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Coeur d'Alene Tcaching Mission Group
Michael's Birthday Celebration
August 20-22, 1999
Saturday Afternoon
Techaers: Nebadonia, Jessona, Elyon

*	Nebadonia  (Jill TR): [Following a prayer for Harry's and Margo's son's
healing] In your mind see him chopping wood, see him walking, see him running,
see him riding a bicycle, see him doing somersaults, see him swimming.  Every
physical action-vision will bring energetic memory and revive cells of memory
within him.  The end result may not be the perfect physical result of
but the perfection energy will thrive within him and work with Father for his
ultimate gift giving.
*	Jessona (Jonathan):  This is Jessona.  I give you a hearty hello on the
celebration of the event of Michael's final bestowal to gain Sovereign Son
in Nebadon.
	The master seraphim were thrilled that this world was chosen to be the
stage whereupon Michael would enact that final drama, to live as his lowest
creature, the life of a mortal on an evolutionary world.  You are not lowly in
value; your position as faith sons presents to you an opportunity for great
expansion, for great accomplishment.  Though you are one of the few forms of
creature life that can know God that inhabit a physical body, you are not
separated, alienated, from your morontia and spirit brethren.
	Know this life is truly valuable.  Michael thought so.  He looked forward
to his seventh bestowal.  He took his life mission seriously while at the same
time enjoying soaking up the experiences of an ordinary human life.  We all know
he was our creator.  He approached his life wholly as a mortal, one who partook
in the social and political structures of his time, ever seeking to present
higher meaning and deeper value to those around, knowing full well that they
spread his teaching through applying their understanding in the arena of their
	The master seraphim are aware that some who have read the papers of the
fifth epochal revelation are watchful that they not unduly consider
themselves as
part of the reserve corps of destiny in the sense that it would be better to err
as not being in the corps than to blunder into considering oneself as enlisted. 
We acknowledge this humility.  But as one who is a seraphim and belonging to one
of the branches of the master seraphim corps, we are as dependent upon
as Jesus upon apostles.  We need our associates, those who can go out into the
world and extend our ministry.  Jesus chose commonplace men and women to
for him.  We have our reserve corps, and they are also commonplace men and
So, you need not worry that the rank of reservist of destiny is some privileged
upper-class status.
	While many in this corps do not realize their enlistment and are trained in
the deep mind to function if needed, we do work with a significant number that
fully know that they are a significant part of the educational process on
for bringing it into proper spiritual balance, and life harmony.
	I would say, however, that you need not concern yourself with knowing if
you are a cosmic reservist, for you may elect to function as a reservist
would in
your own right with the blessings of Michael in spite of whether or not the
master seraphim have you on their roster.  There are far too many tasks to
accomplish in uplifting Urantia, and, where the master seraphim function, we
engage the reservists to help us bring about our goals.  But there are other
administrative functions that your planetary supervisors undertake, and they too
need able-bodied, God-loving creatures to aid them in accomplishing their
You can be active for any department; there are no tryouts or cuts from the
You only need to show up in your spiritual uniform, and we will put you in the
	You have for some time now been aware of the function of the melchizedek
schools and classrooms.  Their goal is to train you so that you will be
ready and
able for those services such as may be required by us, the master seraphim, or
other branches of spiritual function on Urantia.  Even the archangels are keenly
sensitive to the service longings of the mortal creature.
	You know that the Father wishes that no one perish, but that each elect the
eternal career of ascension and embrace in his presence on Paradise and the
experience of service throughout all eternity.  All beings who are engaged in
ministry on an evolutionary world likewise hold this view.  We each come to this
planet having been taught in our classrooms that representing the Father is the
highest form of ministry to a hungry soul.  The First Source and Center is a
mystery so profound, so deep and well nigh unfathomable that it falls to all of
us in the entire gradation from mere mortal to Paradise citizen to reveal
what we
have experienced of the Father, of his love, of his holiness, and of his
friendship.  I doubt that he could create enough beings throughout all of the
infinite stretches of space that could in time -- and even beyond time --
accumulate to a full revelation of himself.  However, any particular individual
can, in quality, transmit the Father's presence.  You mortal creatures have an
added advantage, for the Father dwells within you.
