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AUGUST 15, 1999


I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I know of the adjustments you had to make in order to be here. Your dedication to our purpose is well known and I am inspired each time we meet, yes.

When you smile at a stranger for the purpose of spreading cheer, your answer to the question, "Whom do you serve?" is clear. When you take a moment to visit with a child for the purpose of letting the child know they are of importance, it is obvious who you serve. When you take a moment to care for the earth and your environment, it is apparent that you care beyond a level of self-serving.

Your life that you live each day is an act of expressing who you serve. Your intentions to help beyond what may be gained is a song of worshipful gratitude to your Heavenly Caretakers. Those times when you have set aside material responsibilities to promote spiritual well-being is a statement of faith:

"I serve God, our Father, because His goodness to me makes serving Him my deepest desire. His devotion to me comforts me when I am in turmoil. His love for me is a substantial reality that I can find nourishment from. Father is the one constant reality that I can depend upon when all things fall short. Father has lifted me when I have stumbled in darkness. It was my almighty God that lit my path. When I sat on the outer edges of loneliness Father sat with me. I am in Him and He in me. He is my source for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. That is why I serve Him. I am not forced into serving such a beautiful Creator, because without Him I would be lost. Although this is true, I am not serving Him so that I may gain, no, although I do. I serve Him, my Father, because His belief in me has brought about my reality. His love for me compared not with any other love. His loyalty to me is unmatched anywhere, and I can receive this from no other being. I cannot find one who is so beautiful, intelligent, perfect, and all-knowing, who loves me as if I were His only son, yes."

Having answered the question, "Whom do you serve?" the other questions seem quite simple. The overall plan of Father is laid out before your eyes when you have answered that one question.

Many in the world today find unhealthy attachments, whether it is to people, money, or mind altering chemicals. Many individuals who do not know our beautiful Father find an emptiness that is endless to which there is no relief. The constant reaching for various things is simply mindal torture.

The emptiness is the unwellness you can view before your eyes in everyday living. The disharmony between individuals is mostly due to the fact that they cannot answer the question, "Whom do you serve?" Can a world survive on serving self or being slave to those things that provide temporary satisfaction. I think NOT, no.

Granted, your handicap of dwelling in the mortal flesh prevents you from fairly apparent understandings of spiritual realities, but the experience in the flesh is what provides the understanding of Father’s complete goodness. Slowly and little by little will you find any emptiness to be filled by Father’s presence as you can answer with more certainty that, "yes, Father in Heaven, you are who I serve."

The time has come for this question to be answered throughout the Teaching Mission. The time for meandering back and forth is coming to a close. Michael has need for His points of light to live their lives as they have answered the question of "Whom do you serve?" You are beginning to live as if your answer is--without a doubt--to the innermost consciousness of my fallible being---I serve GOD, the FATHER, yes. That is all.

I am asked to leave you with thoughts of awareness towards a spiritual renewal of sorts. Be conscious of Michael’s Spirit of Truth. His presence is a drink from The Well of New Life, yes. Until next time, shalom.

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