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Couer d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Be a Blessing, Questions on Relationship and Disease
Teacher: Elyon

February 13, 2000
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  I greet you warmly; I am your friend Elyon.  I consider
it an honor that you seek my contact today, that you include me in your
celebrations, and that we may converse, that we may further the purpose of
Michael on this planet to bring all his children into an understanding of his
love and an experience of this love.
	He, while on this world, spoke of the souls who are blessed for being meek,
for hungering for truth and righteousness, for the poor at heart, for the
peacemakers.  I direct you to focus in your ministry efforts toward these, his
children, who are of this mind and soul.  Jesus said these are the ones who are
blessed; these are the ones who find happiness.  As you know, it is not merely
the hunger that brings this happiness.  It is not merely being poor in spirit
that brings this happiness; it is the blessing received by the Father and the
ministering spirits all about the seeking individual.  You, who have been so
touched deep within you that you long to be about the business of our Universe
Parent, are the means by which Michael will continue to bless his hungering
children.  Seek, therefore, the peacemakers.  Seek the hungry.  Seek out those
who are meek.  Be on the lookout for the meek, for they will not wave their arms
in front of you for attention, yet they long and hope for the 'emboldenment'. 
Not one soul within the realm of Nebadon -- aside from our sovereign son himself
-- truly regards themselves as fully qualified to be a bless-er, but each of us
grows in our understanding that it is the presence of Michael around us and
within us that brings the blessing to our kinfolk.
	All of you who sit here today and hear my words are fully aware of the
grace of God that has entered your lives and the benefit that you have received
as well as the motivation to re-present the same blessing to another.  Truly it
is a joy to be in the field working for the master.  Truly it is a great
to be harvesting souls for the kingdom.  You each have realized the beautiful
moment of being harvested, of being called by the Father into His arms.  This
understanding, this experience, while unique to every soul, is sharable,
transferable to any other who seeks and reaches for the Father's presence.  All
are indwelt, all have the spirit of infinity indwelling them.  In your own
communion you realize the difficulties of being housed in a material form and
longing for, grasping toward, that spiritual communion.  All the forces of
Paradise are extended to making this connection, but the Father also asks you to
help.  While He reaches from within to the hungry soul, you are asked to reach
from the outside to this same soul, this same cherished child.  The
experience of
the recognition of the love of God uniquely bestowed upon one's own being is an
experience that must be treasured.  It has propelled you into the adventure of
eternity.  Who could stand by and not wish this same experience for any
fellow in
your midst?
	When the master gave his sermon, he did so to illustrate the manner through
which the seeker will discover his Creator and be born into the spiritual
of God.  Today I entreat you to apply this same series of faith-steps in your
outreach to those around you.  Be that blessing; be that happiness; offer food
for the hungry; offer that peace.  Demonstrate that humility is not weakness but
the entrance into a family of faith beings who are surcharged with the power of
divinity, who know that their power is not of self but of a Supreme
	We are a network engaged in a revelation that has been sponsored by our
Creator Son.  I ask you to look toward your future as an active minister.
Michael as Michael has revealed the Father.  Doubt not your shortcomings.  Trust
that you are prepared, and trust that where you fail you have discovered your
next strength.  No artist ever completes his work without an error.  In the
artwork of building souls for the kingdom of God we each will discover our
limitations and overcome them.  In being a blessing to your fellows, you are
being blessed, as well.
	Often have I repeated to you the pleasure and joy I have received in being
an associate with you, and a friend.  Though the repetition of my expression has
at times perhaps appeared to wane in its impact, I wish I could convey to you
what impact you have had upon my unfoldment as a morontia being.  Yes, I did
in mortal form, but I am now experiencing the mortal nature from the morontia
perspective.  When a soul becomes an adult, the experiences of childhood are but
a memory.  When a soul becomes a parent, the experiences of childhood are
relived.  This is similar to my association with you.
	Be ever on the lookout, friends, as our text exemplifies in the story of
Ganid, for the lost child.  Many will come to you.  However, many will not know
to come to you.  Just as Ganid would actively seek them out, you must
likewise be
alert, ever watchful for that unconscious request to receive ministry that has
been bestowed upon you and you are capable of bestowing upon another.  This
obligation is not to be a burden, for, simply reflect for one moment of the
blessing, the benefits, of your own striving to comprehend the nature of
It was transferred to you at one time, and you are transferring it to another. 
Your own recognition is of no worth, for the true value in the experience is for
this seeker to discover his creator.
