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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spiritual calisthenics, Peace, Holy, Breath of life
Teachers: Elyon, Jansel, Jessona, Malvantra, Nebadonia

September 5, 1999
*	Elyon (Mark TR):  I would greet you once again this morning; this is your
friend and associate Elyon. 
I welcome your invitation here this morning to come among you again in the
spirit of joy and fun.
	Quite often there is a mortal tendency to see spiritual challenges and
spiritual exercises as a work
challenge in which you may proceed into these experiences with a feeling of
rolling up your sleeves and
knuckling down to gleaning all that is possible from a given spiritual
teaching.  I would once again bring to
mind the picture of spiritual calisthenics, as a game, an endeavor in which
there is much fun to be had and in
which all who participate will certainly be benefited.  We speak of
spiritual climbs, ascents, of the stages in
your spiritual growth, and these terms imply struggle.  Indeed, it is not
without effort that you as individuals
reach your achieved levels, but this effort is not necessarily grueling or
uncomfortable. In many cases it is
possible, even at the time of encounter, to so orient yourself as to see the
next spiritual hurdle before you as a
joyous thing in which you will proceed with a light heart and the
recognition of the inherent fun value
	For beings such as yourselves to think of spiritual progress often conjures
up memories and ideas of
serious struggle and uncomfortable progress you have encountered in your
lives.  As these hurdles you have
successfully vaulted become part of your internal library, you begin to
realize that these exercises, while they
may be strenuous at times, need not be unduly serious, to proceed forward to
your next spiritual challenge with
the same attitude you would proceed into a lively game of tennis with an
associate, to look at these spiritual
interactions as simple exercises.  Once you have become familiar with the
exercises, it is far easier to forget the
exercise and concentrate on the fun value.
	At first when you learn to play a game you must concentrate seriously on
the rules and the procedures
for executing the game.  When you become well versed, you then can let go of
the apprehension of learning a
new game and begin to enjoy yourselves more fully.  The same is true of your
spiritual encounters.  At first
they are intimidating, scary, unknown, and uncomfortable.  After you become
familiar with these encounters,
you begin to see past the expectations and through into the enjoyment
derived from these encounters.  Soon
your familiarity with spiritual matters will be so well versed that you will
seek out with joy all future
encounters, and the sense of apprehension attendant with your previous
encounters will have completely
dissipated.  You will come to truly understand that there is nothing to fear
in the spirit world.  You are simply
growing, learning, gaining, being, and none of these experiences is harmful
to you.
	So, you will learn to play this game of spirit with much more joy as time
moves on, and the excitement
and joy of playing the game will be the factor which draws you into the
	This does not mean that the game is necessarily without your effort.  You
must each time commit
yourself to the game, to the encounter, to the growth inherent in the game,
and you will not be disappointed
when you thus orient yourself.
	I would withhold from any further comment, as I perceive there are numerous
other personalities
attendant who wish some expression.  I remain should you desire to contact me.
	Kirk:  I would like to talk to Jansel if she is available.
*	Jansel (Jonathan):  I am here.  Do you have a question?
	Kirk:  The material you gave me this morning, if that was you, I'd like
permission to put your name on
*	Jansel:  You may indeed.  I thank you for your asking.  It was a pleasure
to be of assistance.  We can
develop our understanding further in the process of transcribing these
thoughts to make them presentable and
available to any others.  I thank you.
	While I am here I desire to speak on the topic of peace, the peace that
Michael spoke of often.
	  To the mortal mind peace implies quiet and contentment, perhaps even
solitude, lack of hectic clatter
and incessant needs, each asking to be addressed and soothed.
	Michael said that to follow him would not be an easy path but would surely
bring difficulty.  Yet he
spoke of a peace that he leaves with his children, peace that is not of this
world.  He said that to become first in
the kingdom you must become least of all.  He spoke of losing oneself to
advance.  To the individualistic mind,
to the ego center, this is not the road to peace, for it is a threat to
identity and to status.  Peace that Michael
spoke of is the peace of assurance and the peace of fellowship.
	To the spiritually hungry soul peace is found in the realization that one
is always cared for and that one
is in a community, that help and guidance are amply available, whether it is
from instructors above and beyond
one's own range of experience or whether it is one's near-at-hand friend.
	The peace that Michael spoke of is, in reality, the presence of the Spirit
of Truth.  He said that he goes
before you as you go into the world to proclaim the gospel.  He does so with
this spiritual presence.
	It is a challenging exercise to recognize when you are in turmoil,
agitated, frustrated, feeling tugged
and pulled one way and another, spread thin, scattered all about to just for
a moment ask yourself, "Where is
this peace?  Do I have it?"  Reflect upon the fact that the peace that
Michael brings is not a peace of lounging
in ease; it is a peace of knowing, assurance, stability, and guidance.
Bring that peace into the turmoil and you
will find yourself a little better able to grapple with the conflicts.  It
is the eye of the hurricane, this peace of
Michael.  It travels with the storm.
