[tmtranscripts] New CDA Class session #9

Daniel cwithin at cet.cet.com
Sun Feb 6 22:27:50 PST 2000

New Class - Session #9

***Solonia (T/R Daniel):  Greetings, dear ones.  It is often confusing 
and perplexing to those of us of the angelic order that you mortal 
children have a piece of our very God right there within you whom you can 
communicate with anytime you wish, and yet it is difficult for you to 
choose to make use of this marvelous gift---comparatively seldom.  We 
cannot understand why you do not choose to be in communion every moment 
that you are awake.  We do not have this gift of the Father within us 
such as you do, so it is doubly difficult for us to realize that this is 
so difficult for you.  This loving part of God within you, speaks with 
you All the time, almost incessantly.  Yet the difficulties of the world 
and surviving in it seem to block your hearing somewhat.  It is 
understandable, only because you have been through so much and have 
survived, and are even beginning to thrive.  Now, especially, it is a 
time to begin tuning your hearing.  Seek alone time with God as if it is 
the most precious of gifts, for indeed dear hearts, That it is.  The more 
regularly you give yourself these times of being together with God, your 
inner partner, the more consistently you will be aware of and receptive 
to God’s still, small voice in every instance, in every experience, from 
waking up in the morning, to driving your automobiles, to doing your 
service, to going to the store.  In each of these instances, and in all, 
be aware of God’s participation with you and the voice which says, “This 
is the way.”  This is the recipe for over-coming any of your personal 
difficulties.  Invite God to be the director of your experience.  Accept, 
in faith, each of these divine suggestions.  You have much grace 
available to you, dear ones.  You may avail yourselves of it at any time 
you actively and consciously choose Father’s Will.  Know that that part 
of our Father who is within you will always protect the True You from any 
permanent damage.  It is the guardian of your soul and the co-creator of 
it with you.  In that, recognize that you are Absolutely safe within 
God’s protecting arms.  You are children of God and you are beloved, and 
that person who is you will always be safe from any Real harm.  Again, I 
encourage you all to take advantage of every opportunity for inner quiet 
with God.  Much that is true, beautiful, and good will come of it.  This 
is your sister, Solonia.  

***Nebadonia [Mother Spirit] (TR/Jill):  My beloveds, in contrast to the 
message from Solonia, I wish to affirm that I Can Understand your 
inability to commune regularly with your Father within.  I watch all of 
my children, and with only slight exception, I see that All of them have 
suffered emotionally because the Human love was either absent in a 
healthy way, or my children experienced a sense of abandonment of human 
love.  Although your cultural upbringing in the Western Hemisphere has 
taught you of your Father in Heaven, it is important to remember that up 
until about the second half of the 20th Century, those who were religious 
were identified as “Good, God-FEARING people.”  As a culture you have had 
50 years or less of a new conscious message that God is LOVE.  So I can, 
dear ones, understand how awkward it can seem when you first begin your 
communion process with your Father.  But because humanity is at its 
beginning levels of spiritual evolution and comprehension of a Loving 
Father, you have had no role models to learn from, to seek out the 
silence of your Father’s Love and wisdom.  Instead, because your parents 
and their parents before them, your teenage boyfriends or girlfriends, 
your young, adult lovers—literally all of you—received less love than 
what the human mind and emotions were meant to receive in a typical Light 
and Life evolving world, much of the neediness for love by your parents 
was transferred on to you.  And as little children you are very close to 
your Father in heaven and you give your love freely.  And you give, and 
you give—and you don’t receive back, that same unconditional love that 
you give as a child.  Yet you yearn to receive your Father’s Love through 
these humans who are endeared to you.  You are literally the first 
generation to have the opportunity to Actively commune with your Father 
from the healthy space of knowing you are Perfectly loved by Him, just as 
you are, and that you are protected by Him as your soul-self.  As you 
commune more and more regularly and receive His Love directly, it Will—my 
little children—heal the wounds of not receiving the love you knew you 
should have had from your parents.  And your Father’s Love flowing 
through you now, wherein you can consciously acknowledge it, will fill 
you with compassion for your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers of this 
generation and past generations.  For you will be able to see them 
through the eyes of your Father’s Love.  And you will transcend your own 
losses as you embrace and grieve for them as well as yourself.  Seek the 
communion regularly and it will bring about this eternal healing I have 
just described.  You have a perfect father/mother in heaven.  Open your 
hearts and your mind to receive that perfect love.  You Will know peace 
and you will then be compelled to service.  You will discover your unique 
gift of service that your Father has bestowed upon you, and your 
consciousness will be transformed forever more.  I am your mother, 
Nebadonia, and I hold each and every one of you in my heart, through 
every trial you endure.  Your father and mother in heaven have never 
abandoned you and we never will.  Feel my kiss upon your forehead, little 
ones.  I love you.

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