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Greetings It is I teacher JarEl. Again it is good to be here today, Welcome to those of you who are here for the first time, also to those of you who are returning after not being here for a while, and my warmest regards to those of you who are here on a regular basis, in our study family.

We have been discussing the role of the First Source and Center in our lives. Some of the aspects of God the Father, and in particular that aspect of God that indwells us all. Know that you are loved by the Father, that the Father does care and watch for you. In all times when there is any doubt or conflict of discernment, just turn within and seek his guidance. The Father is the primacy of the Universe, for he is called the First Source and Center. He is that from which everything has sprung forth. He is that from which everything has begun to manifest. He is also the end product. He is that towards which everything is going, moving. In this respect it is true, He is the beginning and He is the end.

At one moment in eternity, the Father chose to express himself in potential. This expression became the expression of the Eternal Son and the expression of the Isle of Paradise; the central, eternal abode of all creation, complete with perfection of being and character, perfection of will and purpose, perfect and absolute, infinite and eternal. The Father choose to express its opposite, time and space, incompleteness, potential. In an effort to create a situation in which a far flung Universe would immerse itself in personality and God would create the essence of being from very little to grow and to evolve, traverse the universe and return to enter into the eternal abode of Paradise as a perfect being.

This is all possible through the graciousness and mercy, love and compassion of the Father. This is when the Father choose to send a part of himself to indwell the beings of time, the evolutionary, the lowest born beings of time, such as yourselves. That you enter into a union/relationship of which you are the first beneficiary, the Father also benefits through the experiences you accrue. Also to have a spiritual resource for all of universe personality to experience the outworking of deity and the Father within these creations of time. To see that element of Father grow within these beings, these mortal humans, who come from worlds such as the one upon which you live. Through successive lives traverse the universe in an eternal ascension program whereby you develop your relationship with God the Father. You become one with God, you become a perfect expression of his will in the life of a normal evolutionary mortal.

This is a great design in the universe. A great pattern of unfoldment as well as fulfillment. Unfoldment in that it unfolds the potential for God to experience this aspect of his creation. TO experience the potential by which man begins to align his will and begins to choose and make decisions that align him and herself with the greater good of mankind, the will of Father/Mother God. All of this is made possible through this tiny fragment of God, this 'tear of heaven', not a tear of sorrow or a tear of grief, but a tear of joy that has rained forth from the primacy of God to come into the universes of time and indwell the mortals therewith. This tear, this drop of spiritual water, liquid light, pure love, that comes to indwell you and prepare you to slowly accept its presence till this tear begins to dissolve within you, begins to permeate your cells, your blood, your mind, your thought, your action, your will, your devotion, your service, and your love for one another. This is a wonderful and a beautiful and a joyous experience that in the whole universe, God can only be contacted through these thought adjusters. They are the personal representatives of the First Great source and Center of all creation and of all being and of all oneness. My friends, they are gifts, and these gifts live within each and every one of you. They are the economy of the universe; treasure within, All of these various beings, the Melchizedeks, those wonderful teachers, all of the administrative beings, all the beings in the universe more perfect than you are, access an aspect of God through you, through their potential relationshiop with you, through their service to you. You are truly the Children of God, for he has made it so.

As children, you become as the parent, you will grow into perfection. Demonstrate the love and service which is your spiritual birthright. Many of our lessons, have dealt with accessing this spirit; the quality of spirit within mind; meditation; stillness; so today we are showing a large picture in which you see your self an integral part of the diversity in the plan of God, to show forth himself within the universes of time. He patiently waits, guides and frows within each and everyone of you, until you betgin to show forth this goodness which is dissolving within you right now.

Last week, we had the pleasure and opportunity to be visited by various guests who spoke forth of certain qualities of this infinite which dwells within, God the Father, God the Mother. As children this family metaphor and ralationshhip is important in this stage of development. It is important to understand that as children are all brothers anad sisters, separate and uniquely different, united as a family for the purpose of serving and helping each other. Accessing the will of god to discern how to move forward as a family. Day by Day, little by little, you begin to accesss and discern this will within your own lives. We see this happening everyday, and we are pleased with your progress.

On your world, you are moving into the season which your world celebrates, the return of God to this world as his Son. Known on your world as Jesus Christ. Known on high as Michael, our soverign and master. It is a time in which his spirit on your world is alive and vitally connected with each and everyone of you. This spirit of truth becomes a spirit of Joy and a giving spirit. May it also become a nurturing spirit. A nurturing spirit for the family of men and women on your world. Tha little by little this season of Joy and giving begin to grow and extend into other and more real and caonscious areas of being on this world. Tha more and more the whole world will begin to expreience the joy of brotherhood, family and connectedness. Not the loneliness and isolation that some countries and some people in these countries are experiencing now, but that more and more all of the countries anda all of the people on this world, begin to sense a revival of spirit a moving forward with an economy and a service, whose focus and interest is to facilitate and help everyone on this world experience their potential. Tha you being to worship as one family. This is the spiritual goal for this earth and the people upon it. This spiritual goal is at least given lip service during this season of the year, while more and more take it to heart the deeper and more underlying significance and meaning of the true message of this holiday season, that 'He is Born' is a metaphor for you yourselves being boprn of the spirit. That the spirit of Brotherhood is born. In your thoughts anad meditations in the coming weeks, focus on this relationship, that as God is a Father and a Mother, that you as childres are part of a Family. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you today.

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