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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Pursue Your Visions, Enlarge Your Understanding, Lanaforge Visits
Teachers: Machiventa, Elyon, Lanaforge

October 31, 1999
*	Machiventa (Daniel TR):  Greetings, this is Machiventa.
	We recognize your desire to see more clearly what is just ahead of you.  It
is your nature to desire seeing the next step before you take it.  What we would
like you each to better realize is that what you are each stepping towards is
something that has never been done before.  You, by approaching your own dreams,
are creating them as well.  We cannot tell you what your dreams will look like. 
We can only see the potentials.  The choices you make, the final outcome,
actually creates the final outcome of your dreams.
	We must stay within certain parameters in our teaching so as not to overly
influence you and change the vision which you hold.  We may openly encourage
of you to pursue your visions and to give you lessons which will aid you in your
growth.  We may give some guidance when you ask specific questions, but we may
never give you specifics that may alter your choices.
	You are the co-creators of all that is ahead for you.  In this you are
revealers at the same time.  You each reveal that part of the Father which you
are becoming with your Father Fragment.  Being an experimental world, and again,
being an experimental group, we are anxious to see what you will come up with. 
We value the uniqueness of each of you.  We wish to see what your devotion will
accomplish, even as much as you do.  It is only your faith that Father wants
everything that is perfect for you that allows you to be in motion, to step
towards your goals, to live your ideals, to follow your vision, without the fear
of being abandoned.  Father will never abandon any of his children.  Father
desires the fulfillment of your dreams.  The Fragment of God within you
wishes to
fulfill and create those dreams with you.  That which you are able to
manifest of
these dreams on this world helps the rest of the world.  If you do not
finish the
manifestation of your vision here, know that you will indeed find completion of
it in the next life.  But we highly encourage you to reach and stretch
towards it
now while you are on this world, because, as each does this, the planet comes
another step closer to Light and Life.  That is our goal in the Correcting Time,
to ultimately reach Light and Life as you bring it into your life's experience,
and live it yourself.
	The harmonies of that vibration reach out beyond you, yes, there is indeed
a resonance that comes from each of you, and it spreads out from you.  Even in
your own local area your resonance touches others who are touched by
You are beginning to create a harmony with the individual notes and chords that
you play.
	You are all working together, even at this moment, though it seems you work
apart.  You are covering a broad area of your environment and drawing more
musicians to play with you.
	Those are my words for you today.  You are each loved, cherished, and
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  This is Elyon, your friend, and it is a pleasure to have
heard you express your current inclinations and your acquirements toward and
the Teaching Mission.
	As Machiventa has conveyed today to you once again, our teaching staff has
the purpose of projecting Urantia back onto the right course for Light and
This planet is our goal and its reinstatement in the system, as well.
	As you have often been told, this enterprise requires the active
participation of humans such as yourselves who are willing to extend their hands
and make those necessary injections into the stream of human events that will
help to propel the planet forward as we desire.  You all naturally benefit from
the growth that results to you personally as we undertake this teaching
Perhaps one of the experiments of our Correcting Time mission is that, where
ministers of my kind in the past sought to bring personal growth to individuals
in hopes that they will then affect their fellows, we are making an effort to
affect all on this planet, and the result is that you each grow.  Since we make
this effort, take this stance, we are fully aware that you will take the natural
course that has been the method for all of time, that, as you grow
personally, so
you extend yourself to your fellows.
	One may look at the Teaching Mission in this view: If you picture yourself
as a honeybee, your goal, your purpose, is to gather nectar and to return to
hive that you may supply food for the clan.  Though I do not access the mind
circuits of the bee, I would venture to say that this little creature does not
ever leave its hive with any intent to be a cross-fertilizer from one plant to
the other to thereby bring about the creation of another plant.  The Teaching
Mission is an effort to enlarge your understanding of your life activities such
that you perceive, not only the purposes and goals of your own life, but the
purposes and goals for this planet and for a greater universe, for you to
understand that you are not only gathering nectar, but you are also contributing
to a goal, to a result beyond yourself.
	It has been conveyed back through the ranks of the teaching staff the
supreme delight at the reaction of the mortals who are involved in this
for you all work with camaraderie, togetherness, as your method.  A good hive
would not operate well if every drone was its own independent thinker and
according to its own individualistic tendencies.  If the Teaching Mission had
shown that tendency for one to rise up and take over all else, we would have
brought this process to a hasty close.
	The planet is large, and the task is huge, but there are many worker bees
in the field.  You are each one of them, and every time you alight for another
draw of nectar, you have accomplished one more event that will take us toward
this Supreme goal for Urantia, and you will, in consequence, grow yourself
and be
able to share your nourishment with those in your life.
	I would give you a task for the week, and that is for you to observe simply
one incident -- though I would not prohibit you from amassing a few others --
events that take place wherein your purpose was as the bee to gather nectar, and
you discover how you have also caused other effects that were not within the
scope of your original intent, that have had beneficial impact on others or on
conditions in your life.
	That is all for my comments.
*	Lanaforge:  I am Lanaforge.  I do not ordinarily make contact in this
manner; it is not the scope of my position as System Sovereign to do so. 
However, I have been in this vicinity, and, being nearby, was asked, if I
had the
opportunity, would I like to make comments to my Urantia brethren.  I will
do so.
	Many things, as you are aware, have changed in this sector of local
universe government that I head because of my predecessor's actions and the
consequences that arose therefrom.  One big difference in Satania from the other
systems is the structure and program of the mansion worlds.  Due to the
of many of my worlds, we have had to run the correcting spheres with two sets of
curriculum to accommodate the standing and growth needs of those from the
non-rebelling spheres and those who went into secession.  I announce to you
that many of these separate though parallel programs are re-merging together,
that the rebellious tendencies are becoming like the normal corrective
on a regularly governed sphere.  This is very positive in my view and to my
staff.  It is to the benefit of every individual like yourselves over the past
several centuries.  Your diligence in offering truth and in demonstrating
righteousness, these are extremely helpful actions you can take.
	It won't be long before you will leave my jurisdiction; it really will not
be long.  I would implore all of you to be as effective as you can during this
short duration.  We all work for Michael, and that is our supreme delight.  What
we do for Michael, we do for every division within his realm.
	I am very happy at the progress of Urantia as well as its other sister
worlds who have been affected by this rebellion.  I am also greatly pleased to
see that the light at the end of the tunnel is far brighter than the tunnel has
been all this time.
	I take my leave.  Good day.
*	Elyon:  This is Elyon once again, and I have a short comment.
	I would like you right now to pause to contemplate:  There is more of the
Supreme present than there is light that fills the sky, and there is more Spirit
of Truth that surrounds you than there is oxygen that fills your air.  Light and
oxygen are two vital factors in life function.  Please reflect upon the
significance of these two beings and how much they are integral to your
well-being and your life sustenance.  

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