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Here is our recent session. THere were four new members visiting from A course in Miracles area group, you will notice this in the Q&A section,

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To make love,

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From' The Gift' by Hafiz

Greetings to you my friends, It is I teacher JarEl, Welcome to all of you this evening, especially to those of you who have taken the opportunity to come here and visit with us, and again welcome to my dear friends who continually give me an opportunity to share a few words.

In order to access the Father, one must move beyond self-limitation. You must move beyond what is prescribed sense of self. For God the Father is limiteless, he has no boundary. His purpose can be discerned everywhere. In contacting the Father, it is you who moves out of the self into that expanse beyond your boundary, beyond your sense of self, beyond who you think you are. There you begin to sense, will begin to sense this near and subtle presence. This presence which has no judgement, no agenda, has a tremendous love for each and everyone of you. What is it to go beyond the self, your self-limitation, and your boundary of identity. What is it you so strongly hold on to for fear you may loose? What is it you think you are grasping onto so hard, that you cannot let go? How do you see yourself in relationship to others? It is in relationchip to others, through a relationship and consciousness of the spirit within, that you are able to contact and sense more completeness in the universe by contacting this spirit and essence of another.

In a sense, God is whole and complete. God in his primacy, in his authenticity, in his original abode, in his paradise presence he is whole and complete. His presense does permeate the universe, it permeates all energy, all time, all space, all substnace, all purpose, all will and all beingness. For this sense of wholeness to manifest on such a world as this, it is this personal sense of being one with the spirit and being one with each other that begins to complete this sense of wholeness. As we know, we are not talking about a belief system, we are talking about personal reality. The personal reality of the individual human, growing and evolving into a higher state of being. For the benefit of acting in a higher sense of purpose and responsiblility.

This spiritual concept is layered, it is multileveled, it is dimensional. This is part of its dynamic. On one hand, it is possible for you to grow as a human being and on the other hand, there is a responsibility that attends to this growth and development. This world upon whidch you have been brought forth, is an opportunity to blossom forth. This blossoming, this growth, and your individual occupation benefits this world at large. It benefits those around you, those you come into contact with. As you evolve spiritually, you are directed by a much greater will than you own.

The purpose of this will is quite simple. It is to see one family on this world. One family consisting of all the living beings, of all the living things living in peace and harmony. Practicing what you believe and doing your tasks in a way which benefits everyone and benefits the whole world. This is the destiny of this world. In time this destiny will manifest. At this time what is imiportant is to access individually, that full well of potential which lies deep within your own soul, deep within your own sense of being, and deep within the indwelling spirit. Why contact this spirit?

Why dig for gold in the hills, or diamonds in the mines? Why search for life on other worlds? Why begin to love one another? The indwelling of man, by the divine spirit, is the indwelling gift of greatness. This gift of greatness is a gift of love, a gift of purpose, and ultimately a gift of identity. This is why I say, go beyound the limitations of self to access this spirit. To grow into a new skin, you have to shed the old one. To learn a new habit you have to forsake the old habit. To become more familiar with who you are, you will have to take a few chances. You will have to experience a little tension in your comfort zone, so to speak. You will begin to sense a larger purpose of self through contact with the spirit. You will begin to synchronize with purpose and destiny.

Once you becom synchronized with who you are, what you are supposed to be doing, you begin to sense a connection to everything around you. Things begin to access, opportunity begins to present itself, and you are given a chance and opportunity to expolore this new sense of being. Its purpose fits in with a larger plan for this world and each indicvidual in it. This world and its larger plan fits into a much larger plan with the universe. For right now, it practical to get a sense of wholeness of this world. It is only through beginning to sense the oneness of a family on this world, that will make it possible to connect in oneness to a much larger family within the universe.

So God places no limitations upon himself. God, therefore places no limitations on you. Therefore access God with no limitation, for you do not know who God is, until God begins to reveal his-self or her-self to you. This sense of experience, of knowing, that you connect with purpose, begin to sense definition, meaning, and value within your life.Then this begins to reveal evidence of this connection and this sense of knowingness. It is real easy and for many, it is somewhat comfortable to debate and intellectualize spirit; to debate specifics about diety. Even a child indwelt with this spirit can dance, can move with this spirit, can sense the rhythm of its tempo. My friends, enter into this relationship as a child, and begin to sense and feel the spirit. These are my few words for you this evening, thank you.

Student; JarEl, What is deja Vous?

JarEl; What is deja Vous for you?

Student; It is a sense of being somewhere already.

JarEl; It may be that you are living in the present, in the moment. When you are living in the moment you have access to that which is beyond and that which is before. There are many aspects of the psychic and mind component to the intellect which in no way has completely exhausted itself by the human species. There are many things that are sensed, unfortunately I cannot define what this is for you or another. It may be many and different things depending upon the person and the situation. Does this help?

Student; Is this common, does everybody experience this?

