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Daniel(Bill): Greetings, my friends, I am your teacher, Daniel.  Yes, we
are all connected to Michael's Spirit of Truth, but we are also all
individual personalities.  Spiritual truth is not something that is hanging
out to dry on the cloths line of nebulous abstraction, but is the
experiential achievement of personality reality empowered by love and
displayed in service.  

Your sharing tonight was most fascinating to us for you were vulnerable and
willing to talk about the difficult stuff, the matter of hanging on to a
belief system which is tested constantly by reality checks from the
external world.  My dear Agondonter friends, you all remain Agondonters
still, i.e. you achieve your faith in your commitment to know God and to do
His will.

Always when you are faced with doubts you are also experiencing conceptual
confusion or conflict.  It is the function of the rational aspect of mind
to operate in its approach to truth with the possible chance that previous
beliefs and understandings will be discarded like scaffolding as when a
building no longer needs it. This relative aspect of truth is built into
the experience of Supremacy.  We have talked about this before and at
considerable length, so I will not repeat my words tonight.  I wish,
however, that you hear me telling you that you do well to be vulnerable in
front of your peers, to admit where you have weaknesses and incomplete
understanding so that your pursuit of truth is not performed in lonely
isolation, but is shared in the comradery of brothers and sisters.

This evening you have all expressed what I have termed "soul
consciousness".  Your expressions regarding your relationship with God as
being on another level from your beliefs about probabilities and
speculations of that nature demonstrates the difference between rational
mindal activity and soul consciousness.  As I have said several times in
the past, you soul knows more than your mind knows.  As you become more and
more aware of your soul consciousness, this solidity of faith will manifest
itself more clearly.

Of course, there is always the danger of overgeneralizing when confronted
with error.  Many people have, indeed, cast aside religion en toto as in
the famous "baby with the bath water" illustration.  But the casting aside
of religion does not change the status of a person.  It does not signalize
the departure of their Adjuster.  It does not condemn them to a fictitious
hell.  It merely represents a profound struggle intellectually with the
incompatible error found in all religions on this evolutionary planet,
Urantia, for all evolutionary religions are a mix of truth and error.  

Let me conclude by saying that I commend the honesty and the courage of
those of you who shared your personal struggles and progress in this matter
of faith and belief.  You provided a forum where honesty is valued and
truth is honored.  This TR has difficulty focusing this evening and I am
releasing him from any further obligation. [Ed. Note: Bill has the flue.]
Once again, my dear friends, I thank you for being in attendance in our
Melchizedek classroom.  One moment please.

Aaron: (TR #2): This is Aaron.  Hello.  Tonight I would follow with some
thoughts on the topic of chance as it relates to your spiritual journey.
By now your should each recognize that you are not islands wherein all that
occurs is designed specifically around you.  The universe is designed as an
evolutionary realm developing while spiritual forces maintain consistency
in the underlying fabric; the actual flow of events is designed to be more
as a playground for the choosing of will creatures.  

There is a flaw conceptually, from the perspective of a fledgling
evolutionary world, with the idea that everything occurring around you is
meant to be; and yet there is an inherent spiritual fibre throughout
everything  that recognizes causes and results.  It is a great aid to you
if you recognize that there is consistency in reality on an absolute level;
but on the finite level you are challenged to develop reality as it
pertains to you in relationship to the flow of events around you.  Many
children have looked to God and screamed for an answer, "Why are you doing
this to me?"  And yet when the perspective of an individual is broadened to
recognize the larger scheme of events, when capabilities to understand
occurrences is broadened in view, no one thing can be a shattering tragedy
of broken faith as you recognize the design for all things should be
developed by your experiencing the situations of an ever flowing cosmos.
God has created all things and yet this creation cannot be blamed for the
potentials that do not occur.

I know that I struggle to express meaning to you this evening.  I hope you
can see that the diverse nature of relationships between material objects,
whether person to person or person to thing, affects the outcome of all
evolutionary reality and has been designed as such, rather than recognizing
the faulty nature of current reality as evidence of a flawed creator.  

At this time I would be open to any thoughts or insights you might have.

Nancy: Aaron, thank you.  I have a question for either of you and it
relates to the topic of the evening and the instance I consider complete
fabrication.  I also feel I need to say this one instance, although I
discussed how it has tested my faith and made me question a whole chain of
things, has not dislodged my faith.  My question, my concern about this
particular error or fabrication, whatever, is a struggle for me because on
the one hand as an island, as an individual person, there are a lot of
wonderful lessons that can come from it as I struggle with it.  I am cool
with that.  However, as a person in relationships with others, if there was
content to that potential fabrication that wasn't fabrication, that had
intention; and if it had intention that was broader than to me such that I
could then function as a bringer of hope; and because of my being torn over
whether I fabricated it or not and separate from my own struggle, I can be
missing an opportunity because of known errors that I did make.  I can be
missing an opportunity to take the intended content and use it in the
intended way.

