or the humans on this world. This will never be one of the teachings of this mission or any other spiritual agency.

Student: What are you referring to?

JarEl; Racial amalgamation, blending issues. This will never happen here. The time has past for this to ever be undertaken. This information in the Urantia book was given to you solely for purposes of contrast to show why your world is generally viewed as the "least in Satania", making it the "Least of Nebadon", making it one of the least in Orvonton.

Chorus; Ouch!! Careful now!!

Student: I find it ironic that this world will never be any different racially.

JarEl; You can still be different and still have the spark of God living within you. The challenge to a lot of these people who come from these so-called normal worlds is when they get to the constellation headquarters, they encounter beings who are completely different than they are. Shocking, it is, highly evolved spiritual beings encountering unlikeness for the first time. So what you are experiencing not is a lesson which at some time needs to be learned. It is just our of the usual order. Nothing to be afraid of.

Student; I would like to express my understanding; How we overcome fear, spiritualizing, etc, when we get to the mansion worlds what do we take if we have lived in fear, and if we have gained confidence over fear is this what we take?

JarEl; It is not so black and white. Because of the situation on this world, and in particular almost no one is fusing with their thought adjusters at this time, means that there are many levels of achievement on a spiritual level. This will continually grow for you on the morontia worlds. What is meant by contrasting the soul to your experiences, we are talking about unformed souls or little growth in that you will therefore be held in probation until a time you achieve growth. You continue where you leave off from here. Nothing is gained by death, yet what you receive as a gift is a new vehicle, a new morontia body with a new mind component in which you are into. It is not any easier to grow on the mansion worlds than it is to grow here. Growth is painful and time consuming, no matter what level you are on. In our experience and wisdom, there is no better place for this work to be done than where you are now.

Student; JarEl; you pointed out that one of the purposes of the teaching mission was to help clarify and point out spiritual misconceptions. Could you give an example of a spiritual misconception?

JarEl; Which one? (Laughter) For example the greatest spiritual misconception is to think that you can get through life without God. To think that you can ignore the more enviable gift in the universe. That such ego-centric arrogance would be enough to earn you a grand seat in the hierarchal arena of the great spiritual center of Father's abode. (More laughter).

In actuality, you have an opportunity right now to tap into this resource. It is all to easy to forget to remember that you have a resource to help you solve any situation and problem which you may encounter. If all else fails, turn to God. He will even wait until all else fails to get your attention. He is that patient.

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