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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Contentment, Awareness, Talents
Teachers: Elyon, Malvantra, Tarkas

February 6, 2000
*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, dear friends, this is Elyon.  It is always
my pleasure to be in your company.
	Various times in the past I have observed your expressions regarding both
that which you long for and that which you currently struggle with, as well as
those things through which you have experienced success.  It is this observation
that offers myself and my associates insight into the direction of your
unfoldment.  No path to Paradise is a continuous string of successes, though
ultimately success is the result.  But the true acquirements in this ascension
often are found in your difficulties, in your struggles.  This brings me to my
lesson to you on contentment.
	You know, having finished a meal, that you experience the sensation of
contentment regarding hunger.  It is a satisfying feeling, but given a short
period of time, the pangs for food return and your contentment switches to
longing, and you begin to devise a means for fulfillment.  This is a natural
cycle.  You know full well that you can never eat one meal and remain
content for
nourishment forever.  In a culture as yours this cycle is trusted to always
be in
order and that you can endure the interval between completion of a meal and its
next intake.  In other cultures there is great doubt as to when another meal
present itself and that next episode of contentment will be experienced.
	When we assess our spiritual journey, this same cycle takes place as
experience and as enlightenment.  It is the very reason why we stress periodic
and continual stillness times and times for study and why we are so approving of
your sharing your tweaks of the week.
	Spiritual contentment is arrived at through trust that is gained in
observing that, indeed, your growth is cyclical and that your successes do
your periods of struggle.  Your confrontations with your environment, your life
situations hone your character and advance your personality all through the
required decisions you must make in order to adapt and in order to uplift both
yourself and that around you.  Much like the recurring episodes of nourishment
intake for your bodies, your spiritual growth follows this same cycle.  To ones
like yourselves who see to it that your pantries are full and that you are
prepared for your next episode of hunger, contentment is a realizable
of mind and soul.  I urge you all to be on the lookout for those who are
uncertain as to when the next meal will come their way in a spiritual sense.
can be the one who brings to them those items which will bring nourishment for
the hungry soul.
	Even upon your arrival on Paradise, contentment be will be an experience
that will subside, and subsequently you will be infused with a hunger to
the stretches of eternity beyond time and space.  Contentment is periodic, but
there is a contentment to be found in understanding this periodicity.  Draw on
this understanding during those times when you find yourselves astir,
uncertain of what is before you and how it will present itself to you.  Be
content knowing that you will always receive further nourishment, that the
pangs are the signals to you that nourishment is required and should
instigate in
yourselves the actions necessary to provide that nourishment, be it solitude
the Father, be it the acquirement of new understanding and perspectives, be it
fellowship and association with your friends.
	I have presented what I chose to share today.  I will remain in attendance. 
I will make room for those visiting with me to make themselves known, as well.
*	Malvantra (Mark):  I greet you today; this is Malvantra.  I would step into
the classroom and seize the opportunity to illuminate an ideal brought forward
here earlier.  That is the ideal of functioning in awareness.
	This state of being, of functioning in awareness, is an admirable pursuit
for any individual at any station along the spiritual progression.  By
to function in awareness of your role in a given situation, your part to play in
relation to the whole, you may be far more effective than functioning in a state
of disconnection and uncertainty.
	There are many times when you may feel the desire to more clearly be made
aware of the potentials involved in your interactions and of the appropriate
responses you would make according to your understanding of the Father's will. 
These are all practice tries, attempts at discerning the direction of pursuit,
and when one actively solicits assistance in this process, the unseen forces at
your disposal are granted permission to interact.  This provides the doorway
through which your assistants may enter into your realm and attempt to
the most correct path to proceed on toward the highest spiritual goal.  If you
will but learn to become habituated to stopping briefly before undertaking a
or proceeding forward with your interactions, you will find a great deal of
support when you take the time and attempt to adjust your level of awareness so
as to accommodate the highest spiritual reality you are prepared to accept. 
There is always assistance to be had all the way from the Father and Michael to
the many assistants working in the service of Michael.
	As an isolated mortal of the realm, you may be uncertain and unfamiliar
with how to proceed in a given circumstance.  These are the times when it would
serve you well to access the higher, overall view of the reality before you. 
Many times you will discover that you had an inkling or a feeling that perhaps
you should proceed thusly, but were intimidated or uncertain enough to be halted
in your process.  By consulting a higher spiritual force you will be granted the
confirmation to assure yourself that the initial response you formulated was
perhaps not so far of as you initially thought.  Through practice with this
exchange you will become more refined at sensing when your direction corresponds
with the will of the Father.
	There is also never only one option to avail yourself of in these
situations.  There is not only one right answer to the question, or one right
direction of pursuit.  There are multiple approaches to the given exchange in
which the desired spiritual result may be reached.  It is up to you then to
choose the approach you are most comfortable with, are most familiar with, and
stay to your course.
	You have heard this advice disguised in many forms, to seek the stillness
before you act, to seek the stillness here, there, and everywhere.  We will
continue to offer this advice as it is your most sound approach to spiritual
	I offer these observations for you here today and am very pleased to have
the opportunity at this forum.  Even I, in my position, am able to detect great
strides in your spiritual progress and look forward to our interactions as time
marches on.  I make room for any others and send you my love.
*	Tarkas (Jonathan):  Greetings to you all.  This is Tarkas.  I have but a
few words to
share, and these words I trust will be met with the spirit and intent through
which I give them, and that is to be encouraging and stimulative of your
	You all, I detect with good certainty, are motivated to serve the Father
and to foster the spiritual progress of this planet, which does likewise imply
progress on many levels all over this world.  My words of admonition are
that you
pursue diligently those avenues of expression that you now recognize as
those skills and those talents that you know this day that you have.  Put those
to work in creating a new and enhanced revelation of the Father to those around
you.  In the work for the kingdom there is no real, single, ultimate action that
any one person could take that would fulfill the purposes of the divine.  The
true needed and viable actions that you can take are those that are expressed
through your currently held talents.
	There is no way to fall short when you express yourself in this manner.  It
is one thing to be at the threshold, the ceiling, of your expressibility in any
creative endeavor in any act of service.  That sense of limitation is only a
signpost for your continued growth.  But it is likewise a reflection of the
degree to which you have attained success, to which you are now skillful.  That
is always of great benefit to others.  When you assess your abilities, note that
your shortcomings are indicators of where you are growing.  Likewise, when you
don't face them but turn from them and look in the opposite direction back into
your experiential background, they indicate the heights to which you have
Never be discouraged over shortcomings.  Always be enthused that you are at the
peak of your abilities at any given point and are of great value to those around
you in need.  Choose your path.  Express it vigorously.  Express it joyfully
knowing that the Father supports you one hundred percent.
	Thank you for hearing me today.  I take my leave.

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