JarEl; what is common is the growing intellect and this intellect's connection with mind and the many ramifications with perception. This is part of the plan of human evolution, that this intervening space between animal perception and spirit perception brings tentative nuances to understanding and perception in general. What I am intending to say is that as the mind begins to become associated with spirit, its capacity for perception and understanding begins to shift because it has a new reference. This new reference gives a new perspective. It is quite possible that the evolving person may glimpse his or her future in a moment--in part of a dream, in a glance. Just as a shadow stands right next to your peripheral vision, also this spirit which dwells within is constantly attempting to make some kind of real and substantial contact with your mind. Short of stopping your thought and shouting at you, this spirit waits calmly and patiently and little be little finds ways to shift, alter, slip in a word, a phrase, a glimpse, maybe an image, a color, a scent, a thought , a notion , a feeling, a desire, a longing, a need. Are you sensing what I am trying to get you to see.

Student; JarEl; your lesson and your answers have stressed the desire to become one with the Father, to access the Father. We have several new ones here, it might be helpful to enlarge upon the subject, just how a newcomer goes about that.

JarEl; Well everyone accesses spirit in their own way. Sooner or later, you find that to access spirit, takes a conscious effort. For many it takes a quieting of their surroundings, even a stillness of mind, to empty your cup that it may be filled. What he is referring to is that in our lessons and activities, we promote and encourage the practice of meditation called stillness, which in a simple description implies that you find a way to still your mind and sit in the presence and oneness of spirit. There are many ways to visualize this, for example one may visualize sitting in darkness, complete and utter blackness devoid of any other sense or fear, and begin to sense the presence of light, no matter how subtle. You may sense in the far distance a candle burning. It may only be a faint glimmer, it may take you a while to actually see the candle and it may even take a longer time to sense the closeness of this candle. This is an example.

Student; Then the key would be like the master to get away from the hurly burly of society and into the mountains where it was quiet for periods of time to commune with the Father. I suppose that this is a universal thing which we should all try to do.

JarEl; We only ask that you attempt to give only ten to fifteen minutes of your time, quality time. Just to focus and direct your attention for the day. It does not really matter if you sense God or not, for what is God's sense like? How can you describe or come into relationship with it. This is what is important, to come into relationship with spirit. This is a way to help you to come into relationship. Into a conscious effort to briefly focus everyday. For some it is like a prayer, for others an affirmation, for some a plea, for some an invitation. So the idea is to create an opportunity. Thank you for this question.

Student; Yes, we strive to become aware of the unseen world. To make this world real to us. We are so wrapped up in our materialistic world, that the unseen world is not quite real. I assume this is what the extended quiet time in contacting the Father makes us aware of the unseen world, which is really the real world which will go with us when we leave.

JarEl; On the other side of the coin it is metaphorical. It is to get in contact with your own unseen world. Your own world which is not yet visible to you. That part of yourself which has not yet been created. (Am I participating in the creation of it?) Are you? (I am supposed to be)

So in a sense you are creating your own future by the decisions you are making today. You can bring the future to you by your intentions and the decisions which you make in this moment. There is a relationship to time which is what it is. This is not important as what you are now, as what you are becoming. Any moment that you think you are, what you really need to sense is that you are becoming, because you are not yet complete, and my friends it will be quite a long time before you taste completeness, so enjoy the journey. ( I hate to think of it in the material time) You should love the opportunity.

Student; JarEl; Through my meditation, I do have moments do feel enwrapped by God's love. But then it always leave me then. My first reaction is that he does not like me enough to stay around. Unless I meditate on that I finally got the answer, you're leaving me, I'm not leaving you, you're leaving me. So at first I visualized God's house, I leave his house. I am going in God's house, I see this big table with these people around it. So now where do I sit. I want to sit at the head of the table and that is no good either. Then I realized not to visualize a house, just see the light, and then I fully understood that I, no one could leave him. I needed to overcome my unworthiness. To stay in his arms, constantly. How nice it will be on the other side. We will meet people, people who we know through our history. As I was experiencing that, I say my parents and my mother became vivid, and she let me know that because she left this world when there was conflict between us, she let me know I understand it now, we were so silly. It is all right, you go do your work. I felt very good about that .I felt physically that I came back here again from another dimension, and I felt like I wanted to stay, NO let me stay here, and then I felt presence or words say, its ok, you can always go there anytime, the door is always open. After a while I thought about that, what it felt like there was no distance in the other dimension. It is just an illusion, I really felt that it was just another state of mind.

JarEl; Thank you, my friend. I would like to comment on your first thought. When I grew up there was a story on my world, and it was a simple story. It was a story of a rock who had sensed the passing wind and this rock would pray that it would become a feather that it would forever be caught up in this wind. So yes, this fleeting glimpse of Presence. In time to sense that your journey is to come to this place, to this situation in which you and spirit will forever be one. That you become the same quality of essence that this spirit. That you meld and fuse with this spirit, become one. That forever you can move within this spirit. It is the awakening of a dream, a real dream. Continue you meditation.

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