So there are two things going on for me.  There is my whole personal
journey aspect and then there is also the thing about maybe I am in error
in thinking I am in error.  So there are layers for me.  I don't which or
either of you would like to assist me if my question or concern is clear
enough to attempt such a response.

Aaron: I would say to you that the result of your endeavor to share our
insights for the benefit of your friends far outweighs the actuality of the
instance in time.  Now having said this, I realize the difficulties
presented to you regarding this.  I am not willing as a result of
conversation with other entities to tell you the extent of your accuracy
for you will gain more by working through things, issues, and questions in
your own mind and relationship to spiritual sources around you than I could
offer through my words.

Nancy: May I interrupt you?

Aaron: Yes.

Nancy: I am afraid to try and access those spiritual sources around me
other than God now.

Aaron: I recognize this. The processing that is healthy for you is to
contemplate, to pray, to be open for insight.  It is not that we will not
talk to you, but it is important that we not be your Spirit of Truth.  You
can determine the level of  comfort of your own response with the issues at
hand.  You have the intention always to serve.  Your faith in God is still
intact.  Much of the universe in its development is by trial and error.  If
the intention is clear and is pure, then there is a degree of value in
anything that you do or attempt to do.  

You can analyze your intentions.  You can ponder the accuracies.  You can
even question ourselves who speak with you.  These things do not cause us
spiritual tribulation.  We are pleased to see our students questioning from
a sincere mind and heart for we have faith that you will know your truth by
doing so.  If we did not have faith in this, then all that we do here would
be folly and our faith would not be real.  For the First Source and Center
of all things has complete faith in the human free will development.  If
you choose, my friend, to seek counsel with one of us outside or through
yourself or another, this is completely acceptable.  But we will not try to
give you the answers when we can see the massive spiritual possibilities
resulting from your personal efforts.  I hope you can understand me when I
share my thoughts with you.

Nancy: Yes, Aaron.  That was very helpful.  Thank you.

Daniel: My dear, this is Daniel.  When you say you are not going to be
interacting with spiritual forces and entities does that mean that you are
unwilling to be contacted by us teachers, for a period of time, at least?

Nancy: I don't know how I feel about that, Daniel.  On the one hand I long
for it to have it all cleared up for me, to be given guidance or a boost in
the arm; on the other hand I am really afraid of it.  I'm not sure how
much, I mean.....because of Debbie I still kind of believe in most of it.
But I am having a struggle right now with trust in my own abilities to hear
anything clearly and so I am very frightened to try and be willing.

Daniel: Yes, but I am not suggesting you contact us; my question is, are
you restricting us and forbidding us to contact you?

Nancy: No.

Daniel: Very well.  Then you shall hear from me! (Nervous laughter from the
group and bantering comments including, "use a nose tickle, Daniel".

Daniel: It was my intuition that this was your meaning, not that you were
forbidding us from communication interactions, but I thought for the
record, that it should be made clear.

Nancy: Yeah, well I have sent out little feelers to see if I am going to
get one of those "knock me over" energy blasts, but then I pull my feeler
back in real fast.

Daniel: I wish to say one more thing to you, dear.  It appears to me that
your perfectionism is causing you difficulty here, (Nancy sighs) for your
reaction is not as balanced as your mind is capable of handling.  One error
does not a tragedy make, although I understand the reasoning whereby you
can catastrophize this.  Of course your recognize Isaac's vocabulary in my
use of the word "catastrophize".  This refers to the imbalance that I was
alluding to a moment ago.  I want you to know that I have great confidence
in you, my dear.  You have a persistent, truth seeking motive driving you
to not be satisfied with soft answers, mushy concepts, contradictory
levels.  Ease up on yourself and trust yourself, that you will, through
your intention, accomplish the solution to your difficulties.  Yes, as
Aaron has so clearly stated, we will not give you the answers, and actually
we cannot give you the answers.  I will say this much: I was with you that

Nancy: Well, then it not a complete fabrication, thank you.

Daniel: No, I will say that much...it is not a complete fabrication [Ed
note: Daniel said this with a smile}
And that is all that I will say at this time, until you hear from me in
your own mind.  I am your friend, Daniel.

And now my dear friends, the time has arrived, the agreed upon departure.
Indeed, has this been a wonderful evening on honest truth seeking, of
vulnerable display of trust in each other.  "I believe", said the pleading
father to Jesus, "Help my unbelief".  And Jesus did.  He will always help
our honest doubts.  Be sure of that.  And now, good evening.

Group: Good evening.

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