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Fri Jan 28 06:19:19 PST 2000


Daniel(Bill): Greetings.  I am Daniel, your teacher, your friend, your
fellow worker and your guide.Another week has passed and once again I am
grateful for your presence, your dedication to spiritual growth and for
your human company.

The notion that celestial contact is available to this planet is beginning
to become more and more reasonable as the world view of many people is
undergoing significant change.  An expansion of understanding, a greater
tolerance for new ideas, and a willingness to embrace new experience is, in
fact, occurring throughout this planet.  The remotest parts of the earth
have been discovered and are being integrated into a planet wide cosmology.
 The Internet, that has been developed recently with your technology, is a
significant circuitry mechanism; and while it is based solely in
mechanical, electrical circuitry, its function does, in some ways, parallel
 that of the circuitry which the spiritual connections occurring on this
planet are enhancing. 

Truth stands up to close examination.  Never be afraid to examine that
which you consider to be truth, for if it is riddled with error, you will
be able to discern this.  Also you will find, because of the imperfection
of this evolutionary state of the Supreme, that truth will appear in places
that you do not expect it to, that gems of truth shall be found in the
midst of very muddy and dirty surroundings.  It is wise to seek the good in
every situation and in every person rather than fixate on that which is
negative, or which you perceive as negative.  Therefore, my friends, I am
in favor of the process which you are engaged in and facilitate whenever
you are tolerant and willing to hear another's point of view.   

[Editor's note: I think Daniel is referring to our dissemination of the
current Light and Life Journal with many differing and contradictory points
of view.]

None of this discussion on my part should be taken as an endorsement of
relativism, i.e., I am not saying that everyone's truth is equal and valid
in terms of universe realities.  But the universe is so constructed, and
you as sentient, moral, free will choice beings are so constructed that
when there is a sincere desire to seek truth, to do righteousness, to love
goodness, and to value beauty, such an individual will invariably be given
more truth.  You see, it is not a matter of chance whether or not a person
is able to experience spiritual growth.  There are no limitations of
culture, of circumstances, of bad childhoods or any other environmental
condition which can prevent a normal minded individual, who so desires,
from obtaining the pearl of great price, the Kingdom of Heaven within.  

In conclusion, be not afraid of the mixture of truth and error which is
inevitable, unavoidable, perfectly acceptable in the superuniverses of time
and space.  Remember, always, that there is directionality.  We move from
the partial to the complete, from the potential to the actual, from one
level to a higher level until ultimately the Grand Universe shall be as
replete in its perfection as is the Central Universe of eternal perfection.   

And now, my brother Aaron has requested some time.  One moment please. 

Aaron(TR#2): Greetings, friends, I am Aaron, pleased to be present with you
as usual.  As I look to each of you and your lives presently, I see
challenges on various scales.  We have spoken in the past about your
perspectives regarding the challenges in your lives.  Today I would like to
ask you how you feel when you are presented with a great challenge.  Do you
feel capable and adequate?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Ken, I will begin
with you today, my friend.  Do you understand what I am asking of you?

Ken: How I feel when a challenge is presented to me?  Material or Spiritual?

Aaron: Yes.

Ken: That's what I thought.  (Laughter)   I have an opinion.  If it's by
man, I can face it.  If it is made by God, I try to understand it.  

Aaron: Do you, then, feel adequate to the challenges before you on a
personal level?

Ken: No.  I don't feel that my foundation is solid enough to adequately
address spiritual issues, celestial contact, whatever.

Aaron: How do you feel about your relationship to your Indweller, your
Fragment of God, at this point in your life?

Ken: You are going to make me think, aren't you?  I don't know that I can
answer that question.  I am beginning to understand Him, and understand
what I am being led to.

Aaron: Do you feel strengthened by Him when challenged by life?

Ken: Yes, as I have relationships, as I encounter, and can realize that I
am supported and held in His arms, yes.  There are some challenges I feel I
can handle.

Aaron: And Pat, how do you feel when you are faced with challenges in your

Pat: Um....overwhelmed.  

Aaron: What about being challenged overwhelms you?

Pat: I guess it has a lot to do with my self concept.

Aaron: When you can step back from the challenges and look at the
circumstances, do you find that you are more capable of  thinking when not
directly faced with the challenge in front of you?

Pat: Can you say that again?

Aaron: When you can withdraw, when you step away, when you have time to
collect your thoughts, when the "overwhelming sensation" leaves you, what
sorts of thoughts go through your mind?  Can you face a challenge better if
it is not directly in front of you?   For example, if you can take a "time
out", go home for the day and then face the challenge again another day, do
you feel better equipped to deal with the situation, whatever it may be?  

