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Student; JarEl; during your remarks tonight you mentioned the universe as dimensional, and that the world, all life on the world live as one whole family. How big is that family? I am not asking about angels, midwayers or nonmaterial life. My question is could there perhaps be intelligent life on our planet that we are not aware of. Recently I have been reading about Roswell, and how the government and authorities have responded to that. Whether we can consider that there may be more help for humanity than we're commonly aware. Are there beings living on earth that are from another dimension? What about that, is this a twentith century myth?

JarEl; first, I would be interested to know what you think.

Student; Well, I don't know. I think our society is ripe with denial and coverups. I don't trust the government to present all of the faacts. I believe it is possible that there is intelligent life here from some where else living on the planet. I don't know, that is why I am asking you.

JarEl; Would you consider me an intelligent life? ( Yes, but I don't see you as material. I see you as connunication. I am talking about intelligent life flying around in flying saucers. They may be here to help the planet. Is this a confusing question?) Not at all.

What I can share with you is that you may soon find the answers to these questions. I am not sure that I can really tell you one way or the other, who or what may or may not be here. But I can assure you that there are many who are closer than you think. There are many in the universe, even though those who are in physical form as advanced mortals, or mortals a little more advanced than you are. Who have developed the capacity to extend their lives and travel the spheres. This is possible through the service of Father's will. All things are possible in service to the Father's will. It is the one activity which has yet to be procured on thei world. Of all the activities that are familiay, the most important one is yet to be realized. In time much more will be revealed to you. (So we are not supposed to have a yes or no answer right now then.) I cannot give you a yes or no answer. (We all would like to have one).

Student; JarEl, Is it that you don't know the answer or you feel that it is not your place to give the answer.

JarEl; It is not my place to give this answer. I did say that there are many in service to Father's will, seen and unseen on this world in and about this world. In time more will become clear as it opens anad evolves in series of events on this world. Our mission in particular is a personal spiritual mission. Ther are many who are ready to establish sweeping social agenda's and yes, the world is ready, but this is something which is to evolve from within the consciousness of the beings on the planet. When the planet is ready to accept help, many things will begin to change. Just like when you yourself begin to accept the help given you, so will you begin to change.

Student; Are you the source of the Urantia book.

JarEl; No. I am in service to the source of the Urantia book. The source of the Urantia book is a compilation of many different personalities. The authority who granted permission for the project which has now become known as the Urantia book, are the members of the superuiniverse government named the 'Ancients of Days". They are an order of beings who sit in mercy and justice upon the administrative and judicial decisions of all agendas within the superuniverse. It was actually the request of Michael in setting up a commission of revelators to bring to this planet in the form of a book, a details series of truths, to be presented in a way to help mankind to get a sense and a much larger picture, the destiny of the individual and this planet within the universe at large. The text which has become known as the Urantia Paprers, therefore details aspects of Paradise and the superuniverse, the universe, the administration and partial deliniation of personalities in a funtional name-word format, for in the spiritual realms, our languages are somewhat more evolved conceptually than the basic tongue of your world. So in accordance with our mandates of revelation and in respect to the evolution of thought on your world. Great care was taken to use human resource information to present universe concepts and when there was a paucity of language or concept available on your world. These were created and supplied along side with these concepts to present the Urantia papers. The last section of the book,'The life and Teachings of Jesus Christ" are a compliation of papers by a group of beings who are invisible to humans yet resident on this world who were actually on the planet during those times and this section details the life incarnation of the Michael son, Michael of Nebadon, known as Jesus Christ.

This is the last section of the Urantia Book.

I am part of the universe of Nebadon, this being a distince and geographical designation in the superuniverse as an alotment of space and worlds and I am a mortal who at one time lived on an evolutionary world and upon leaving that world through death has progressed through the training spheres of universe ascension and have volunteered, as have many, to come to this world at this time to help in the capacity of a helper and sometimes a teacher, as I am in this capacity this evening. I have some reference resource of the Urantia Papers. I can and do access this information and use the mind of the person through which I am speaking. Is this helpful.

Student; JarEl; there are many teachers that are down here helping the teaching.

JarEl; Yes, There are many teachers and there are many beings who are working with individuals who are not even aware that they are being assisted on certain projects that they may be working on , but are open to the influences.

Student; I understand that there are dozens of them in the room right now, observing. If they had form, they would more than fill the room, but they don't have form. Is that correct? (Yes)

The Urantia book gives us a feeling that we are just passing through on this planet. That we are not residents here. We are just passing through and this is the start of our journey. Your experience would certainly confirm that.

Student. JarEl; I have been thinking this week about the evolution of man and that technological growth has been so rapid and must have outpaced human evolution at least the last thousand years. Since we are on a rebellion planet, seems that this has created problems. This also seems that most normal planets would have experienced a technological explosion of some kind or another. Can you expand on this a little.