	I am finished.  Thank you.
	Tom:  I have a question for Jessona.
	Reading in our text there is mention that the Father's will is that we
become holy, just, and great.  As I
understand it, "great" is the equivalent of good, and I have a fair concept
of what "just" means.  But "holy" I
tend to associate with solemnity and piety.  I know the master was holy and
he was a jolly soul.  Is this
something we can develop, or is it something we are?  Please expand upon the
word "holy" and how we may
aim ourselves with it.
*	Jessona:  Hello, my friend.  I speak with you happily.
	May I indicate that this phrase you cite incorporates the three reality
responses that you have read
about in the Urantia text.  Greatness in this case refers not simply to
status, to the recognition of expertly
performed deeds, but it can be thought of more likely as the enlargement of
being, a quantitative growth, the
expansion of soul, the accumulation of broad experience, and an
ever-deepening penetration into spiritual
reality.  This is that 'causative' response.   "Holy" springs from the
reverential tendency of the mind.  Where
"justice" deals with a quality, "holy" involves a totality.  You have worked
with an understanding of the phrase,
"practicing the presence of God".  This is that holiness.  To be always
engaged in embrace, aware, and working
in association with the Father is that holiness.  Not the holiness of a
religious ceremonial piety but rather a very
familiar, down-home, friendly association with God Himself. It is inclusive
of deity in one's creature life to the
point of blurring the distinction.
	Does this provide you with food for thought?
	Tom:  Yes, thank you.
*	Malvantra (Mark):  I greet you now, as well; this is Malvantra, and I come
as one of my order who
simply cannot resist the temptation to walk into the classroom with you on
this occasion.
	You are all engaged so earnestly in your discoveries of the realities of
your existence and your
relationship to the Father that it is very heartwarming to all of us who are
in attendance on the other side of the
one-way mirror in your classroom.  We gather eagerly when you assemble and
begin your games of truth.  We
thrill when points are scored on all sides, and we truly enjoy
accomplishments made by all the members of our
team.  We are, in fact, all one team of ascenders.  We are working together
to elevate individual spiritual status
and overall spiritual status simultaneously.
	We crave to witness your actions and your reactions to the stimuli you have
throughout the week.  We
learn very much about human nature and successful learning and teaching
techniques while observing your
class and the many other classes we have functioning at this time.  We enjoy
both parts of your game, the parts
in which you provide yourselves with opportunities for growth, and we also
appreciate and enjoy when you
direct that we come out from behind the curtain to engage you directly as
your assistants and coaches.  We are,
in a sense, but the tip of the iceberg that is available to be of assistance
to you in your learning career.  We
offer our assistance freely and foresee much future engagement with each of
you both individually and
	These truths which you play with amongst yourselves are but the stepping
stones for your future
lessons.  They will become to you as part of yourselves as you gain the
wisdom and experience through
participation in these events.  Each one of you then forms your own
mini-classrooms when you, in your daily
contact with your brothers and sisters, those unfamiliar with your lessons,
when you act as example.  When you
find occasion to bring one of these truth balls into play, you start a new
circuit.  You create a new pathway
wherein others may find entry into the open minds and open hearts of other
individuals.  We require your
services to start these balls rolling in many cases.
	One interesting point was made in your discussion which I would illuminate,
and that is, as stated, we
do not have the power in our mandate to usurp your free will, however, you
have no such mandate.  Your free
will can and does, in fact, alter and change and uplift those fellows around
you.  Once the ball has been put into
play, we can then engage it and manipulate it and even direct it at times.
Therefore, we can work hand-in-hand
in this process.  Your awareness of this can greatly facilitate these
actions, and we may work even more closely
together as you become more aware of this relationship we share.
	I would end my comments today with my great appreciation for your efforts
which allow this very
process to occur and without which we would be greatly hindered in
proceeding forward with our mandate of
spiritual upliftment.  You have my respect and my appreciation.
*	Nebadonia  (Jonathan):  I am Mother Spirit.  I love you all.  I ask that
you take one another's hands in
a circle of love.  I am the one who breathes the breath of life into all
creature forms in Nebadon.  Please, at this
time, breathe in deeply.  Acknowledge our connection.  The breaths you take
are nourishing to your physical
vehicles, stimulating every cell towards continued growth and improved
maintenance.  But I have given you
another breath, that is, the Holy Spirit.  She is everywhere.  Breathe in
now in your heart my holy presence. 
Take me deep and let me be a refreshing and invigorating nourishment to your
	Michael has made promise that he will be with you and go with you through
all things.  I assure you
that wherever you go I am there already to welcome you.  Not only are you
assisted by the Master Son on your
journey, but you are received by myself at every stage.  We go with you and
we draw you toward us.  Your
hands are a symbol of your sibling-hood.  Your father Michael and I, your
mother Nebadonia, cannot express
enough how much we love you.  We are very happy to witness this love
received and this love shared.  All this
because we a have great divine Parent on Paradise.

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