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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Time, Timing, Inner Strength, Healing
Teachers: Elyon, Evanson, Jessona

July 25, 1999
*	Elyon (Mark TR):  Greetings.  This is your associate Elyon.  I would speak
to you today on time and timing.
	It is the appropriate time and the correct timing at this hour for us to
meet and for this meeting to take place.  You are all engaged in determining the
appropriate actions in your lives given the continuum of time you are involved
in.  At this point in your evolutionary growth, you are most concerned with the
appropriateness of certain actions and the correctness of their timing in
relation to the whole.  During no other of your future life experiences will you
be so encumbered by this march forward of time which you must be aware of and
must march in time with.  All things on your world are relative to time, and you
may find it difficult at times to judge the appropriateness of the timing of any
given action.
	As you all well know, time is critical in the growth of your spiritual
awareness, and a certain amount of time must transpire before you are able to
accumulate enough experience to have a sense of relativity to the march of time,
that certain actions, if they transpire before the correct time, are lost.
actions, if they are postponed after the appropriate time, are likewise lost. 
Therefore you all have gained a sense in your lives of the appropriateness, of
the right time, the right circumstances, the right set of situations in which
spiritual growth might be most effected and effective.
	You are all developing this sense keenly in your own experience of the
correctness of timing in this march of time in which you are all involved, and I
would offer to you today the reassurance that as a means of understanding the
correctness of timing in your approach that you all seek within this assurance
and verification when you encounter situations which require this delicate
timing.  We have spoken to you many times and in many different ways about time
and its relationship to you and to the whole.  You only have experience with
from your perspective as a time and space being.  As a mortal time/space being,
you are keenly aware of the passage of time and are becoming aware of the value
of the passage of time as well as the value and the appropriateness of timing in
the aid you might offer to another.  If the timing proves to be faulty, the
message may fall on deaf ears or be unacceptable.  If the timing is correct then
it may appear to be exactly correct in its delivery and application.  When you
are in doubt as to the correctness of your timing, seek the wisdom of the
stillness and the assurance you find there of the longer perspective on time. 
You may find it appropriate to withhold all that you desire to share with
in favor of the passage of time and more correct timing of the message. 
Likewise, you might find yourself feeling personally that the timing is
inappropriate but, upon reflection in stillness, find the encouragement to go
forward with your message at that time.  Trust in your own sense and
awareness of
receptivity, of coincidence, and of likelihood of acceptance, and when you
uncertain you may turn to the stillness to sway you in one direction or another.
	As teachers we have had to practice this same lesson with you.  We must
wait for receptivity to be appropriate for your experience to be adequate
and for
the timing to be correct.  You are all realizing this is not a hurry; this
is not
a race.  Advancement proceeds as it is supposed to, and there is no effort made
to speed up the process, as we must work with the passage of time in our favor,
not against us.
	So, perhaps observe in your daily activities the significance of proper
timing and attempt to hone this skill of the right place at the right time with
the right message.  It will seem to be far more effective than eagerly searching
for an opportunity to deliver an unwanted message.
	Even in our course of studies together timing is still not right for many
lessons we have in store for you.  We must wait for experience to mount; we must
judge the level of understanding, and we must wait for your acceptance of our
teachings.  No matter what my desire might be to bestow upon you morontia
I am constrained by your position in time and space.  So we must all work with
these restraints and these conditions and learn to be most effective in every
given instance that we are in.
	That would be the extent of my lesson on this day.  I am available to be
engaged, or perhaps another teacher would speak.
	Ginnie:  We can't force others to hear some things before they are ready. 
It happens a lot.  Are there an equal number of times when I should just speak,
when people are ready?  Am I restraining myself because I am afraid of not being
*	Elyon:  This exercise of determining the appropriateness of your comments
is one that you, in your position, are working on honing down to an exercise in
which you can determine the needs of another and the wisdom of your approach. 
Again, this is where I counsel you to make your material determination based on
your observation of the individual, the time you are in, and the timing of the
encounter.  Many times you will make the determination easily and quickly.  In
those instances in which you harbor doubts as to the conclusion to make based
upon your observations, then request assistance of others; myself, your
Indwelling Spirit, the Father.  Go into stillness and ask for the wisdom to make
the right decision on the timing of the desire that is in your heart.  You will
find an answer there whether to withhold, whether to give generously, or whether
to give partially based on the needs and acceptance and ability of the others
	If a mistake is to be made, let it favor on the side of boldness, on the
side of reaching, on the side of pushing and pulling, for if this is
rejected, no
harm has come.  If this opportunity is missed, then the door just closed may not
be reopened for some time.  So, as a guideline, I would suggest that if you are
on the fence, so to speak, whether or not to engage, to participate, be of
service, then I would counsel, all things being equal, it would always be
favorable to make an attempt to reach out, to reach for, to be of service, as
opposed to being intimidated out of service.
	Is this distinction helpful to you?
	Ginnie:  Yes, thank you.  That's a good point, to risk by being bold, bold
but not harsh.  Offer something. 
*	Elyon:  You must also give yourselves more credit than perhaps you do at
being in touch with that sense of appropriateness and timing, for each of
you has
felt in your heart the inappropriateness of timing, the awkwardness of the
situation, the strangeness of the delivery.  Each one of you can recall
in which it did not work; it was not right.  You have felt quite clearly those
instances in your lives, so that you may distinguish when the delivery is not
being accepted, when the timing is incorrect.  Trust that you will make that
discernment in your heart and that if you err on the side of forwardness,
then so
be it.  It is not a radical mistake; it is simply an attempt on your part.
If it
is not appreciated by those involved, then so be that.  It is not up to you to
make the decision for another.  Trust in your sense of appropriateness that you
will make the determination if it is not appropriate and discontinue your
It is that simple.  No real harm is done.
*	Evanson (Jonathan):  I bid you a warm greeting today; this is Evanson,
happy to be in your presence to share this moment, to be exchanging love and to
be delving into insights that we gain by gathering the stories of one another's
experiences.  It is the methods of the morontia realms to exchange in this
manner, for no one individual can experience everything that will be required to
make a full realization of the Supreme God, so we must each pass along to one
another our experiences through the retelling, that each of us may broaden
through this secondary form of experience our exposure to the mechanisms of the
universe and the methods of the Father.
	I have observed, and having been a mortal who was so strictly inclined in
this manner, I would like to point out most humans perceive themselves in the
likeness of a vessel -- a jar, for instance, or perhaps more flexible like a
balloon -- that tangible container that needs to be filled with that intangible
spirit, that hard-to-define and too-easy-to-have-escape fluid or gas.
	In reality, from the morontia view, the human is more like a tent.  You
have the Father's presence, the tent pole, which provides the structure to the
shell, gives it the support from within, provides the ability for this external
apparatus to function as designed.  It is the spirit within that supports you
rather than you containing the spirit, though in reality you work together as a
single being.
	You may also think of the Father's presence as a spindle, your soul as a
spool, and you are winding up upon your soul the experiences of life as you
traverse through time.  The stillness is the experience of the spindle.
	While I am delving into this imagery, I would also use it to illustrate
that your changeless personality is like the spindle and your mind is like the
spool, and your thoughts are the thread that is being unwound constantly.  The
stillness is the experience, that changelessness of your own being when the mind
is quiet, when the thought-threads are still.
	By relying on the interior support that the Father has instilled within
you, you are better able to affix upon this structure your life experiences in a
cohesive manner, not unlike your use of a mold for papier mache.  The structure
exists, and you then creatively express upon it.
	It is  a great gift to me to observe beings of my order who have made the
progress you all have while in your first life.  I was not aware of many of
things when I was in my first life.  I did spend myself perceiving myself as an
empty shell when all along I was fully filled with the Father who cared
constantly for me regardless of my orientation.
	Each of you is blessed with an awareness that you can share with others. 
The sharing need not be the end-all address that sets nations on their courses
toward Light and Life.  Simply being support for another brings about the
possibility of the faith-grasp of the support of the Father in everyone.  It is
the same principle of loving yourself such that you may better love others, such
that you may better experience the love of God, such that you may better love
yourself; the same principle as forgiving that you may be forgiven.  To support
brings the realization in faith of the reality of support.
	I take my leave, and I assure you that you do well.  Take care.

