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January 25, 2000

DANIEL:  I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your companion, and your 
friend.  Today also I am your visitor, a visiting teacher from across the 
miles of time and space, to bring you good cheer and good tidings from your 
fellows in Pocatello and in the West.  We cherish our association with you 
and it gives us great pleasure to be part of your lives, recognizing that 
when we come to visit, you open your arms and your hearts to us in 
appreciation of fellowship and commonality of purpose.

We encourage you and give you social strength when your strength is lagging.  
The presence of a friend is always heartening, and trials are less 
troublesome when they are not bourn alone.  We have a vast host of fellows in 
this Family, this spiritual family throughout your land and beyond.  We have 
been here but a short time, in terms of eternity, even in terms of your 
lifespan.  It has not been long that we have been influencing you and 
counseling with you.  But you can see easily, if you allow yourself a deep 
reflection into your recent past, how you have truly grown in the spirit and 
in understanding the great spiritual network of support that you have at your 

There is a constant effort involved in your striving.  It is in certain 
seasons, when the tide is gracious, when the wind is at your back, that you 
kick along like a dry leaf in the autumn breeze, skipping lightly over the 
land, rejoicing in the natural course of events.  There are also times when 
you find yourselves in deep dormancy, wondering why your rejoicing has 
failed.  All this effort -- conscious and unconscious -- on your behalf and 
on the part of the Thought Adjuster requires fuel -- spiritual fuel, mental 
fuel, emotional fuel, even physical fuel -- for you to keep your motor 
humming and your vehicle advancing and ascending into these new adventurous 
realms of being.

It is not atypical of young ones to expend themselves and feel depleted, to 
have such grand ambitions and discover your relative helplessness.  The 
strength is to be found in the Spirit which is infinite and untiring.  It is 
appropriate and desired that you attend to your fuel in Stillness and in the 
many ways that you can help promote within yourself a fertile ground for 
spiritual growth and development.  It need not be such a difficult effort, 
such an impossible undertaking.  It is not a matter of human will which 
forges the soul, but allowing the human will to rest in the divine will, will 
give you that added strength, that bouyancy, that wind in your sails, which 
will allow you to skip across the lake of time into eternity.

Your conditioning has conspired to nip at your heels and you yourself 
flagelate yourself in a sense of inadequacy, as if it were expected that you 
could be all things at all times for all people.  When you learn how to be 
gentle with yourself, you will be more gentle with your fellows.  When they 
are in a secure place, as when you are in peace, your growth is more natural 
and your development is easier.

How you struggle within yourselves!  The battle rages between the human and 
the divine.  And this conflict is wasteful of your valuable fuel.  Rest with 
the Father.  Rest in the knowledge of your spiritual family and their 
continual overcare and guidance of your growth in your time and in your own 
capacity.  It is not a race to the finish.  It is a matter of learning how to 
really appreciate the moment.

My moment with you has been a cherished gift.  When you meander back West, we 
will enjoy each other more often and in person, as it were.  It is okay to 
let go, to relinquish your hold on everything, for everything that is of 
value to you is already assessed by one wiser than you, and assimilated into 
that which is eternal in you.  Nothing is lost and everything is gained.  
Fear not.  

Thank you, Tomas, for the use of your platform.

MERIUM:  I am Merium.  I am going to skirt in here ....

THOROAH:  Hi, Merium.

MERIUM:  Hi, Thoroah and Gerdean.  I'm glad to be here.  I haven't had a 
chance to stop by for awhile.  Youve been very busy, both of you.  Maybe you 
were too busy for company.  How diligent you are indeed.  Heck of a training 
schedule you've got yourselves on.  You will not be housebound much longer.  
You will be able to extend some of those energies into a more receptive 
environment, garden.

Consider your relocation as a reach toward good health, and in the interim, 
my dears, allow yourselves to feel like the babes you are.  Pamper yourselves 
in appropriate ways that will allow you to recognize your essential 
loveliness.  I'll leave you with a lulliby.  Farewell.

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