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Daniel(Bill):  Greetings, my friends, this is Daniel.  Thank you for
bringing to the surface the anxiety that underlies some of your hesitation
to put yourself in a position of embarrasement or potential failure.  Please
remember that the ability to TR, while learned, has some natural or genetic
predisposition.  It is easier for some to naturally allow their minds to be
used in the fashion that occurs during the process of Tring. 

However, let me say immediately that this is always totally contingent upon
free will.  No TR is compelled to speak, to write, or do anything else that
is not their own choice.  God does not let this kind of process occur at the
celestial level, while it is true, at times, that you mortals still seek to
usurp the will of other people.  I do not concern myself or worry when you
bring your intelligence to the examination of the truth which emerges in
this process.  

While at one level it would be fraudulent for us to be claiming to be
celestials when we were no more than a portion of your consciousness, it
could also be stated that truth speaks for itself, whatever the source.  I
wish to emphasize that it does require the gift of faith, the willingness to
risk, and the freedom to dismiss the ego's demands in order to become able
to transmit these messages.  I would also add that this process of Tring, of
communicating truth at what you would describe as a telepathic level, is
much more common, understood and accepted on advanced planets who are in the
actual middle stages of Light and Life.  It is more convenient at times to
be able to communicate without words, without fingers, without voice and
there is a certain measure of this process occurring now on this planet.

As you were describing the limitations of scientific thought using the
concept of a box, you were, indeed, describing every person, not merely your
scientists.  Every person is limited by their assumptions of reality.  They
are like the box that encloses the limits of knowledge and truth.  It is
necessarily so in order to maintain sanity and intellectual organization.
Because of these limitations of thought, these belief systems that exclude
experience that is not consistent with the individual's understanding, many
people can continue to live in what Alkon described as cowardice, afraid of
change, unwilling to give up control and truly trust God.  

We teachers understand this to some extent, despite the fact that  many of
us come from native worlds which are much more advanced than this one.  We
continue to come upon this fact of existence for your peoples because of the
darkness of quarantine and isolation coupled with the lies spawned by
Lucifer and his comrades and due also to the Adamic default on your planet.
So much truth that would normally be clear as a bell struggles to penetrate
the rigid walls of these intellectual boxes, these perceptual filters which
without fair assessment continue to rule out spiritual experience.  

I wish to sincerely thank you for having the courage to open the screens of
your perceptual filters wider to allow more data to enter.  I do not expect
or wish you to stop using your minds, for after all, our minds are from our
dear Mother, Herself. 

Well, this was not the scheduled topic for this evening, but due to your
need for clarification I was appointed to discuss this process more fully.
I wish now to defer to my senior colleague, Minearisa, who desires to
address you.

Minearisa(Nancy):   Yes, my dear students and friends, indeed is it my
delight to have your rapt ears this evening.  Has Daniel has informed you,
we have made the decision to alter our previously prepared curriculum in
order to address the Correcting Time in its broader sense. Many of you have
much if not all of the information we wish to impart this evening, but for
some in our audience this coming information is new or incomplete. Of
course, when I use the term audience I am referring to readers of our
transcripts as well as to those of you here in this room.

The purpose of the Correcting Time is to correct all that went astray in
this planet's proper spiritual, emotional, material, and intellectual
evolution as a result of the Lucifer Rebellion, which includes the Adamic
default.  Because of this fact of the rebellion in Heaven, this rebellion in
the System, this planet's administration has led to atrocities and pain of
unimaginable proportion.  Things that would never exist on a non-rebellion
world exist here!  For instance, your genetic strains have many defects that
would not have  remained were it not for the rebellion.  The ability to
parent was lost because the role models of parenting were removed.  The
technology that has developed has developed in a distorted and mangled way
separate from spiritual understanding of the holistic nature of the planet,
of life, of the universe.  Irresponsibility flourishes.  These are but a few
examples of the horror wrought by this rebellion and the impact it has had
on your planet.

Before I proceed further I wish to insert this reminder.  God uses all
things for the good; that more good has already come from this rebellion
than the damage wrought.   Such is the greatness of God when seen with the
benefit of extended time.  It is from the limited perspective of the human
life, that has not the benefit of time to understand the greatness that can
come from these awful events, that one feels such despair from the results
of this rebellion.  May I add that many of your teachers that come to this
planet from advanced planets are shocked and horrified.  Your existence, the
results, are far outside the range of even the verbally educated teachers
who have been told of the results of rebellion, but find that experiencing
it first hand is unbelievable.  Even in their more advanced state this
shakes them, even though they know of God's love, God's mercy  and God's
greatness.  To see the result creates pain and stress in those hosts of
beings who are here now present as volunteers to assist this planet and its
citizens in healing that which is amiss.  This is the Correcting Time: to
make right that which was put wrong by the rebellion.

