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Fear and Morality

Greetings, It is I teacher JarEl. Thank you for sharing. Welcome to those of you who are here for the first time and to those of you who have not been here in a while. Of course thank you to those who regularly attend. There is much to be thankful for today.

Tonight I would like to speak a little about fear and morality. Morality is fearless living. Morality is not something which is used as it is on Urantia to clothe and to sustain fear. Again, Morality is fearless living.

To begin to approach a spiritual life, you will find that it is necessary to begin to let go of fear. There is absolutely no fear in, upon, around and about the spiritual worlds or within spiritual beings. Fear as you know it here, is a very powerful remnant of your prehuman and your early human ancestry. The mechanism of fear was designed within the animal species to help protect the individual species. In the evolving spiritual mind, fear becomes an intellectual fraud, a conspiracy. Fear is at the base of most of your problems. Fear in many respects is a commodity in the country in which you live. It is one of the greatest threats to an otherwise loving and peaceful "Spiritual

Kingdom" within the hearts of men and women on your world.

This relationship between fear and morality is of particular interest because the more spiritual a human becomes, the more morally responsible you are also becoming. In an attempt to open and broaden your spirit influence within your own groups, it is important to move beyond any fear and aspects of fear, paranoia, for example. Begin to find that the light of love from within begins to displace fear, by showing you that most mental, physical or psychological blocks are in some way based in fear. Most of the social problems are based on fear. It is the one undignified aspect of an otherwise cultured civilization which exists on your world today.

God the Father, who lives within as an aspect of love, truth, beauty and goodness intends to bring man out of a fear based reference into a loving and friendly and comfortable spirit reference. One in which eventually contentment and happiness abound. All of this is a spiritual resource. I am not implying that it is very easy to totally move out of fear. This is a gradual intention in which basic work and serious introspection begin to show forth the kernels and grains of fear which are strewn about and embedded along your path which seek to compromise an otherwise growing intention of moving into greater reception.

There are many aspects of your life which are based on fear. Tension, for example is based on fear. Fear itself is actually a tension mechanism within the organism. It is a chemical reflex, designed to alert and protect. It has a contracting reflex, and instant adrenal chemical/tension at the slightest hint of danger. It is very real. What I am saying, is that it is the most detrimental and compromising condition to spirit. Many of your personal neurosis are based on aspects of fear. The trend and conversion to materialism is based on fear. Fear of not having enough. Fear of having too much. Fear of not knowing what to choose what to do and decide.

It is interesting to look at the life of the Master to view how it is possible to live a life without need, except the desire to show forth loving goodness to fellow men and women. To walk about the world, fearless, forthright, aggressively honest and open, lovingly truthful and beautiful, and courageously willing to share love and concern with another. My friends, you live in challenging times. It is important for you to begin to shift into spiritual continents and spiritual perspective. As you begin to look at the unspiritual pull which society and the planet at large place upon the individual, is a spiritual life important? Why is This? Is it important because you feel that you are going to go to a spiritual place when you leave this world, and that when you get there you want to have some familiarity with its way of life? Is it important because a Divine aspect of Spirit dwells within you? Is it important because you are motivated by fear, its insecurity prompting you to seek something more secure, stable, substantial and grounding, meaningful and valuable. If this is so, use the springboard of fear, my friends, to take that leap of faith and begin to trust a little more that the net of God will hold you, will support you. As you boldly go forth to stand in this world in light. I know this sounds like a challenge, and it certainly is!

The spirit within is an activating spirit. It's intention is to activate your will. I will say one thing--fear cannot enter the morontia worlds. If a large percentage of who you are is based upon fear, a very small percentage of who you are will enter the morontia worlds. There are no fear references on the morontia worlds. Unlike anything you have ever known on this world, a world and society based on fearless living, moral endeavor is quite sustaining and very happy. The fearless age of light and life, begins within that individual whose capacity to move beyond these basic animal emotions and whose ability to live from within, and trust the inner guidance to stand in light, to set an example and precedent for another and others on this world to also begin to stand upright in light.

The love of the Father does not judge. The love of the Father gently and carefully holds and guides you and is continuingly nourishing you to move out of fear and into faith. Out of fear and into faith. OUT OF FEAR and INTO FAITH. So begin to experience faith as God's loving continence, the net, his network. Begin to experience faith as a grasp of reality. Fear is comfortable, is it not, only for a short period of time until it becomes too constricting and confining. It is non growth producing. Many will tell you that fear is a great motivator. This may be true on your world. To eventually to come into full light, you have to completely step beyond fear. This is the thought for the next few weeks in your own inner work and guidance and meditations. Begin to recognize one of the nagging problems which you are dealing with. Look into its center and find the fear which this problem is organizing. Dissolve that fear with faith. Bring the love of faith within the center, the organizing principle of that problem, and then my friends, you will be able to open your eyes as the problem begins to dissolve, once fear is dispelled. This is a test of true faith.

So go forth with this thought. This is my gift to you this week. Thank you for allowing me this lesson today.

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