JarEl; First of all I would say that mostly you are correct in your observations. It is not necessary in a normal world that technological growth would outpace human evolution. Through the study of the ubook and brief discussions in these sessions, this is not a normal world in the universe of Nebadon. Though a very special world because this world was the world chosen as the bestowal sight for the final and human bestowal of the Michael son Michael of Nebadon. For those of you who are not familiar with this concept, what this means is that a Michael son is a particular order of being from Paradise, coming directly from the second person of deity the Eternal Son. In all respect, purposes and creative prerogatives, just like the eternal son. He is sent forth in the universes of time and space with a divine consort, a daughter of the infinite spirit. Together equipped with energy and pattern, they come to their universe destiny for the purpose of creating a universe, a spiritual center in which the life experiment will be established.

The life experiment is the production and the somewhat orderly attention given to the evolutionary worlds on which life is planted, evolves and grows into particular designations for the purpose of forming will creatures; creatures endowed with that prerogative and volution of mind which can choose. All of the detailed and myriad creations of beings and personalities are created to function within ordering, establishing and stabilizing the universes at administrative centers and the different orders of beings. In order for this son to gain sovereignty of his creation. He bestows himself seven times in the likeness of creature form.

He has bestowed himself seven times as a son of God in the various and descending orders of son-creatures in the universe. The final bestowal played itself upon this world when Michael of Nebadon was incarnated as a human baby and grew up to become the man which we know as Jesus Christ. So this is a brief description of why this planet is important to the universe. It is also why in particular the Urantia book containing the Jesus papers has been brought to this world, because the rest of the universe is more familiar with the life and teachings of this master than the people on the planet upon which he bestowed himself. This was one of the considerations for revealing the book to you.

In getting back to answering the second part of your question, excuse my for the exscursion. On a normal world, one not racked by rebellion, and a world which had not been cut off from the spiritual circuits such as Urantia, and a world which is not a life experimentation planet such as this, for this also complicates the administrative of this world. Every tenth world in Nebadon is designated a life experimentation world. Meaning that life adjustments are made in the particular life forms which are planted on the world in an effort to improve upon life. Life modification worlds have a particular administrative agenda. One in which it is not unusual to allow problems to play themselves out. On normal worlds, this is not necessarily the case. Many times problems are corrected in a timely fashion. Had this been a normal world, the original palantary prince would have been replaced. The defaulting material son and daughter would also have been replaced. The original plan to amalgamate the races would have been resumed and the promulgation of one race, one language, one belief, one government and one religion would have also been attempted. On a normal world, usually by the time the material son and daughter comes, the races have pretty much been mixed to the point where it is almost one race of beings. When the system culture of the violet race in the form of the material son and daughter come to the world for their mission of genetic upliftment of the genetic stock on this world, there usually are not large discrepencies of genetic material functioning, for this has been homogenized. It is usually during these times when the initial bringing of the violet race has reached its population threshold for admixing with the races, that this large violet race inter-racially mixes with all of the genetic stock. In several centuries a wholly new race of beings exist on the world. They have the benefits of both races, giving extra enhancement to the original planetary race. At this time the spiritual and intellectual capacity of these beings is such that they enjoy a tremendous age of invention and what you would term machine and technological advancements making life a veritable ease, in terms of taking care of survival functions on the world. It is to say that once these systems of living have been established, that a lot more time is allotted for child culture, rearing children and pursuing more humanitarian and altruistic endeavors. This is a brief overlook for those who are not familiar with these concepts. It is unfortunate on this world that there is a somewhat vast discrepancy of genetic material of human condition that has not kept pace with the otherwise technological advancements on the worlds. Non the less it is the responsibility and the social responsibility of the otherwise technologically advanced countries to bring the quality of life in the rest of the world up to some resemblance and level of its own. For it is only through this that the glorious culture which is enjoyed now will be able to sustain itself.

Student; JarEl, I have been aware for sometime that I am going to be a teacher and one of the social evolutionaries that you had mentioned earlier. I have become aware of the fact that I am starting to channel. As to channeling in public which I have attempted only once, to record while I was channeling, was very difficult for me. I froze up. I am very nervous about channeling in from of a group. I seem to have phobia anytime there is an electronic machine recording my voice. I was wondering if you could point out some ways in which I could overcome this.

JarEL; Thank you for the question. Conceptually it is important to consider that what you are doing is of service. That you are actually bringing into focus through your mind and voice that of another for the service of many. So It is helpful to try to sense and find a way to side step yourself in this process. To see that thought it is your voice, you have the capacity to be of service in this way to a much larger social constituency. Maybe at first to hold the intention to begin to sense through faith that what you are doing is of utmost integrity and value to yourself. Once you begin to sense this value, begin to sense going beyond these limitation which the self has mobilized in fear stances. I can apeak for this t/r here now, that when this person started to transmit, there was also hesitance in putting one's self open to a group to be scrutinized by discerning mind, by probing questions and by other intellects. What you are sensing is not at all uncommon, understand this. You must find a way in which to offer this service as a gift.