Pat: Yes.  I like to think about things for a while.

Aaron: How would you relate your communication and thought with your
Indwelling Spirit these days?

Pat: Well, I think I am certainly more aware.  But I don't always remember
or consult.

Aaron: I would address this further but would like to move on to another
before returning to this, so I would ask you, Barbara, the same question
about how you face challenges, what thoughts go through your mind, how you
respond to situations. 

Barbara: I face them better than I used to.  I guess I don't pack all kinds
of meaning on to challenges and crises that I used to in the past.  By not
doing that it is easier to see a little more clearly.  And..........I have
better resources, material resources and inner resources to deal with
challenges.  The challenges that would have created this dark despair don't
do that anymore.  Even the challenges that have occurred in the last few
weeks, even with those challenges I am looking for.....not necessarily the
meaning, but how that growth can occur in relationship to those challenges,
my own growth, and the growth of the other people who are affected by it.
I am not paralyzed anymore with the new resources that I have, like I used
to be.  That's about it.

Aaron: Thank you.  Do you feel that your increased capability or new
viewpoint.....how does this relate to your communications with your
Indwelling Spirit?

Barbara: I think it is because of that [relationship] that I can cope with
things better.  I actually think now, looking back, that all of the things
that have been major crises, total inability to cope, were spiritual issues
that took a material form.  I think that is why I can deal with them better
now, because they wouldn't have the meaning that I used to tack on to them
if I wasn't in some kind of spiritual crisis.  I don't think I make a
conscious effort to sit down and try to communicate, but I have a sense of
Presence and awareness and connection, with Spirit, with internal
resources, however....I guess it is a feeling more than a label thing.  But
I can call on that resource when I need it, and it is there.

Aaron: Virginia, my friend, the same question applies to you. How do you
react when faced with challenges in your life today?

Virginia: I think,  reflecting on the things that I have heard here from
other people....I do believe that most of the challenges that I have are in
relationships.  I do believe that is a spiritual situation, experience.  I
do think it depends on the situation I am in as far as my reaction to it.
Challenges with those people I feel have the same basic values I do are
much easier to overcome and to solve, where relationships where there is a
great divergence, it's much more difficult because I lack understanding,
and they also lack understanding of me.  The gulf does not seem to be able
to be solved..the simple communication.  So, I think I am very overwhelmed
in those situations.  When Ken said he could solve man made situations, I
thought, "yeah".  That really hit home because if it is something done for
the classroom or fill out the forms, get the report cards done or clean the
house, or have this done or that done, that's doesn't overwhelm me.  I just
get moving faster.  But relationships is the big issue for me and probably
always will be.  I do think I have improved.  I am much more open and
honest with what I feel.  Sometimes that can be dangerous, too.  I don't
know...........Did I answer your question?

Aaron: Yes, you did.  I hear you, from my perspective, if I am correct,
saying that you are comfortable dealing with challenges that you can
control, where you can apply yourself and find results, and where the
discomfort comes is when another personality is involved that has, perhaps,
a different value system, or different sense of relating, such that
understanding is harder to be found.  Would you say that part of you feels
very comfortable when you are understood?  How important is it to you in
your relationships with people that your intentions are understood completely?

Virginia: I think that is VERY important to me that motives might be
understood on both sides.  I think that is where misunderstanding occurs
because motives and intentions are not always obvious.  That's a very
difficult thing because sometimes we do things and have a very good motive,
as much as we know ourselves.  But the other person only sees the  results
[behaviors] and puts other motives to that.  I appreciate very much your
summary of what I said.  I think it is right on.  I can control material
things, things that are there, but I cannot, nor maybe I should not, try to
control relationships.  I am very comfortable when I feel people know me
well enough to know my motives and understand me.

Aaron: One last question about how you factor in your communication with
your Indwelling Spirit in these difficult challenges in relationships.
How do you feel you are capable of understanding or communicating with your
Spirit at these times?

Virginia: When I have my quiet time, which I do five out of seven days,
sometimes more consistent than that,...when I have my quiet time, I do pray
that I may be sensitive to direction, that I might be open to hear what I
should be saying or doing or how I should be reacting...those kinds of
things.  But to confirm without question that there is this contact going
on, I could not say that!  I wish, I pray for that, but I don't...I could
not confirm that that happens.

Aaron: Thank you Virginia.  And Bill, Isaac, my friend?

Bill/Isaac: I've sat here and listened to everyone else and identified with
parts or totals of everyone else's experience.  I think it is fair to say
that I have definitely improved in my overall reaction to challenging
situations.  Part of the improvement is due to a reinterpretation of the
meaning of the challenge.  Things that used to almost reflexively make me
become anxious, angry, or guilty, I now have the experience of taking a
distancing process mentally or spiritually where I re-evaluate the meaning
that I have in the past attributed to those events by putting them in a
larger perspective.  I'll give an example.  

