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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome you all here this
evening.  Tonight, we shall discuss progress and delays.

It is easy to feel good when progress feels like it is being made.
when you feel stuck, when you feel like there is no movement
spiritually, or in your life in general, that is the time for faith
for trust.  For the times when progress seems to be delayed, the times
of waiting, are times of true spiritual progress.

Your first reaction is one of frustration and it is easy to bog down
these feelings and even to feel hopeless and despondent.  But wait,
again.  The times of waiting can be the times when new insights are
achieved, they are times when stillness is an increased necessity.
are times of reflection and quiet meditation.  All these positive
aspects of waiting can be achieved if you will but release you

Humans are very time bound and time driven. You all have expectations
for X, Y, and Z to be accomplished in a certain amount of time. But,
time to the Father is irrelevant. You may achieve X quicker than
expected then have a delay between X and Y that is very frustrating.

Think not that time delays are indications of spiritual unworthiness.
Think instead of time delays as gifts.  The Father is giving you the
gift of time in order that you should be prepared for when Y is upon
you.  The only way to prepare for anything is to prepare yourself
spiritually, and this children requires quiet time, requires
and meditation.  You cannot grow spiritually closer to the Father
times of rapid movement when you are flitting from one thing to the
like a hummingbird going from flower to flower never resting, never
stopping, never thinking or reflecting.

So it is time of seeming stagnation when true progress is made.  The
adage, all things come to he who waits, is true. But, modern humans do
not know how to wait.  You spend altogether too much time in worry, in
anxiety over dashed expectations.  When you have grown in the spirit,
new possibilities automatically open and you achieve goals with
ease that would have been impossible before the period of waiting.

You are all much too concerned about the expectations of others as
well.  You are concerned that if you do not accomplish X, Y and Z in a
given amount of time that others will think less of you.  You must all
realize that everyone else has their own time tables of things they
trying to do, and are barely cognizant of time going by for you.

Those who know how to act when the opportunity is given and to wait
the opportunity is closed gradually get in tune with the rhythm of the
Father's time.  Once you become comfortable with this rhythm of
and waiting and learn how to use both as opportunities, your lives can
become full of accomplishment with very little stress.  You will learn
to recognize the times of waiting and to utilize these time to grow
closer to the Father as you prepare for the time of work.  The Father
knows what you have need of. And the Father's rhythm will give you
you need if you will utilize it wisely and recognize the patterns.

A child, when it grows tired, wants to stay awake and keep playing and
in fact plays harder, and rougher, and longer than it should when
tired.  The wise parent takes away the toys and draws the child close
that the child may calm down and rest in the parent's arms.  The
knows that there will be plenty of time to play after the child rests
and sleeps. It is the child who is foolish and who usually ends up
crying in frustration over nothing.  So, remember, the Father cares
you much more than even the wisest parent cares for his child.  Rest
the Father's arms when the Father bids you to rest. Trust in the
Father's wisdom and you lives will be full of peace and tranquility.
Are there any questions at this time.

Q: Yes, Ham, is there any particular reason... I know you prepare a
curriculum... but is there any reason you felt we needed a lesson on
delay at this time. I guess I wonder how you deiced what we will work

Ham: Yes I do have knowledge of what each of you are going through in
your lives and of course I try to tailor my lessons to be beneficial
the largest number of students at any one time.  Is this answering/

Q: Yes, and this was a wonderful lesson thank you.

Ham: You are welcome daughter, you do well. Sometimes you tend to push
to hard, too fast, too far and sometimes you don't recognize this
effort as being futile until you are worn out and frustrated.  But you
are certainly not alone in this respect. Very few humans really ever
master the Father's rhythm fully for it is very subtle and requires
spiritual attunement.  Of course, at any time, your will overrides the
Father's will and this excessive willfulness is always seen in young

Q: Yes Ham, may I have a personal message tonight please?

Ham: Yes, son, you are dealing with shadows and light.  What was there
in the strong light of spiritual understanding is often obscured by
shadows of human reason and human understanding at a later time.  This
does not change the reality of that which is true, even though the
shadow partially obscures that which is, it does not make it disappear
into nothingness.  Honest doubting is a healthy part of all growth.
you should not doubt your own spiritual experience.  This experience
real, and though it may be obscured for a while, it is still strong
sure.  Embrace, therefore, the Father's love. Love him with all you
mind, heart, and soul. Keep the goal of increasing love always before
you and all will be revealed in time. Is this helping?

