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New CDA Class - Session #4


(This week, both Jill and I were pretty sick with the flu on Monday---
which is our regular class day.  Tonight [Wednesday] we felt somewhat 
better so decided to see if our teachers would hold class tonight 
instead.  Before we began recording, Jill invited the teachers to join us 
if they were able to get here on such short notice.  At that point, I 
felt Solonia chuckle and say, “We are very, very Fast.”)

After a very few moments of stillness...

***Solonia (T/R Daniel):  Good evening Dear Ones.  This is your Teacher 
and Friend Solonia.  
	One thing you fail to recognize about those of our Order, is that we are 
very, very fast.  Traveling from one side of this globe to another would, 
to you, seem almost instantaneous.  So when you feel well enough to come 
to class, we can always accommodate you.

	There are many here as teachers, angel helpers, who are here for the 
duration.  I myself will remain here through Light and Life.  It is a 
special mission of mine that I have told you about somewhat, before.  I 
am quite pleased to be here at this particular time in history, at this 
particular time in manifestation, because it is the beginning of a major 
turning point.  These times are the times we have for so long dreamed 
about---that we have all along been working so diligently towards.  
Within the generation of humanity that is alive today, are the seeds for 
Great Spiritual accomplishment.  Long have we awaited your technological 
growth to reach a point of well nigh universal communication among the 
peoples of your planet.  The significance of this accomplishment is 
inestimable from your viewpoint.  We, having many, many more years of 
experience, are able to foresee the sociological changes toward which 
your planet is approaching.  Indeed they must painstakingly work 
themselves out by human volition, but having those now who can 
consciously and willfully cooperate on the human level with those of us 
who have been so long working towards it on the Spiritual level, allows a 
Sudden new experiential partnership between the higher and lower Children 
of God.  We will work in heretofore unrecognized channels.  Those of you 
who consciously work with us, will do much towards the transformation and 
growth of higher culture on this world.

	You each will need to Live the lessons that we are sharing with you.  
You will need to experiencially Own the understanding, and even though 
you may feel transformed Now, even moreso will you be transformed in the 
days and years to come.  We will be here to teach new concepts 
immediately as you begin Living the last ones.  

	It is valuable to understand these lessons also on an intellectual 
level.  You must be convinced of the value of it before you will indeed 
take the step to make it a part of how you live your life.  But, the more 
you begin to incorporate these teachings into your daily life, into your 
practice, the easier it will ultimately become for you to be in that 
place of Soul at All times.  

	When there are many of you in many different places working actively in 
concerted effort, there will be far more seekers who will be attracted to 
what it is that you have to teach.  This is not overly far in your 
future.  You are indeed already working towards this.

Tonight there is another teacher who will be joining us.  And so for that 
reason I will give to you my Love and say goodnight

***Levona (T/R Jill):  Good evening.  I am pleased to be here tonight 
with you, and what with going through your long bout with the flu, and 
also the world consciousness with the new millennium close at hand, I was 
pleased to hear the two of you discussing counseling consciousness before 
this session.  For that is truly the main theme of this new group---
becoming living counselors for Light and Life in this next Millennium.  

	I would like to utilize Jill’s illness as an example of understanding 
some basics of counseling, and a common error than can occur with 
counseling as it is done today.  Your human sciences have learned a great 
deal about the human psyche in a relatively short period of time--- 40-50 
years---and when that much information comes in, in order to utilize it, 
they find it necessary, as a science, to categorize it.  And sometimes 
the understanding becomes over simplified about just what is going on 
within a person.  Jill came down with a flu bug.  Daniel came down with 
the same flu bug.  Jill’s fever continued day in and day out.  Jill went 
to the doctor, and they checked for pneumonia.  They checked all of the 
obvious things and there was no pneumonia and it appeared to be flu with 
probable infection, so she was treated with an antibiotic and an inhalant 
for the asthma.  And the fever continued.  It went down a little bit, so 
obviously the medication was working to a degree.  But her illness was 
not cut and dried.  It was not simple.  When she went back five days 
later, the antibiotics---through blood tests---it was determined had 
pretty well gotten rid of the infection.  Yet, Jill was still wheezing 
badly, coughing uncontrollably.  It was then determined that not only was 
she suffering from the flu, but this was complicated from severe 
allergies she has.  So, what appeared to be simple and easily addressed 
on the surface, turns out to have underlying complications that one 
cannot always see at first glance, or with the first tests that one takes 
to determine an individual’s well-being.  And the same is true in 
counseling.  Too many counselors have learned the pat descriptions of 
this illness and that mental illness, and this and that; and they want to 
apply standard procedures and go no further.  And when it comes time for 
re-check, they don’t look for anything underlying to make sure that the 
illness is totally cleared up.