	When you encounter your own tribulations, when you have met the wall that
appears to be defeat, when you are truly confused and uncertain, when the events
about your life appear to be unchangeable, take the master's example and
seek the
Father's presence.  Go to the Father with Michael.  Be like the young lad who
would not let go of the basket.  Do not be hesitant like the other apostles. 
Care not for what you appear to be like in the eyes of others, but focus
upon him.  Be stubborn in your desire to be with the Father in communion.  All
other talents and skills that have been bestowed upon you and that you have
acquired in your spiritual journey mean nothing when compared to this
relationship with the God of all things, for it is upon this single important
relationship that all else hinges.
	Thank you for receiving my words; I convey them with love.  I devote myself
to the working of this mission to honor my sovereign Michael.  Often I have said
to you how short your lives are.  Let me this day convey to you how short
even my
morontia career is.  I do not mean to burden you with a sense of urgency from
which you feel incapable of responding, but for you to value your time.
Make the
best of the hour.
	At this time I open the floor to dialogue and would love to receive your
feedback or questions.
	Harold:  My life has hit a rocky section of the road.  I've been searching
for the value to be placed on a continued relationship for an entire life.
If it
is important to continue with the same person, then I can direct more energy
there.  If there is more to be gained by moving on, then is that the direction I
should go?  Any advice on that?
*	Elyon:  My friend, I would if I could wrap my arms around you.  I share
your concern and your hope as well as your discomfort and confusion.  It is not
within the mandates of the teachers to ask you to head in any direction of a
personal nature that is not your own choosing.  I can, however, illustrate
examples from which you may select a course of action.
	The primary and permanent relationship of us all is with our Father
Fragment.  This is the marriage made in heaven.  I myself have spent millennia
apart from my life associate.  The love has not ceased, but our unfoldment has
taken different avenues.  It is noble to devote yourself to a fellow, for within
this relationship you discover eternal values that are not discernible in
transient relationships.  This dedication, this experience of permanence, you do
not lose even though the tides of time may shift and you are carried on into a
new course.  The form may be altered, but the fundamental has been received.  If
your relationship ends, you have experienced the deep value and are capable of
reliving that anew with another.  Likewise all of us are learning to relive that
with each and every one else.
	My advice is to seek the presence of the Father, for it is in this
relationship that all the values, all the joys of brotherhood, can be
experienced.  Take your time.  Great decisions are not made in the haste of the
moment.  Ponder deeply.  Recognize both your desires and honestly face your
doubts.  The more sincere you are with your own inner longings, the clearer will
become the external opportunities.  It is in the course of transition that
friction is experienced.  Take a long range view of your situation.  Hold hope
close to your heart, for, as in the many other areas of your life, you have had
to undergo a transition.  You have experienced attainment, and this likewise
occur in this current undertaking, desired or not.
	I hope this provides helpful hints for you.
	Harold:  Yes.  I also want to express my gratitude for all the support I
felt coming from beyond and from friends here, too.
*	Elyon:  I witness a strong soul, and I observe a humble spirit.  Keep your
faith.  Trust that the Spirit of Truth will speak saying, "This is the way."
	Tom:  I would address a question to Jessona in regards to my friend with a
terminal disease, or maybe not so terminal.  I trust she was with me when I
visited him the other day.  Would she or you offer any counsel?
*	Elyon:  Yes, I, Elyon, would address you, as Jessona is tending to this
	Your contribution throughout this difficult transition is to stand for
faith, to be a ray of hope, to emphasize the primary value of this rather
experience, and that is the longevity of the soul.  The soul is immune to the
perils that the body encounters.  All physical forms are subjected to causations
that lie beyond the will of the creature.  But the safety of the soul is in the
complete control of the freewill of the personality.
	Your friend and everyone of you, while yet your bodies may suffer the
damage of life, will never be threatened by the loss of soul vitality, that is
your sole and sovereign prerogative.  His desire to be at one with his maker,
whether he be in full health or ailing, is his true and lasting well-being.
as Michael foresaw the events of his time that would lead to his departure from
the world, each one of you -- as even I have -- will one day see the coming
transition into the morontia realm.  Not even the master looked forward to the
transition.  But the master exemplified the faith of a child who trusts his
father to take care of him.  Be creative in your expressions and alert to the
personality to whom you minister.  Be assured that your personal associate
Jessona will prioritize her activities to include this ministry that you are
feeling called to be about.
	My friends, the time grows long and I do not wish to retain you.  If you
are content today, I will bid you adieu.  I leave with this thought: Though I
depart, Michael is ever present.  This relationship with Michael is continual
fellowship you have always.  Seek his counsel.  May your friendship with him
deepen continually.  Take care.

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