Lucifer and Lucifer's cohorts in the rebellion no longer exist.  The
tribunals of justice have rolled on, the decree has come out, the rebels
were given every opportunity to repent, to choose love, to choose goodness,
to choose reality, to choose God.  They chose unreality and ultimately they
chose to cease to exist!  They are gone.  What is now left are the results
of their misdeeds, are the energy patterns of their lies, are the remnants
of their deception of false liberty.  

So much has yet to be put right!  Your families are in trouble.  Your
environment is in trouble.  Technology is divorced from those whom it was
meant to serve.  Your political institutions are in trouble and etc.  We are
here, we, Michael's staff and hundreds of millions of volunteers, to correct
all that is amiss as a result of the rebellion.

The phenomenon that you are experiencing in this meeting at this time is but
one minute aspect of correction.  There are millions of spiritual advisors,
teachers, assisting hundreds of millions of mortal individuals in their
spiritual ascent.  Some of them are aware of this assistance, as are most of
you in this room.  Many mortals are not aware, but the assistance is there
nonetheless.  It is there in a nudge, in an urge to look more closely at a
situation and to become responsible for one's feelings, one's actions in the
situation.  The urge is there to know God, to build a relationship with God,
both loving Father, Mother, Source who many on this planet find difficult to
accept as loving and caring, giving such devastating results of rebellion.
Help is there for your scientists as they seek to expand knowledge into new
areas, as they search for solutions to material problems, to environmental
problems and problems of energy, that they may understand the fullness of
reality, the wholeness of life and find methods that respond to this reality
Help is there for your politicians and world leaders as they seek to avert
war and to find fair and ethical answers to questions of equity in human
rights.  Help is there for your clergy in all religions as they seek to
assist their parishioners, those to whom they are servants, in coming into a
greater understanding of God, God's purpose in the unity in reality.  Help
is there for parents as they seek to meet the emotional and physical needs
of their children.  Help is there for teachers and for counselors and etc.
Still, this is but one aspect of the Correcting Time.

More help is on the way.  Visual assistance is nearly at hand.  That which
people at this time must know only by faith will be known through personal
experience.  This is the last generation of Agondonter status for this
planet.  This will be the intermediate stage of correction time. The
Correcting Time will be complete when this planet enters the first stages of
Light and Life, when the footprint, the deformity of the rebellion is erased

There is still so much more to disclose to you about correcting time, but
this disclosure will take place as the next stages unfold.  I have said
enough for now.  Daniel and I are willing to open this forum for your
further questions, concerns, discussion.  The floor is now open.

Virginia: Minearisa, your statements brought a lot of things to my mind.
Number one, I have never thought in terms of the lack of extended time on
the part of Adam and Eve as affecting the genetics of our planet.  I think
this is what you made reference to.  So that when we see our loved ones with
many problems that we have concern about and no answers to, did I interpret
what you said correctly about this being a part of the rebellion or the

Minearisa(Nancy): Most definitely!  The rebellion led to the default and the
default resulted in a lack of the violet blood being present in the
proportion required to strengthen and amalgamate the human races.  This has
resulted in numerous defects.  Correcting Time will clean up these genetics.  

Whenever genetics are referred to,  many, many individuals experience a wave
of apprehension due to the atrocities of genetic cleansing perpetrated by
many demented individuals, but particularly does Hitler in the second world
war come to mind.  I assure you that when we refer to the cleansing of your
genetic strains we have nothing like this in mind.  Rather will methods be
found to rid particular diseases, to rid the DNA of particular diseases
while maintaining the integrity of all that is positive.  Yes, genetic
defects are a result of the rebellion and the Adamic default.  Perhaps
Daniel would desire to add to this discussion.

Daniel(Bill): You see, the superiority of the violet blood would have
removed by dominant genetic process many of the genetic structures which
result in criminality, mental illness, mental deficiency, etc.  I am aware,
as Minearisa has alluded to, that these are not politically correct points
of view at this time on your planet, at least among certain intellectual
circles.  However, when the emotional baggage which now drags down the cause
of eugenics is discarded, the solution to this Adamic failure must of
necessity be developed within the scientific possibilities which are emerging.  

This is, indeed, a very important area for your planet because the presence
of genetically inferior individuals has been fostered by the Luciferian
doctrine of freedom.  It has been made to appear that every person has the
right to reproduce and to receive all the benefits of a culture, despite
their ability or willingness to contribute their fair share.  This has
detrimental effects; and these sorts of discussions are dangerously close to
the line of heresy, not from a religious viewpoint, but from a
pseudointellectual one.  