I discovered that my car that I drive to school and use in hauling skies
had been rather badly scratched by the skies that had been stood against
it.  My impulsive reaction was to fix the scratches because it annoyed me
that my new car's paint job was scratched up.  Years ago I would have saved
up that frustration and gone home and drank a few extra glasses of whatever
to get rid of that tension.  That would have been one way of doing it.
Another way of doing it, and what I thought this time, was to just go right
down to the auto parts store and buy some fine grain cleaner and remove
those scratches within the next hour!!  What I decided to do was to let the
stress go away.  I actually came to two decisions.  I would attempt to fix
it when I had time at home.  And two, if it didn't fix, it wasn't that
important.  So, I was able to do the first..I was able to get rid of most
of the damage.  

I had experienced that sense of being out of control.  Something had
happened that I didn't want. I wanted to take control back and fix it.
This has been a big area of my response to challenge, to see the value in
the concept of being serene about what I can't change, while at the same
time being responsible for things I can change, with the wisdom to know the
difference.  I think as a result of my contact with my Indwelling Spirit
which I attempt to maintain daily, either at a certain time or throughout
the day, off and on, that contact, that enlightenment, that spiritual
growth is probably the reason I have improved in that area.  I haven't
reached nearly the kind of serenity or contact with God that I desire.  But
I definitely can say that there has been progress.  I guess that's it.  I
want to thank you for that very provocative question.  I appreciate your
questions very much.

Aaron: Thank you, Isaac, for your input.  

I am grateful for your participation, all of you.  It has been insightful
not only to you but also to us, for we do like to see how your thought
processes work, how aware you are of your actions and reactions, to what
extent you can recognize progress and recognize possibilities for improvement.

The key for improvement is, of course, within you, your Indweller.  This is
your sounding board to the troubles and trials of you lives.  God resides
within you, giving you personality and His Spirit.  To the extent that you
are unable to cope with the challenges in your life, this signals periods
of misadjustment with the Spirit residing within you.  To some degree, all
of you have this.  It is a human condition.  Misalignment with your
Indwelling Spirit is more common than alignment, for the most part, when
you are not a universally conscious citizen.  

But as you become aligned, as you desire to become aligned, and begin to
question and sort out and sort through the inherent spiritual possibilities
within you, and as reflected outside of you in the thoughts and papers and
recollections of others, you slowly begin to evolve a sense of soul
consciousness.  Soul consciousness does not mean that you have glided into
perfection.  Simply the desire to be aware, to be loving, to be kind and in
tune with God does not make it so; but the desire does make way for
progress.  I think each of you are aware within yourselves of progress that
you have made since you have become aware of the possibilities of
spirituality that exist in this world at this time.

Our call today is for you to realize your progress.  Find that assurance
that you are more aligned today than you were in the past; and yet to
realize that you can also most effectively deal with those situations when
you are unbalanced or overwhelmed by trying to consciously seek guidance
and attunement, even as you would here in a meeting with us.  Awareness is
the first step to correcting any misadjustment, misalignment, and therefor
the process for each of you has begun toward becoming a more perfected
universal citizen.  Aeons await your journey, but decisions now signal your
progress.  These are my thoughts today, friends.  I would turn over to
another teacher to close this meeting.  It has been a pleasure to talk to
you and communicate through Simeon once again.  Good day to you.

Group: Thank you, Aaron.

Minearisa:(Bill) I am Minearisa.  Dear students, how proud I am of you all!
 I desire to communicate to you the progress that Aaron has alluded to in
his closing statements.  Yes, you have all made progress.  And to the
degree that it is conscious progress will that encouragement carry you
forward.  When your soul consciousness is apparent to you, as it will
gradually dawn upon you in this perfection attainment ascension career, you
will become more and more aware.  Increased awareness will always
characterize your ascension journey.

Go now to your separate homes and cherish that flame that burns within you
of the great Mystery Monitor who lives in your superconscious mind.  This
Monitor is you true Self, who one day shall fuse with you so that you shall
never again ever be separate from the will of God.  Thank you for your
attendance tonight.  Good evening.

Unknown:(Bill)   Enter the Kingdom as a child with the faith of the trust
of this little one [Shannon McCarthy Divine in her father's arms] and you
shall discover and are discovering that your faith and trust is never
misplaced.  Go now in peace, serenity, and satisfaction.  Until we meet
again, good evening, my children.  You all do very well.

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