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Daniel(Bill): Greetings.  I am Daniel, your teacher, friend, helper and
companion.  For many years this Melchizedek classroom has been in session.
Many of you from the beginning are still attending class.  As one of the
instructors that has worked with you so many years, I am delighted to
continue to be offered the companionship of you my mortal friends and fellow
ascension careers comrades.

Indeed, is life consisting of the ups and downs of the unexpected as well as
the certain routines of habit which serves as a set of rails to keep the
train of your life on track.  Sometimes you and I are surprised by joy; and
sometimes we are confronted with large obstacles on our path which require
thought and patience to circumvent.  I have told you before, that as you
learn to ride the surfboard you will begin to successfully skim the surface
of the waves of life without having to fall into the slough of despond,
without having to always be upset and overturned in your efforts to keep
your balance.  As I promised you, now is it coming to pass, for all of you
are progressing, all of you are learning from your errors and all of you are
choosing the higher way, the better path.  This is commendable in the
highest degree, for you are learning that the great fraud foisted upon
Urantia, fear, does need to have any place in your lives.  

For some of you this summer is a respite, is a change of pace that brings
diversion and rest.  For others of you there is pressure which motivates you
to align your priorities according to spiritual standards so that your life
may unfold with its maximum efficiency and spiritual benefit.  Each of you
is learning the lesson that God intends.  My lesson tonight is another
installment on balance.  Yes, I feel as though I am in the mode of our first
several years as I have been given the honor of the main teaching this

Balance, my dear friends, is something that you will never perfectly learn
this side of Havona and yet you will constantly progress in your
comprehension and practice.  As we have discussed in the past and I have
enumerated various aspects, I am therefor not going to dwell on facets of
balance, but rather I wish to tell you the key ingredient.  My friends, (and
this will come as no surprise), the key ingredient is sincere intention to
do the will of the First Source and Center. 

Sincere intention is the most important aspect.  Your lives unfold according
to this driving motivation.  While it may be important to make lists, if
your mind needs that resource of reinforcement, and while it is important to
prioritize based on your value system, the most important aspect is what you
value the most.  When you allow that Divine Pilot full authority over
guidance and you trust that God Within is the same Deity who creates and
upholds the universe of universes, when you recognize that your Maker knows
you better than you know yourself, and you sincerely intend to discover that
guidance, then, my friends, do you, indeed, find the key to a balanced life.  

Jesus, our Master, led the perfect human, not because he was a genius,
although his mind approached vistas beyond the normal human.  His life was
perfection for his sincere intention was to always do the work of his
Father, the will of our God.  You recall that he gave considerable thought
and prayer to every aspect of his life.  As he matured from early
adolescence to early manhood, he regarded all the things we call material
responsibilities with the greatest and most earnest effort.  But his
intention was one hundred percent sincere and because of that, rather than
because of his divine nature, did this God man become the perfected human of
his realm.  

You can view his life as it is portrayed in the Urantia book and behold the
incredible balance of character traits that he displayed.  His devotion to
God was not pious, not ostentatious.  His love for people did not lead him
to manipulate or control them.  He was not a curious, voyeuristic counselor.
He was an encouraging companion of all, a  loving human personality who
literally radiated the love of God.

All of us are moving toward that perfection, but you who are still mortal
and in the flesh, do not consider the achievement of the Master to be
completely out of the ballpark.  Indeed, his life was lived for all worlds
of Nebadon as well as for this planet, not to hold up an impossible,
unattainable, guild producing ideal, but to offer you the courage that he
had, that made his faith so resolute.

You do very well, my friends.   Tonight's talk is the secret to the balanced
personality, perfectly portrayed in our Lord Christ Michael, Sovereign of
Nebadon, to whom I offer my heart and allegiance. (Pausing to pray)

Again, my dear Brother, may we all learn to do our Father's will, as you
have!  Amen.

Minearisa(Nancy): I will pick up the thread of the sermonette.  I am
Minearisa, pleased to be among you this evening.  My contribution to this
discussion concerns the doing of God's will.

Daniel has eloquently laid before you the first step, which is sincere
intention, and shown to you the perfection of a life lived devoted, guided,
centered upon God's will.   

Some of you have the mistaken notion that God's will is like a thin thread,
like the blade of a knife, something very difficult to maintain, to stay
upon, all to easy to pitch off in the direction of error and sin.  Some of
you have the mistaken notion that there is only one way to do God's will.
This is not the case.  God's will is like a mile wide highway, like a five
mile wide highway extending to the horizon in either direction, leading to

Within God's will there is the possibility of error, so this wide highway is
like a three part ribbon.  The middle section is God's will without error.
The wide ribbon on both sides allow for human error, for God did not create
you as perfect beings, no, but as evolutionary beings that begin at the
lowest and advance to the highest of existences.  Only in sin is God's will

I offer you this image so that you will judge yourselves less harshly and
let go of the desire to determine whether you have, in fact, achieved the
doing of God's will.   For even if you err, even if you make mistakes, even
if you seemingly fall on your faces and fail, this does not mean you are
outside of God's will and in danger.  The key here, too, is sincere
intention.  If you sincerely desire to let that fully creative Power be your
Guide, you will have succeeded.  Your life will not be lived without
mistakes for you are mortal beings, but your soul will be enhanced and you
will take steps ever closer to perfection on your journey to the Father.