	Since this is your first life, you do not have a background of experience
to compare with and better appreciate the significance of this gift of the
himself within.  But you will, in the course of just a few lives, come to
appreciate how immense and how bountiful this bestowal is upon you.  This Father
of all creatures who is unfathomable dwells at the core of your being.
the notion of qualified or unqualified, worthy or unworthy, to be a reservist of
destiny or an apostle for Michael or a student for the melchizedeks becomes a
moot point.  If the Father values you such that he comes to dwell within you,
then you are, in our view, welcome to be part of our ministry.
	Take up your assignments as humbly as did the Alpheus twins, as zealously
as Peter, John, and James.
	I will release the podium to my teacher associates.  Thank you.
*	Nebadonia  (Jill):  The light of our heavenly Father is now flowing with
more direct energy than ever before known on Urantia.  You are being flooded
his light, with his love.  He yearns for each of his children to awaken to him. 
He does not grieve for those who do not, for he has great emotion and compassion
for what his children have suffered, and he knows that not all can awaken
instantly.  But for those of you who have learned to have a personal
with your Father, now is the time to truly open yourselves to receive all of the
light, all of the love, that you potentially can take in.  He needs of each of
his children who is aware of their personal connection with him to claim it
Now is the time.  Do not minimize who you know yourself to be as a child of
Now is the time to be strong in your God love.  It is not self-centered; it is
truly selfless to allow in all of your Father's love and simply let it flow
through to those who cannot yet receive it directly.  For, you see, in order to
do that you must set aside any personal need to be loved in return, to be
acknowledged for being able to be loved.  You are your Father's love, and
that is
selfless, that is loving each and every child of  your Father the way he loves
each one of you.  You have been prepared to do this.  Now is the time to trust
how far you have come, how great you are in the ability to transmit love, for it
is a new level of love energy in the next millennium that will bring about the
light and life you yearn to see on your planet.
	Love.  Be it.  Don't think about it.  Don't analyze it.  Invite it in and
let it flow out, your Father's love, your father Michael's love, your brother
Michael's love, your Mother's love, all of your Father God's love, his servants'
love, let it all flow through you.  Let your eyes be the eyes of God and
begin to
know the miracle of love.  Let yourself receive it so you can give it.  That is
your task.  All else will fall into place.
	Our Father's love expresses many different ways, so trust the unique way
you yearn to give love and try it out and watch what happens.  Don't compare
way of love-giving to another's.  Don't look to another human being as your
as to how to be your Father's love.  Turn to your Father.  He has given you your
uniqueness.  Simply open up.  Know your own beauty as his love.  This is how you
will help in the greatest way, one to one, each child who awakens to the
love and lets it flow out to another who still cannot find it, each of you will
touch many, and those many who awaken can then touch many more.
	You are needed.  Your Father and I will help you to receive if you ask. 
Ask me and I will embrace you and nurture you and help you to take that one
step into being all that you are.  You are children of love first and foremost,
and I will be with you in your journey towards love through this life.
	Thank you for being your own unique self.  Thank you for being seekers. 
Now take the next step and be givers.  You will not falter, for we are with you
each step of the way.  Our love enfolds you always.
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  Hello, my friends, this is Elyon.
	Today is the day to celebrate Michael's birth on earth, and as you have
been informed, you could say that there were more diapers than drama in his
birth, more of the mundane requirements throughout a birth process  than is
dramatized in your earth records.  But I hope to inspire you with some of the
images of your Christmas story.
	Let that star be the guiding light of truth that leads you into wisdom. 
Let the angels reveal the beauty of the Father and lead you into worship.  May
you find room in your heart manger to receive Michael.  He, though having
lived a
single life on this world, also lives in you.  Your goodness couples with his
goodness to once again be about the Father's business.
	Use this day as a time to rekindle yourselves, to energize your soul, to
dedicate your heart.  May we remember Michael continually.

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