[tmtranscripts] A lesson on 'Sensing Your Soul Tone' by Olfana

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Fri Oct 22 00:05:11 PDT 1999

Hi everyone,

I haven't had much time to post my transcripts for a while, but I did
want to share this lesson from Olfana, that I transmitted at the first
evening session at SpiritFest this year.
Hope you enjoy it.

Love, Susan

Half Moon Bay, CA 07/23/99 Group
Session: SpiritFest 99
9:00 PM
Santa Cruz, CA

A lesson on 'Sensing Your Soul Tone' by Olfana

May we all come together now. Focus our energies. Blend our beings.
Offer our love, to flow through us, toward each other, circling the
room, smoothing our emotions, relaxing our muscles, calming our minds,
coming together--soul to soul, heart to heart, mind to mind,
God-Consciousness to God-Consciousness. (Pause) There are powers in
your beings that you are just beginning to touch, just beginning to
sense, just beginning to comprehend. You are God-Creatures, my
children. You are of the fiber and being of the Creator of All.
Sense this in yourselves, now. Be in touch with your own creative
being, your own creative energy, your own sense of yourself as a soul
who yearns to be with the Father in this moment, and for all eternity.
Sense, indeed, your own Godliness. This is the precious aroma of your
soul. You can, indeed, offer this fragrance of your Godliness to all
you come in contact with, in this world, and all other worlds in which
you will travel and adventure.

Can you sense us as Teachers offering to all of you our own Godliness?
(Smiling) Can you feel this vibration in your own hearts? This
vibration is also within your hearts, my children, and you will learn
to be able to express this beautiful tone, just as this lovely prayer
bell-bowl expresses its tone, and is charming to your ears. (TR holds
up a brass prayer bowl and strikes it, emitting a beautiful tone.) I
wish you, as you meditate this weekend, as you sit in your own
stillness with yourself--hear your tone, my child, my children. (TR
again strikes the prayer bowl.) Listen for the tone that best
expresses your own personality, your own being. Hear it in the wind.
Hear it in the silence of the forest. Hear it carried on the breezes
through the trees. (TR continues to strike the prayer bowl as she
speaks.) You are capable of a beautiful tone, just as this bowl
expresses itself. And indeed, as I touch this bowl and this tone
emanates, I am saying to you, that you can indeed be touched,
yourself. And with each touch of each person, each Teacher, each
Angel, who reaches toward you, you can, indeed, express your tone.

That would be a wonderful gift you could give yourselves this weekend,
to, indeed, begin to hear this soul tone given to you by God--by God
the Father, by God the Mother, by God the One Creator of All. Each
one of us has this beautiful tone, and I assure you, my children,
these tones blend in a melody which becomes an utter delight to God+IBk-s
Ears. Find your tone, and you will find something most precious to
your heart. This tone has a power to settle you, to focus you, to
empower you, to increase your creative potential. Finding this soul
tone, here now, on Urantia, is, indeed, a unique and, at this point,
very select path. There are not many people, yet, seeking their tone
on this planet. But, I assure you that one great task of each soul
created by the Father is, indeed, to find this soul tone, and delight
in it. And so, I place this before you as a precious gift, an
important goal, and a wonderful task, to attempt this weekend, while
we come together as brothers and sisters, seeking each other+IBk-s love,
seeking each other+IBk-s companionship, seeking each other+IBk-s support.
During this precious time together, see what you can find of your own
tone, and then, as you begin to hear this in your mind, in your heart,
trust that you can express this tone, just as easily as you now feel
you can express your personality to others. You can, indeed, emanate
this from your being, and it will be received with delight and
pleasure by others. This is my lesson, my counsel, for this evening.
I am the Teacher, Olfana, and I am overjoyed to be able to offer my
tone to all of you in this gathering. Namaste.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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