Student; I am aware that fear is illusionary and attached to my ego and concerns. I am trying to find some sort of exercise. What you are saying, I intellectually know. I need an exercise that will allow me to put my fears aside enough to just allow.

JarEl; Another two things you might consider. Ist to practice writing as an adjunct to speaking. Second, speak at a pace and find someone to hand record the channelings, so that you do not have to use electronic equipment. This is not an uncommon process. This will at least help you initially deal with something which is real for you. By practicing with writing, this will also help with esteem issues. You will develop feel the confidence to speak out loud to a group. In terms of a personal practice. Hold this as an intention and allow it to reveal itself to you. Sometimes it does not do justice to define specifically to a person what they are to experience. If that person doesn't experience what he or she believes they should experience they may feel defeated. It is only important to define enough to allow the individual to gather that personal experience within his or her self.

Student; JarEl, how do you explain to a child of seven physical death, not to traumatize them.

JarEl; Metaphorically, and with a lot of love and compassion, to find a way to fill that emptiness that that child may and will sense from the loss; I assume that you are talking about the loss of a parent.(yes) In time this child will grow to learn who this parent was, how important this person was, and being to understand. A child is not very capable to understand in depth perception. It is not important to indulge in fear about this with the child. This is something you would want to avoid. Importantly to fill the gap in this child's life with resource and nourishment.

Student; I would like to go back to something which yo said to me about being willing to receive help which was being offered or given. Could you repeat or elaborate about this?

JarEl; On a personal note? (Yes) There are several circuits and spiritual connections available to every human being on the planet. These circuits and spiritual connections are channels; there are for example and for real, there are seven connections with spirit directly within the human mind. These spirit channels are involved in things such as consul, knowledge, intuition and when a child reaches an age, known as the age of reason on your world, more specifically it is the time in the mind of the child when the child begins to choose outside of itself, that the other circuits, wisdom and worship begin to function. This is when the divine spirit is able to come and indwell this being. On your world it is somewhere between five and six years old. There is this spiritual connection of the indwelling monitor or divine spirit, or whatever you choose to call this essence of love. It is a guidance mechanism. It also contains your personality chart, meaning that it is endowed with the capacity to reveal yourself to you.

The spiritual mind circuits know from the Urantia book as the seven adjutant mind circuits of the divine and universe Mother spirit, these circuits are connected with the consciousness of the planet which are the channels of thought and thought forms and patterns as they come into your mind, depending upon your capacities, references and experiences to perceive these thoughts. There is a sprit, a gregarious and social spirit called the 'spirit of truth'. This was given to the planet by Michael. This is his personal spirit and it is the spiritual connection of the eternal son. In connection to spirit you have all representations of original Deity. Also from the universe Mother spirit you have spiritual helpers known either as seraphim, angels, sanobim and cherubim. These are basically bipolar beings, meaning they work in pairs. These beings attend to the services of bringing together social groups and social organization for the greater purposes of planetary progress. When I use the term help available, I am speaking of spiritual help. This spiritual help is much more synergistic when you begin to tap into its presence and reality not so much using your belief system, but activating your will and begin to sense and determine what it is you are and what you are doing. Once this is realized you instantly that what you are doing is correct because it is facilitated by opportunities. So when I say ask for help, this is literal. Ask for guidance, clarity and definition of purpose. For as you begin to benefit personally from this, everything else will benefit from this.

Student; You just mentioned activating your will, could this be meant as deactivating your will? Allowing the will of the father to take over.

JarEl, Well in a certain sense, What does it mean for the Father to take over. The Father guides and when you open to the guidance and presence, the Father cannot make decisions for you. He cannot do the work for you which you have to do for yourself. You are not relieved of the responsibility of ding the work and making the decisions. You are just relieved of the responsibility to direct yourself by submitting your will to the Father, or deactivating your self-imposed agendas and allowing the Fathers will the be manifest within your life. All to often it is easy to think that You will turn everything over to God and that everything will be fine, well in a certain sense, a certain part of that is true, this still does not relieve the person of the responsibility to do their own work and maintain a certain amount of standing and integrity. It does not mean that you can just sit and watch soap-operas all day and every thing will be fine. (Maybe it is the father's will) more often than not I can assure you this is not eh Father's will. The Father wills that every person no matter where they are, continue to grow. If a person needs to sit in from of a television to do this, so be it. I was being facetious.

Student; It was a start for me to sit and watch the talk shows. (Look what has happened) Exactly.

JarEl; The wonderful thing about the spiritual life is that you don't have to start anywhere, you can just start now. God accepts who you are and where you are right now, without guile, judgements or conditions. Consider that this spirit living within you knows you. Knows what you have and have not done. It only allows the spirit an opportunity to better guide you, not to judge or condemn you. Not even to needlessly confront you. When you are ready the spirit is there.

Thank you. In your coming weeks and meditations. Sense that boundary within yourself and metaphorically step outside this self and begin to sense an awareness and presence which begins to impinge itself next to your borders. May the blessings of health, prosperity and understanding be with you.

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