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Hi everyone,

This is an excerpt from the transmission session we did at the Greater
Bay Area UB/Teaching Mission Christmas party.  Olfana discusses the
anticipated arrival of the Magisterial Son to Urantia.

Love,  Susan


Half Moon Bay, CA     12/18/99     San Francisco Greater Bay Area UB
Xmas Party
Teaching Mission Group

D:  I have one question.

Olfana:  Very well, D.

D:  I just wanted to know if there is any more information or updating
on the status of the Magisterial Son coming to this planet?

Olfana:  (Smiling)  Ah, yes.  You are all hungry for this news, I
know.  And, indeed, it is a remarkable opportunity that you look
toward with such expectations.  Further blessings will indeed come to
this planet in his presence.  I will not offer any specific time
frame, because we are under restrictions regarding this.  There is a
period of time planned for the Magisterial Son's work.  But he has not
yet announced, even to us, the exact hour of his calling to his
ministry.  This is something which he and God alone know, now, D.  And
I would say that the best we can do with the situation is to make
careful preparations.  This is, indeed, immediately connected with the
lesson I have just offered you [on joyful service].  The more we open
our hearts to the idea of service and commitment to the world, the
more we extend ourselves, reach out in creating an atmosphere of
hopefulness, an atmosphere of redemption, an atmosphere of
faithfulness to this plan, we empower the possibilities of his
arrival.  Is this enough for you, now, or is there further information
you would like to ask?

D:  I sure would like to know his name.  (Group laughter)

Olfana:  (Smiling)  He will introduce himself to you on his own terms.
I cannot presume to be the one to name him, now.  But, perhaps, you
might begin to think of him now as "The Beloved One."  If, in your own
private thoughts, you contemplate his coming, and call him, name him,
"The Beloved One," perhaps you will begin to get a better sense of his
actual identity, D.  There is a way in which he is his own person, his
own personality.  He is not a duplicate, I would say, of Christ
Michael.  He is his own being, his own presence, and he will be the
one to touch your hearts with his own energy.  I do, indeed,
acknowledge that some have already been touched by his presence.  They
are, indeed, aware of, and at times, in communication, with the
Magisterial Son.  I will say this to you, and S pauses to make sure
she hears this correctly.the Dahli Lama is a confidante of the
Magisterial Son, who comes now.  The Dahli Lama understands much of
the power of this being, and the Dahli Lama's work is not just of his
own making, I would say.  The Dahli Lama is, indeed, most guided by
the power and presence of the Magisterial Son.  There are others,
also, who are feeling this connection, but I do not choose, now, to
name all of them.  And some of them are not public personas.  They are
not anyone you would know of, if I did, indeed, mention their name.
But there is a ground swell of connection occurring now, and more and
more, the Beloved One's presence will be known to you.

D:  Thank you.

Olfana:  You are most welcome.

Sl:  So am I supposed to understand that this personality is going to
be in our time, say in the next twenty or thirty years?

Olfana:  This topic has been addressed already by Machiventa at
SpiritFest last summer, and others have also heard information
regarding this.  I said earlier, I am not able to name the specific
hour of his coming, because this is, indeed, at his own discretion,
Sl, and we have not yet been alerted to this.  However, the energy
builds and grows for the arrival of the Magisterial Son.  It is
possible, perhaps even probable, that he will make himself known
within the life span of those of you in this room, for instance.
However, there is no set, fixed, schedule, at least that I understand,
yet, regarding the time at which the Magisterial Son will arrive, and
make his presence known.  I make a distinction there because in many
ways, his energy has arrived on the planet, already.  Much of what you
see growing in this spiritual renaissance is a direct result of his
presence now, combined with the Spirit of Truth, combined with the
power and love of Christ Michael.  (Smiling)  These Great Celestial
Beings work together, Sl.  And this up-stepping of the planet's
seeking, and desire to know God, is very much a coordinated effort of
all of these Great Beings of Deity.

Sl:  So it isn't going to be a sudden thing.  It's going to be an
eventuating thing.  That is it's going to be continuously done, just
like the planet getting to Light and Life.  It's slow growth.

Olfana:  There again, I only caution that you are putting, perhaps,
too much of a firm interpretation on what I have said, Sl.  Yes.
There is a process here, most certainly.  It will not be as if this
Love of God comes to the planet "out of the blue," with no
preparation.  I am saying now, the preparations are occurring.  The
process of enlightenment grows and increases on the planet.  And so,
yes, in that sense, it is evolutionary growth.  But there will be a
revelation in the Magisterial Son's expression of himself.  There will
be this revelatory episode of his making his presence known.  And I
would not even limit any of this process with the word "slow."  There
is growth.  There is energy.  There is a building sense of a climactic
event coming.  I do not consider this, necessarily, a slow process, at
this point.  I would say many people feel, if anything, there is a
growing momentum to all of this.  In some ways, they are surprised,
daily, at the ways in which they see a spiritual consciousness coming
to the planet.  I overheard the remark J made to T regarding President
Clinton's statement of respecting a spiritual consciousness in the
environment of our schools--that our children have a right to their
spirituality, now, and J was most enthused that this had, indeed, been
stated by the highest leader of this land.  And, I concur, J, this is
the kind of event that you will continue to see occurring, now.  And
the energy of this is powerful--not necessarily, perhaps, the slow
evolutionary growth that you have seen from the time the Urantia Book
first became a public offering to the world.  (Smiling)  Something
more is definitely afoot at this point, Sl.

S:  What I'm looking at, is this going to be like a sixth epochal
revelation?  Is it at the level of a dispensation?  How do you.?

R:  Sl, I think we all want to hear more of what the Teachers have to
say [on other topics, too.]

Olfana:  I would say, Sl, that again, this is not something to be
"hammered down" by technical terms, if you will, from the Urantia
Book, now, as to whether or not it qualifies at the epochal level, et
cetera.  Let us rest comfortably with what has been discussed thus
far.  And I agree, I think it is time for us to move on.  What else do
you wish to discuss now, my dear ones?  (end of excerpt)

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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