	You, as counselors for the next millennium,  are going to be receiving 
minute educational steps of how to look from your God Self into the God 
Self of your brother or sister, and be able to see the hints of the 
complexities that are causing the pain; the psychological pain, the 
emotional pain.  In some cases there are organic disorders going on 
within the brain cells and those do respond to the increasing, and 
continually increasing, methods of medication being discovered.  And that 
is good, and should be utilized.  But the error of the ways is in 
believing that that is all that is necessary.  We need the awakened 
spirit brothers and sisters on Earth to be the counselors to balance the 
medical growths that take place.  We need you to be able to see the 
complexities of one little “ouch” that occurs when a child falls down and 
scrapes his or her knee while playing.  The experience was not simply a 
scrape on the concrete.  It involved a sense of falling; fear of falling; 
the sense of hitting; fear of what the result would be of hitting the 
concrete; untold fears that raced through the mind before that split-
second accident was over.  So, putting a band-aid on the scrape does not 
heal the entire wound of the individual.  

	This is going to be the focus of our training in the months to come:  
new awarenesses of how each of you can be a healer of the other, and vice 
versa.  I am really looking forward to the number of brothers and sisters 
we will reach with this new group, and the enthusiasm that already I can 
feel because the desire of so many in your world is now directed toward 
healing, and there is a great deal of hope for the New Millennium.  You 
have the potential to all be healers, to all be counselors, and I look 
forward to sharing with each and every one of you who desires to 
participate.  Thank you.  This is your teacher, Levona.

	Daniel:  Thank you, Levona.  That was marvelous.

***Levona (T/R Jill):  You’re welcome.  It’s really a joy to be here as 
part of this new group.  The time IS now, and many of you are now ready.

***Tomas (T/R Daniel):  Greetings.  I would like to say that I certainly 
am ready.  This is Tomas.  I will be becoming more active in the teaching 
of this group, also.  It is a pleasure to be here teaching with this 
particular faculty, and indeed teaching this particular class.  An 
indispensable tool that each of you will need to use consistently in your 
Light and Life counseling is the recognition and understanding of body 
language.  Body language to a morontia personality, indeed your very own 
Souls, is every bit as telling of a person’s true neediness and true 
wants; true inner cravings.  When you are with your brothers and sisters 
and you are acting entirely from your Soul Self, your own body language 
exudes love to them.  Your own body language at these times shows self-
confidence, self-respect, and indeed a high level of Father’s Love 
shining through you.  When You are in this Light and Life place with 
another, they feel more comfortable to join you in that place.  Indeed, 
many of your brothers and sisters are terribly frightened of that place.  
But your love and your caring is well nigh irresistible.  Whether or not 
any of your brothers and sisters ever benefit observably from your 
teaching, be assured that they each benefit significantly from your love 
and your caring.  For many it may be one of few times they have ever 
truly felt loved and cared about for who they are.  But it is a virus 
that once caught cannot help but spread, albeit often ever so slowly.  
Watch the eyes and the demeanor and the body language of others when you 
are with them.  Make note of it, because quite often it will be that body 
language which leads you to a higher understanding of the things in their 
life which are causing them pain.  When you see this apply love, apply 
compassion, and understanding.  And then watch the significant difference 
in their body language.  Become Masters at recognizing the Soul deep 
within others.  Become Masters at interpreting the unconscious language 
of the body.  Through these two acquirements you will learn vast new 
techniques for helping and healing those who are in such desperate need.  
Be your highest understanding of Light and Life.  Do not wait for it to 
come.  Be in it now, yourselves.  

	I am glad to have been here with you tonight.  Now you know one more of 
your teachers.  This is actually kind of fun for us.  I can assure you 
there will always be surprises in store.  I will head back to my regular 
stomping grounds for now.  I will say “Good night,” and again, it is a 
great pleasure to be an active part in this class.

	Jill:  This is a strange sensation I am having.  I am sitting here and 
with my lips I am making different shapes, like enunciating words, and 
doing it in an exaggerated fashion, and I am hearing that it ties in with 
the message tonight of body language, and that there are some spirit 
students who have to learn the sensation—I guess you might say—of our 
speaking with our lips, with our mouth.  I don’t know more than that, but 
that’s what it feels like.  Very strange—that they are experiencing 
something through; they have to adjust to us in order to be good teachers 
down the road, and they’re learning—so they have to learn our body 
language.  And so I was sitting here with these exaggerated lip motions 
(Jill and Daniel laugh) and just practicing away, knowing that it was 
just practice but that it was for a reason that I did not need to 
understand too clearly.  

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