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S. Cal Teaching Mission

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Greetings to you my friends, it is I teacher JarEl. Again it is good to be here this evening; good to hear your stories, your comments and discussions. It is good to discern your focus and how the problems and motivations of your lives can be used as a tool to access these so-called spiritual teachings in your life.

It is one thing to have spiritual information, yet another to put this information to use, to test it. Sense it's availability in your moment of need. Care for one another to give your best; to feel and sense the pulse of the infinite spirit in each and everyone. No matter what face and front a person may wear, by spending a little time to calm their agitated mind, you will find that there is another being inside of them who is willing to share in a more sense loving way. Emotion, frustration, anticipation and expectation accelerate your sense of balance; you are out of control, saying things you don't mean to say; stumbling over your shoestrings; speaking faster that you can think.

It is good slow down in relating to another and take time to gather within yourself the sense of wholeness, oneness with spirit. In your lives you will continually be confronted to test and portray your spiritual vitality; your ability to negotiate, to love, to conquer. Like the loving capacity of the Father God, who is able to down step the quality of absolute divinity and indwell the organic mind, loving this person and it's mind, you also must develop this capacity to down step your own expectations, needs and wants, your own righteousness, in order to accommodate lovingly that which is conflict in another.

Many of you tonight talked about what it was like to experience miscommunication between family and friends, people you care for. You voiced the sense and need to correct encumbered situations, because you felt love for these people. I ask you to take one step beyond this, and increase your capacity and love to embrace your fellow man, your brothers and sisters, to attempt to treat them with the same respect and concern, as you would an intimate friend.

The sharing of your own experience and life with another, the quality of beingness with another person is tremendously augmented by your capacity to stand in your own spiritual resonance. You are beginning to express this characteristic through your dialogues. It is a tremendous step forward to acknowledge how another feels, above and beside what you yourself are feeling and thinking. This is an exercise in self forgetting and as well in non judgement. Two spirit motivated qualities.

It is interesting to hear you talk about yourselves implying your expectations and thoughts about how you perceive yourselves. There is nothing about you the individual which is special because you are on a spiritual path, because you may read a spiritual text. You as a person are not subject to any special or particular treatment or designation by the spiritual realm. What happens as you create the potential and capability to begin to express your own inner dimension, is this inner dimension in your own mind is beginning to resonate with the spirit contact which these spiritual teachings are manifesting in your life, this is special.

The notion in thinking that everything around you must change to suit you, should shift as you begin to realize that as you change, everything around you begins to change and shift in relation to you. That is special, and this is how it works in the universe.

Last week we talked about light. I expressed the notion that light from within was able to illuminate a path to God, that once you began to sense this light, you could sense your path and direction. As you winged it in life, going as humans go, you would be going with your seventh sense, the sense of love, spirit. It was also mentioned tonight, the quality of light as it is reflected. You become like mirrors, circuits of reflectivity, to be able to redirect this light from within, outside of yourselves, as each and everyone of you will express the love and notion of God in your own individual way to one another.

I am tending the garden of your minds where I have planted seeds. To these seeds in you, I am bringing spiritual rain; water falling on these seeds. Their growth deepens your sense of spirit and self. Begin to sense less where you stop and God begins. Sense the edge softening and the quality of your substance beginning to commingle, blending with spirit. Sense less your separateness and begin to see those separate parts of yourself loose their identity and boundary. These separate elements become expressed as a whole, a complete system, a lifestyle, and a complete sense of being. Yes, it is you who lowers the barrier, removes the boundary; you, who opens the door. God is the guest, make him a permanent resident. God is the gift, the water, the life, the love, the potential, the way, the word.

I would like to acknowledge that it is wonderful to address you here. There is a sense of fertile soil in your souls. A sense of genuine endeavor, a curiosity and substance and realness and a quality of being that you return to nurture and nourish each other with your presence, smiles, love and stories. Myself, I am a person you cannot see. I am a person who you can only believe through words, I hope may help to clarify, fertilize a few thoughts. I come as a caring friend.

I do not come to shock you or perplex you. I do intend to stimulate and confront you. Thank you for allowing me to speak tonight.

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