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January 25, 2000

TOMAS:  Tomas here.  Good evening, my very fine children, loyal students.  
Wonderful it is again to be in your company and to appreciate with you the 
loyal steadfastness of those of us who find our core reality in the Spirit of 
Truth.  We grant each other that respect which is born of our association 
with our Creator/Father Michael.  This sublime association enables us to 
endure all things, hope all things, in company with one another and in 
understanding of our yearnings.  

Our Father/Brother made man to reflect divinity, even in the most mundane 
aspects of existence, for even the mundane aspects of existance are a 
reflection of the everywhereness of God.  You have had the opportunity, I 
know, to look through a microscope.  You have looked at, perhaps, the palm of 
your hand in front of a bright light and seen the red of the blood of your 
fingers shine through, highlighting your bones, your vessels, your pores.  
The mystery and the magic and the miracle of the creation of the human form 
is astounding, as is the simple leaf and the intricate rose.  

All of this creation has gone on before you and without you.  The universes 
are within their prescribed range and functioning at their notable pace.  The 
circuits are all operable and information and life is flowing through them, 
whether or not you are aware.  Pray thee, sit back on occasion, and recognize 
how much of life goes on without your help, and bask in the beauty of the 
system that allows you, in your work, in your time, to be as perfectly 
harmonized as is all of life in the universem, in its own time and in its own 

Take time to love.  Take time to know what love is.  Take time to expand your 
understanding of divine love, and know that love is food, love is fuel.  It 
is from whence you come.  It is that which you hunger for.  That is what 
satisfies your soul.  That is your eternal aim and goal.  Love.  

Our Father is love.  Even though he is intelligence and energy and order and 
design, ad infinitum, it is also and unerringly true that God is love, and 
when you seek for God you seek for that which will round you out and allow 
you to know perfection.  Seek love now, in your own heart, in your own being, 
in your own awareness, in your own universe, in your own frame of reference, 
in your own relationships, animate and inanimate, spiritual, mortal or 
personal.  And when you have come to an impasse where you can no longer 
identify the need for love, pray that you be shown another door, another 
avenue, another passage of the incredible love that will feed you, entertain 
you, delight you, nourish you, stimulate you, encourage you, challenge you 
and fulfill you for worlds to come.

I love you.  I love to spend time with you.  I love to see your loyal 
efforts, your integrity and your sincerity.  I love to see your struggles in 
self-mastery, and I have not begun to know the levels of love that are known 
by our Father/Brother Michael who has within him Our Eternal Father's love, 
and in time we too will know it in fullness.  Know it in fullness for 
yourself, today, and rejoice.  Are there questions?

THOROAH:  No, just a comment that this love that is everything, I guess that 
is why it seems so far out of reach in one sense, because it is so awesome.  
Just listening to what you just described is just a little representation of 
that love, and that is so awesome.  It's ... I just don't know what to think 
about love!  I've been trying to relate to love for a long time, and every 
time I get a good whiff of it, it's overwhelming.

TOMAS:  Then take smaller sniffs, my son, and develop a fondness for divine 
love in such dosages that you are able to build up an immortal immunity and 
you will not be so allergic to something so good for you.  

The study of love, as it has been understood by you on this world, is a 
study, in large part, in travesty and betrayal.  It is a travesty to say "I 
love you" and then turn around and abuse you.  The heart yearns to know true 
love, pure love, unconditional love, acceptance, even of its imperfection, 
and humanity is incessantly buying and selling love for results.  And so your 
human frame of reference for what love is will fall short indeed.  

You must find your definition of love within the heart of Jesus -- the love 
he manifested for his mother, his father, his brothers, his sisters, his 
neighbors, his friends, his co-workers, his fellow-travelers, his Father in 
heaven, his elders in the spiritual hierarchy, his own role as a Creator Son. 
 In these examples of association, it is apparent how Jesus loved, and each 
love affair was unique unto itself.  

Love is not exclusive to the etherial realms, the divine realms, for the 
divine can be infused even into the most mundane experiences and 
relationships, elevating them to be more than they were.  But many of your 
routine mortal associations are bereft of the conscious acknowledgement of 
deity or divine love in any context, given the nature of the world and the 
condition of its spiritually blind people.  

Even so, you can find love in these relationships, in these associations, in 
as much as each one is indwelt by divinity and each one has a facet about 
them that is able to be adored and that can give rise to an increased 
self-respect within the individual that can enliven and enlighten his or her 
appreciation for life itself, for truth, or beauty or goodness, even though 
we may not have the opportunity to praise God consciously in the process.

It is a spiritual experience, even so, for it involves love, and where love 
is, there God is also.

Ask Michael.  Let us ask him together.

Master, Michael, we would learn of you more of this that we call love.  We 
understand that you love us and that you love our Father, but in so many ways 
this is just a word that leaves us hungering for the greater reality.  Help 
us to open our hearts, Father/God, to the Reality of Love, the essence of 
your being, so that this divine love can flow through us as if it were blood, 
bringing nourishment to every part of us. Give us that sense, Father, that 
without love we would be barren, we would have no sense of warmth flowing in 
our veins.  

Teach us, by being with us, what love is.  Help us to understand the nature 
of love by letting us learn to love you, Most Sublime Example, and by 
accepting your love and your lessons that will also enable us to stir the 
fire of love between each other and your sheep.  Teach us, Father, what love 
is and show us how to Do this love, and Be this love.  Amen


TOMAS:  And farewell.

THOROAH:  Farewell, Tomas.  Thank you.

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