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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topic: Guidance and Faith 
Teacher: Jessona
December 12, 1999
*	Jessona (Jonathan TR):  Hello to all of you.  I greet you all warmly, and I
mean this for everyone who happens to be not only receiving my communication at
this hour but likewise to the many who, through the delays of time and the
transfer media of communication, receive this greeting.
	Always remember that the Father is instantly in touch and constantly in
touch with you.  I perforce must send my greetings your way.  The Father lacks
distance in which to send His greetings to you, for He, as your Father, is right
where you are.  The reach you make to God is a reach that is, in reality, over a
distance of zero.  This should bring great assurance to all of us during our
times of trial, for our guidance is so close that in our search for truth, for
reality, for solution to trials, we need not spend a great length of time also
seeking our guidance.  Your guidance is resident; it is already installed
your decision to do the will of the Father.
	Many of your senses are evolved in the mortal creature in a bipolar,
bi-folding sense.  Your two ears bring you sound, but one ear would just as
easily bring you sound, that you perceive those vibrations.  But the design of
the Creator is that you have two that you would have abilities beyond the
reception of sound frequencies.  With these two ears you develop a guidance
system; you can discern direction.  Your eyes likewise not only receive images
from light but give you the ability to discern distance, to know how far to
to pick up an object, not that you just simply see it, but also you see how far
it is from you.  This twofold nature is likewise a reality in the spirit realm. 
The guidance of your guardian angels is an obvious example.  The cooperative
between the Father's inner presence and the daughters of the Mother Spirit, your
angels, is also an example of this twofold guidance system.  Your spiritual
perception and your directional discerning abilities are enhanced this way.
the reality of good and evil is itself a direction-finding guidance system.
as the loss of an eye or an ear hinders these added features of those senses, a
world without error could not provide the same guidance, the same direction
finding, that a world with error has.
	With your senses it takes a physical phenomenon reaching your vehicle for
you to perceive.  Both light and sound must enter into your body before you
perceive what it represents.  But the discernment of direction, the discernment
of distance, are two data inputs that are regarding something more remote from
your body. We stress the stillness because this is very much like you opening
your eyes, clearing your ears, that you may receive the vibrations, the
pulsation, of spirit presence.  This spirit presence adds to your ability to
discern your spiritual future, to make positive decisions for growth and to
result in growth.  Growth is part of the remote discernment abilities of spirit
sensitivities.  Growth is never perceived as now; it is perceived as something
away, whether it be as you grow toward a longing, a goal, an attainment or
whether you look back and realize you have ascended to a new level from one that
recently was your station.
	The Father's guidance system is infallible, but the responsibility falls to
you as a freewill creature to discern this guidance, to make judgments based on
the guidance given, and to choose your actions therefrom.  But do faith-realize
that the information presented to you is useful and appropriate.  You need not
hesitate, being concerned that perhaps you have the wrong input through which to
make your decisions to act upon your judgments.  This would be true if you had
one eye closed, but your whole-soul decision to be a conscious and active spirit
personality in partnership with God has given you that stereoscopic sensibility
and has created that ability to do, as the Father hopes you all do, and that is
to ascend to Him and to become the perfect mortal finaliter that He is drawing
you to become.
	The blind leading the blind may, indeed, fall into a pit, and the one eyed
individual may struggle with limited visual function.  The twofold nature of
senses adds elements beyond its primary purpose, and in the spirit realm this
same phenomenon holds true.
	At this time I would be happy to hear your comments and to address your
questions.  This is Jessona.
	Tom:  I want to confirm whether I made sense of our communications the
other day when my tape recorder went on the fritz.  To review, I was concerned
with the process of healing, as it goes through willingness to compassion to
faith.  The healer stands beside Michael and lets his faith motivate the
faith of
the person to be healed.
	If someone were to ask me what is faith, it still eludes me.  I see it in
concert with hope and trust and devotion, like a chemical forming compounds with
many qualities.  In itself it is transcendent and is with us to Paradise.  It
defies definition on this plane.  When Michael said, "Your faith has made you
whole" to the woman touching his garment, it seems more superstition than
What makes up the faith a person has when healing takes place? 
*	Jessona:  My dear friend, you indeed had only thing wrong and that was your
equipment.  The content of my contact was well received by you.  You did well to
recall our communication.
	Faith is one of the most beautiful elements of Supreme experience.  I do
understand your difficulty in describing it, for to make a comparison, you know
how difficult it is to describe to another the feeling of falling in love when
the other individual has yet to experience that feeling.  The longing for love
may be present, but the feeling of love has yet to be gone through.  Your
description will always pale, and this is true with faith.
	You understand that the personality is a great unifier of your being, that
many aspects make up the individual: the body, the mind, the soul, spirit,
of choice, etc.  but that the personality is of itself not definable strictly by
the components that are associated with it.  Faith is like this, for faith does
have associated with it belief and hope and trust and confidence, assurance. 