Q:Yes, thank you.

Q: Is that the saying don't doubt in the darkness what you learned in
the light?

Ham: Certainly.

Q: Do you have anything for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly, daughter.  You are a very strong woman and you have
always relied on your strength.  But, look again, and your strength
be your weakness at times.  Such strength is difficult to surrender,
difficult to recognize in yourself.  When you open your heart to the
Father's love in your stillness time, allow his love to soften all
is hard or strong.  Release your strength to him, allow yourself total
weakness and you will find true strength as something else, something
different. Is this helping?

Maybe, I will have to think about it. A few months ago your personal
statement was that I should seek human companionship and though I have
not sought it out, I have learned that someone who I know wants a
relationship with me but I don't know if I can trust that information.
Do you have any advice or am I on my own. I basically want to know if
sources are correct or if I should ignore it?

Ham: I cannot interfere in human relations. All relationships are
learning experiences. In fact, they are the most valuable of learning
experiences. So, these things I cannot interfere with.

Q: Do you have a message for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Certainly, son.  You are coming into a time of decision, a time
increased knowledge of yourself.  These things are often prefaced by a
time of waiting when you should seek the stillness and pray for
and for knowledge of the Father's will.  Have courage and
during this time of uncertainty and know that the Father's will is
is actually the best thing for you, even though it may contain
disappointments or set backs.  Is this helping?

Q: Yes. Thank you.

Ham: You are very welcomed son. Know that you are beloved of God and
that nothing can ever alter this central reality in you life.

Q: I can keep myself very busy all the time. I wonder if you can help
see some of the cues as to when it could be a waiting time and when it
should be a working time?

Ham: Yes, you have arranged your life is such a way that work is
an available option so that you are never forced to wait physically.
have arranged your life so that when forced to wait in one respect you
can become immediately busy in another respect. But, look closely, and
you will find a mechanism of self-avoidance. You are in some ways
avoiding that feeling that borders on boredom but that contains a lot
self- understanding and self-reflection.  Most people feel they are
avoiding boredom but, in actuality they are avoiding self-revelation.
certain amount can be had during physical exercise which of course you
practice.  But, there are times when just being alone with your
thoughts, alone with no exercise, no distractions, and yes, with
is very, in fact extremely profitable.

Would long drives be one of those time?


But, even then there is so much physical stimulation and attention to
the act of driving that it almost gets there but not quite.   But yes,
certainly, this is a profitable time if you are driving alone.

Q: Ham do you have a message for Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, you are doing very well.  Your physical health is
increasing greatly as well as you overall mental attitude.  You are
finding many new avenues of pleasure, new sensations of becoming and
this is all wonderful too see.  Be at peace, you do well. That is all.

Q: Do you have anything for Elena?

Ham: Yes.   Elena, daughter, you are gradually learning that you need
times of peace and reflection. You must give yourself this time so
you can relax into the arms of the Father.  Be careful not to overload
yourself with work.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, I will be with you during this upcoming conference. You
have nothing to fear, for I will give you my words strongly and surely
so that none can be mistaken.  Trust in me. Trust in my words and you
will do very well.

Q: Do you have anything for me?

Ham: Certainly son.  You are making good progress You are unaware of
great strides you have made lately, but this progress will do well for
the tests that are ahead.  Relax at this conference.  Allow yourself
enjoy socialization and quiet time.  Remember to allow others their
time as well.  These should be your watch words, +ACI-relax and allow+ACI-.

Q: I was thinking when you were talking to Brodan. I have a hard time
getting myself to do the stillness. I wondered if it was the same
avoidance of self, not wanting to...

Ham: Certainly.

I have thought that what keeps a lot of people from looking at God is
look at God you have to look at who is looking at God.

Q: I don't get it.

Ham: Often what we say to others is relevant in our own lives. But,
again son. Love is never to be feared.

Q: I have of late since we had our visit from the student teach,
to imagine or envision you in your setting when we are in ours. I
you couldn't give me any landscaping clues?

Ham: It is not important for you to understand all the myriad
interactions that I engage in or that your teachers engage in at this
time.  Know that we are in a morontia state which allows many
interactions to transpire at once in your time.  Be at ease. Know that
we love you and care for you at all times.  That is what is important
for you to know.

Q: We are most grateful for that Ham.

Q: I agree.

Ham: We will meet again two weeks from tonight. Until then, my love
prayers are with you all, farewell.

Nashville, Tenn. Teaching Mission Group

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