On my planet, which was further advanced than yours, these issues had no
emotional connotation to them, for it was fully understood that the dignity
of men and women does not reside in their animal natures but resides in
their spiritual identities.  However, it is God's plan for all planets that
the material context of life should evolve to the point where an individual
mortal is free from the burden of excessive work, of battling disease, and
that the proper results of technology are to free the person for leisure
time that can be spent in spiritual and intellectual growth.  You also
should read the text where it describes for you these very issues in no
nonsense terms, if you need further elucidation.  I am finished.

Virginia: Thank you.

Daniel: Aaron wishes to speak.

Aaron(Bill): Hello friends, I am Aaron.  I wish to convey my love to you;
and that I was part of the original plan to do my questioning "thing"
tonight.  So, you may rejoice, you are off the hook (Laughter) tonight
inasmuch as we have shifted gears.(Yeaaaaaah followed by much laughter)

Aaron(Bill): Thank you Kenneth, for I will see to it that I fulfil my
intentions!  But, of course, you may always refuse if you wish.

Well, my friends, this has been an enormous serving on your plates this
evening, not all of it easy to swallow or pleasant to contemplate.  However,
I will, therefore, conclude our remarks to say this to you.

I am pleased to be included in your teaching staff and I promise you that
when I ask you questions it is not for the purpose of embarrassment.  I will
be present at our next meeting and we shall see how it develops.  Now let us
return to your part of the program.  Are there other questions, please?

Virginia: Teachers, I hope I am not dominating here.  I know what the book
says about people wanting to believe in the devil and even in hell.  Yet the
reference today by Minearisa that Lucifer is no more or his cohorts makes me
want to ask the question why there are those who really prefer to believe
that the devil still exists.  Is it really because we want to find someone
to blame rather than to accept the responsibility of our own actions.  I
know that is simple, and maybe just a simple answer is all.....

Daniel(Bill): Yes, my dear, you are exactly correct.  There is also one
other dimension.  The magnitude of evil on this planet has so far exceeded
any individual that it was apparent to people in the past that this could
not be just the work of individual humans.  The left over energy patterns,
the distorted ideas, the altered function of ego in the personalities of
mortals on this planet, these results from the rebellion and default are
still with us. 

However, as the waves move away from the center of an object that falls in a
quiet pool and gradually as they move out diminish in their strength, so
will these effects of the rebellion and default gradually diminish.  They
will diminish more rapidly, however, as a result of the spiritual help that
is now available to every human being on this planet who desires to turn
their back on Lucifer and his ideas and march toward the light of God.  Do
you wish further commentary?

Virginia: No, teachers, thank you.

Daniel: The last call, otherwise we will conclude our meeting.  (Long pause)   

Virginia: I am going to ask one more.  Minearisa made reference to visual
help that was coming and I wondered what that meant?

Minearisa(Nancy): I am Minearisa.  I was referring to the Magisterial Son
mission that we announced previously.

Virginia: Thank you, Minearisa.  I wanted that clarification.

Minearisa: You are welcome.  Thank you for your bringing to my attention my
lack of clarity.  Yes, a Magisterial Son mission is soon.

Ken: Thank you Teachers, Minearisa, Daniel, Aaron for helping us with our
conceptions of the future, the things that are in store for us in our growth
to Light and Life.  You have clarified some of the concerns we had in our
share time.  Thank you, again.

Daniel(Bill): I am Daniel.  Thank you, Ken, for your expression of
gratitude.   I would conclude our meeting with these thoughts.

While the excitement of the future is delicious to taste and thrills the
soul to think that this planet is finally going to turn around, I would
remind you that your greatest excitement is truly in your discovery of the
nature of God as He dwells within you.  Your desire to conform to His truth,
beauty, and goodness in you and express that to all others, still remains
the most important thing, for this world will reach Light and Life one
person at a time.  When the Magisterial Son comes he will not command, but
he will, in the manner of divine love, encourage, facilitate and teach.
Your own adventure in ascension is your prime responsibility for with this
you do share with the whole.  As each part progresses, so does the whole
progress; and even in reciprocal fashion as the whole moves, so does it
facilitate each part.

We are overjoyed to be part of your lives, my friends!  Someday you will
join us and see us as we are, and then you will know those moments of doubt,
those worries and anxieties, while real enough at the time, have no lasting
influence.  Only that which is of God shall last.  All the rest will either
evolve from error to perfection or be extinguished as sin and iniquity.  My
love to you all, and the love our staff here present, go with you.  But most
importantly, the Source of all Love is in your hearts and minds forever.  Go
in peace. Goodbye.

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