These elements do not define faith.  They will support faith, bolster it.  The
woman who touched the hem of the master's garment, she acted in faith, but her
action was defined by her beliefs, by her hope.  She, from within her being,
received the assurance from the Father that she would be made whole.  In her
worldview the necessary steps of action for her to take defined the event
she reached out to touch the master.  But you know from the story that Michael
was very well in touch with the healing power that bore down upon her.
	In a more humorous side note I would like to express that it was very
important for Jesus to convey to this woman that faith is the source within the
creature wherefrom healing will transpire.  It was also quite important for
to make it plain to all around him that they would not be healed simply by
touching him.  You could imagine the messy situation that would be!
	I somewhat struggle with comparisons to bring to you that would illustrate
faith better.  I think of various physical items, components, that when
together to a higher level that create potentials previously not present
potentials like the combination of hydrogen and oxygen making water that feels
wet, like the combination of gasoline and heat to create fire.  What is a flame
but an outcropping of various contributions.  Though faith itself is more than a
compilation of contributions, these contributions are very much a part of faith.
	You have been taught that the presence of the Thought Adjuster in
conjunction with mind and through the use of choice brought about by the
personality results in the growth of a soul.  The soul is not these various
aspects all kneaded together.  It is its own distinct factor.  So this same
pattern holds for faith.  It can be discerned by perceiving the contributions. 
The soul can be discerned by perceiving the interworking of the Father Fragment,
mind, and personality.  Faith is discerned by perceiving hope and trust and
assurance.  Much of spiritual reality has this Supremely superadditive element. 
It is not simply additive; you cannot just toss in the components.  There is
divine and miraculous element of a reality reflex that rises above components to
bring about a new creation, be it soul, be it faith, be it love.
	I welcome your feedback.
	Tom:  I'm thinking worship.  Feelings, focus, and faith all lead to a
greater appreciation of love.  Faith is merely a component of something else in
that all these qualities have to be appreciated both individually and
simultaneously to be more effective.
*	Jessona:  Yes, this is quite true.  If we were to use our diagram of
triangles, you mention the tetrahedron of worship with faith and feeling and
focus its triangular base.  Each element contributes to the worship experience,
yet worship is more than feeling and faith and focus.  It is a bonafide
personality experience in relationship with its creator.  To experience
truth, to
witness beauty, to partake in goodness, each on its own isn't necessarily the
experience of love, yet these three elements are found in love.
	Faith is a component of something else, and that something else is your
relationship with God.  This underlines once more the importance of the
that relationships, personalities, are ends in themselves, for love and faith
bring you into relationship where personalities may commune, may work with and
for each other.  It is hard for one individual to love without another
to love.  It is hard for a creature to have faith without a creator to have
in, just like it is hard to have depth perception with one eye.  One can still
perceive, but depth becomes a difficult discernment.  One can still believe in
God, but, without faith, that relationship element is difficult to attain.
	Tom:  Thank you for that stirring commentary.  And thanks to all of you for
your help this past month.
*	Jessona:  We extend our welcome.  We are overjoyed at your including us,
and we are very happy to discover that our partnership is working well and that
we have such a qualified and capable complement, that being yourself, that
we can
work with to bring about some tangible ministry on this world.  We angels do not
simply hover over you all and rain down upon you incantations and magic
recitations to cause change in this world.  It is the earthling, the foot
soldier, that effects the work we long to see take place here.  You are
performing in this function, and as one of our team you are here now being
credited with success, and we extend our gratitude.
	Tom:  Thank you.  
	You mentioned a new team member, a female counselor.  Could you tell us
more about her?  I think she has been involved in some of our activities.
*	Jessona:  She is one of my order of being.  She is assigned to a different
group than the one to which I am assigned.  I speak of my seraphic associates. 
Her focus is to counsel, and not so much the counsel of finding solution to
conflict, but the counsel of developing effective solutions to conflicts.  Her
goal is to train you all to better work out your problems; she won't be there to
solve them for you or to referee between you, but to train you how to bring
resolution and solution.  Her qualifications are great, for she has trained in
quite a few roles that are available to us seraphic beings.  She has trained on
numerous worlds, not only the worlds that host mortal creatures, but the many
worlds of the morontia realm.  By  doing so she has entered into many
relationships and has experienced all the diversity that rises from those
relationships and so has become quite capable of teaching the methods whereby
personalities may better get along.
	I hope this has been helpful in introducing her to you, and she is willing
to be in communication with you all. 
	Tom:  We welcome her and thank you.
*	Jessona:  I will release you from this classroom today.  I encourage you to
set your days in order early by     engaging all the guidance systems available
to you that you may better discern the will of the Father in your lives and to
minister to his many children that surround you.

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