	[The following excerpts are in answer to personal questions]
*	Jessona:  You do well always to tend to the needs of the children of our
master.  We have many individuals who ... require physical aid as well as
spiritual ministry.  I ... would like to assure you that you are one of our aids
for assisting him.  As an assistant, your primary duty is to be willing and
and reactive at the first signal.  You do not need too much to concern yourself
with the details of procedure, since an assistant is one who assists rather than
directs the process.  So, displace any sense of uncertainty that perchance
you do
not percieve the best steps to take.  Rather be receptive to the moment, the
timing, and make your actions definite, decisively trusting that the overall
course of many actions is in the care of Michael and assistants as myself.
	Also, you may miss a cue, but do realize that you are part of a large team. 
Though any one of us may miss the ball when it is tossed our way, others stand
behind to pick it up and to carry on the mission.  You will not be demoted for
such error, rather your training will continue.  This element will be
strengthened and in the end you will stand ever more ready to be of service
	Q: [The fear of dying alone.]
*	Jessona:  The opportunity still exists, for this individual is still alive
and the fear is still present, thus ... it is an addressable issue.   There is
much work to do in relaying the truth that no individual is ever alone.  This is
very hard for physical beings to comprehend when you are so oriented toward the
senses which are only capable of detecting things material.
....	Love is to God in regards to the thirsty soul as is the effect of quenching
is to water.  Love is the quenching effect of God upon the thirsty soul.
.... God
is love, though love is not God.
	I will close this meeting.  I hope that you each have a good week, that it
is spiritually stimulating and enlightening and challenging, for it is these
pressures upon you that yield results.  Thank you.

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