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Hi Everyone,

Here is the transcript of last year's San Francisco Bay Area TM Party.

Love,  Susan

Olfana and Althena on "Letting God's Love Flow Through You"

Half Moon Bay, CA    12/19/98       Group Session:  Bay Area TM
Christmas Party
2:00 PM

[Note:  Althena, the Group Teacher for the East Bay, Berkeley, CA TM
group is tr'd by Susan Kimsey, and Olfana, the Group Teacher for the
Half Moon Bay, CA TM group is tr'd by John Creger.  This is a reversal
of the normal roles for both TR's, and everyone at the gathering was
surprised to hear Althena speaking through Susan, instead of John,
including Susan and John!]

Althena: (TR: Susan)  Blessings shower down upon us in this room.  We
are in the presence of many Dear Ones--Teachers, Guides,
Midwayers--who serve with love and faith in this process.  We are
bound together, now, with the blessing and joy of creative service in
the name of Christ Michael.  Let our hearts open now to this process.
We are one in our commitment to serve now with integrity, and a sense
of joy and excitement that this world does now begin to heal itself.
There is much work to be done, much effort to come of this movement,
and you, my dear children, are a precious gift to us, now, in this
process.  We are most grateful that you come together with the
intention to further understand the process by which the Teaching
Mission reaches out to the world in its redemptive service.

I am the Teacher, Althena, and it is not a common process for me to
speak through S, now, but I wish to have my voice expressed through
her for a moment.  I come from a planet most beautiful in its
evolution, and I say to you now that your planet embarks upon this
same process of growth and development.  You will see the beauty
increase in this world.  You will begin to feel the revitalizing
energy, which can indeed begin to emanate through your beings, as God'
s Love continues to increase and produce great blessings in this
world.  This is the gift of this season, that God's Love reaches to
all of us, and expresses itself in the symbol of our beloved Christ
Michael entering this world.  You, as Urantia Book readers, understand
that this is not the specific time and date of this event, but the
consciousness now on the planet within your minds and hearts is this
sense of the beauty and new arrival of this gift to your world.  I
wish you to spread this joy in your interactions with all those you
meet within this season.

Love in indeed a gift that we can pass from one to another.  Love
sustains us in ways mysterious, and yet at the same time,
understandable.  We are indeed created out of love, and therefore we
resonate most strongly to the energy and vibration of this Gift from
God Within Us.  Let yourselves express this marvelous gift in your
very being.  Breathe in the love.  Exhale the love.  Walk with the
pace of love.  View the world with love.  Touch and caress others with
love.  Speak with love in your heart and mind and voice.  This is the
most beautiful and positive expression of yourself that you can make.
And I would encourage all of you to realize that you have just begun
to understand all the ways in which this beauty of love augments your
being.  I come from a planet where we easily see the love flowing
within our beings.  We are touched by this in all our relationships.
Help to develop this as a model among those of you on this planet.  Be
yourselves with love, in love, by love, through love, of love, and you
will indeed be resonant with this Divine Energy, and you will best
express the message of the Creator Son in his gift to this world.  I
close my statement with greetings of the season to all of you, and I
want you to know how precious each of you are to those of us who serve
now in the Teaching Mission.

Olfana:  (TR:  John)  Greetings to each of you.  I am the Teacher,
Olfana, and just as you mortals work in groups or pairs, threes, we
celestials also tend to find working alliances and chummy situations
whereby we may encourage and inspire and teach those of you who have
opened your ears and your hearts to the beginnings of widespread
communication from the universe.  Unlike my sister, Althena, I myself
have begun my journey on a most disturbed planet, and am entirely
familiar on every level with the legacy of rebellion.  I have
struggled in my existences beyond the mortal life to rise above the
tribulation which was my experience in my mortal incarnation.  And I
triumphed over this challenge, this tribulation!  And part of my
process of continuing to move into higher and higher levels of
awareness entails assisting my slightly younger siblings, yourselves,
to also rise through the limitations which weigh so heavily upon you.

When my sister, Althena, urged you to be yourselves, and to do so in
love and with love, she is asking for a most profound openness on your
part to a transformation from within.  As with all transformations,
this transformation entails releasing ideas and assumptions about
yourself that are part of the legacy of rebellion, which would have
you persist in your fixed ideas about who you are, and what you are
capable of, and what you are not capable of.  When my sister asks you
to "be yourself," she is not asking that you be the self with which
you are already most familiar.  She is asking that you allow the
potentialities, which the Father has sown within you, to emerge into
your awareness and into your experience.  And she is asking that your
love, the love you have for God, and the love you have for your fellow
creatures, incite you to open yourself to this "self within," "these
selves within" that await your openness to spring into being.

You are more than you think you are!  You are more beautiful than you
think you are.  You are more talented than you think you are.  You are
more gracious than you know you are.  You have more love at the
fingertips of your soul than you can dream of!  Continue to bond with
one another.  Continue to establish working relationships to assist
you in bringing your deeper selves into the light.  Continue to seek
the Will of the Father Within, for it is His Will that all you are is
shared with all you meet.  I will close my words at this point, to
make way for others who wish to speak.  I leave you with my boundless
admiration for your persisting faith, and the love that you are
showing your brothers, your sisters, here and there.

Half Moon Bay, CA & East Bay, Berkeley, CA Teaching Mission Groups

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