This completes my contribution to this topic.

Alexis(Cathy): This is Alexis with a metaphor which expands upon the
concepts of balance and control. 

 As you travel this highway that extends from horizon to horizon, imagine
yourself traveling upon a beautiful white horse.  What you think of as your
self is the intellect portion, the head portion which rides atop the horse
and guides it.  The horse, itself, is your spirit; it is your heart.  You
need both head/intellect and heart/spirit to get where you are going.  The
concept of balance might be interpreted as staying on the horse.  However,
it is more a matter of speed, for the speed at which you travel is inversely
proportional to the level of control manifested by how tightly you hold back
on the reins of that horse, for the more tightly you hold back, the more you
hinder the animal's forward motion.  A certain level of control is necessary
in order to determine the direction in which you desire to go.  However, too
much control will hinder your forward progress, hence the concept of
balance.  The more trust you place in spirit the looser you may hold the
reigns and the faster you can travel.  You might think that it is your
highest goal to reach your destination atop the horse, however, getting
bucked off here and there does happen, and when that happens it is to your
greatest credit to stand up, brush yourself off, and get back on the horse.

I thank you for your attention.  There is now time for questions, should you
desire to ask.

Minearisa(Nancy):   ....or comments or discussion of any sort.  We also are
willing to continue discussion from last week.

Tomas(Bill): This is Tomas, not to divert your questions, but I am here to
thank you for your generous help for the publication of these teachings
which have been a part of Machiventa's lesson plan from the beginning.
Again, I do miss my times with you and it is a joy for me to be in
attendance.  Now, let us return for an opportunity for you to interact.

Virginia: Teachers, the subject tonight, balance as sincere intention
reminds me of a friend of ours that talked about sincere intention, wanting
help from God for a particular problem, which I am not aware of.  The
question was, when you have sincere intention and want God's will and help,
why doesn't it come?  We can throw out all sorts of human thoughts on this,
but I thought maybe this was an opportunity to ask you teachers.  Do we know
ourselves well enough to know we have sincere intention?  Do I know myself
well enough?  Do I listen well enough?  That was the question I had, even
for this person.  Or is it God's will that we go on dealing with the same
problems because we haven't learned the lesson well?  I don't know.

Daniel(Bill): I am Daniel.  I wish to clarify, Virginia.  It is not sincere
intention in general, but sincere intention to do God's will.  Many people
pray with sincerity and with great emotionality for certain things to
transpire, feeling that their sincerity merits God bending His ear and
changing His plan to comply with their requests.  I am not suggesting that
this is exactly what you meant and also, as Minearisa has pointed out, error
is inevitable, as long as imperfection remains.  This is also true of the
life beyond the mortal estate. Has this responded to your intention in your

Virginia: Daniel, I am not sure because I don't know the other persons'
situation.  I was just reminded of this, that when we seek God's will...I
guess I have to look at this in a new way, as Minearisa has said, God's will
is five miles wide from horizon to horizon with that perfect center lane
that we would all like to be in all the time while at the same time we can
be doing the will of God, even with error present.  I am not sure whether
this would answer this particular person's concerns or not.  I just threw it
out to see if there was an insight I could share.  Thank you.

Minearisa(Nancy): I am Minearisa.  I also wish to respond to this
stimulating, thought provoking and most common concern.

Many people make the mistake of believing they know what God's will is; and
when what they think is God's will does not come to pass they question
either God or themselves and their sincerity.  The problem here is in the
act of judging God's will.  This is not the concern of the mortal.  The
mortal's concern is to first give sincere intention and from that intention
ask to discern God's will within whatever situation there may be. I would
remind us all, here, that God's will is truth, beauty, and goodness.  Always
are these essences accessible in any and every circumstance, so matter how
seemingly awful and violating at the time, even if the only redeeming
attribute is the ability to have compassion for another in a similar
situation.  Compassion is under the umbrella of truth, beauty, and goodness.
Compassion is Godlike and is learnable in every situation.  So I suggest
that rather than attempting to find God's will in outcomes, one looks for
God's will in essences.  I hope this helps.

Virginia: Thank you, Minearisa.

Daniel(Bill): Are there other concerns that we can discuss?  (Long pause)
Therefor, hearing none, we will now take our leave from you.  This has been
a most fruitful and important consideration, my dears, for it is the main
business which we are all about, to get to know God and to become more like
Him which is His will for all of us.  Know that all of your teachers and
your guardian Seraphim rejoice in the progress that you are making.  Accept
the fact that you will make mistakes, that you will be tempted to turn away
from the five mile wide road, but you don't have to do it.  You can't avoid
making mistakes until you reach perfection, but you can avoid turning away
from that sincere intention to do God's will.  So I say to all of you, come
and joyfully walk this highway with us.  Praise be always to our God on
high, our Father/Brother Christ Michael, and to our Mother Nebadonia.  Good

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