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Coeur d'Alene teaching Mission Group
Topics: Ready to Fly, Life - Human and Spiritual, Love is Everything
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona, Michael

(Visitor Kimo Godbold, Volcano, HI)
July 11, 1999
*	Elyon (Sarah):  Hello, this is Elyon.  I am so happy to have a group this
morning that can let go of the mundane and focus on the brilliance.  As you
your growth will be more steady, and you will adopt such feelings, sorrow,
helplessness, and powerful questions to seek answers from us.  You need to
realize that you are on Urantia to find the answers so you may move on into
higher realms without stopping along the way.
	Another thing I would like for you to realize is that, as the group is
today, you are ready to fly.  Your feet are not on the ground, and, whatever is
handed to you, thank God for the lessons.  We would like each of you to remember
to give a little pat on the back or a smile or touch a hand to the persons you
come in contact with.  I cannot stress enough that you are beyond holding your
embodiment down.  You are one of us, and you are each angels to serve your time
to the betterment of others.
	As you leave on your daily life, let go of all the common problems and
watch for the times you are asked by Michael to be the angel someone needs.  You
have gone beyond material, beyond what others might think of you.  If you are a
little different they cannot understand.  But Michael is always there, as he is
now, and he is so happy that you have traveled so far in one lifetime.  You are
trained to fly on your own.  It is time for the teachers and guides and Michael
and God, all of us, to stand back and watch you soar.
	This is all I have to say for the moment.
*	Jessona (Jonathan):  This is Jessona; I welcome the opportunity to speak. 
It is a pleasure to do so, as I am one who is given to indulge in relationship,
for it is that intermingling that is vital for spiritual progress.  It is in our
exchange that we propel ourselves forward.
	You are aware of the Breath of Life and that this breath vitalizes the
inert matter of the world, giving life to the plasm that can support it.  The
living quality of the matter is likened to the motion of waves in water.  The
very compounds that make up your body themselves simply are, but the
between them, the interactions, are the result of this life-in-motioning input.
	You know that your cells that compose your physical vehicle are not the
same as they were at your birth.  Various functions have run their course. 
Others did not begin until certain stages of your life, yet they all are
integrated into a continuum that is your life history.  Sooner or later each of
you will complete this episode of physical experience, and you will translate
into the next realm and begin a new undertaking using the physical format of the
morontia spheres.  This will be your first experience, the true discovery of
continuity from life to life.  It is a mystery to the philosopher how
consciousness can be continuous from birth to death when all else appears to
change and change many times over and yet you still are.
	Upon awakening on the mansion worlds you will see that this continuity
holds not only through life but from life to life.  Herein is the import of
spiritual application in your current living conditions.  Much as life is the
waves of water to the material elements, your soul is the surfer of these
The more you surf the more expert becomes your being at living life both in its
discovery and in your applications.
	You have mentioned storing your treasures in heaven.  The soul is the
treasure you store; it is the bridge from the life you are in now to the
life you
will experience.  Though this is the prime purpose while being a mortal to
initiate soul growth, to begin your early phases of morontia becoming, you are
also sensitive to the master's charge to love and serve one another.  This is
because we in the realms above you are concerned for every individual.  We
root for, hope for, and encourage all soul growth.  There is no winner, first
place soul, that will champion over another.  We are calling all to the higher
	Urantia will continue its course about its sun for centuries upon
centuries, and life will continue its evolution, though soul after soul will
come and gone from this planet.  What you do here that will be of lasting value
will be your touch upon the heart of another and your investment in your eternal
	You have expressed frustration over the things physical about your life. 
Imagine the disappointment of Adam and Eve when they realized their failure in
modifying the life plasm on this world.  The enhancements they were told of in
their training that they could install into this DNA network were beautiful and
inspiring to imagine that they would be the ones to deliver this blessing.  Yet
in spite of the shortcomings, life is vigorous and it continues its
We who are involved in the ministry of healing and increasing biological
wellbeing know that the process will not fail; it has only been slowed. 
Likewise, as you encounter hurdles in your days you are only slowed; you are not
stalled.  For that matter, these hurdles are stimulative of soul growth much as
intense exercise is stimulative of muscular growth.  The strain and the pain
bring strength and gain.
	Since you are dual in nature, anchored materially and propelled
spiritually, you will of necessity be wrestling with the experiences and
bearings upon your life.  It is noble and worthwhile to bring betterment at both
levels.  It is not healthy to seek only the spiritual without balance in your
physical realm.  By doing so one reflects back upon the other and brings
enhancement.  This is, itself, relationship.  You know that conversation is best
when it is a dialogue, and there is sharing.  Your life is enhanced when your
physical and spiritual are in dialogue.  That is the vital motion of the
	You are all very young from my perspective, and you will witness in your
years ahead the diminishment of your physical wellbeing, as life on Urantia is
transient and temporal.  But do guard well your eternal career and your spirit
standing; this is on the increase.  It will never diminish.  It will stand for
eternity.  It is your being on into the far stretches of eternity.
	I am greatly encouraged at your zeal to be healers, to be conduits for that
spiritual connection in physical need, for I am certain of your continued
spiritual progress; there is no doubt in my mind of your eternal future.  But I
am more greatly enthused by your concerns here and now for your fellows, for
is where my work lies, and I need your assistance.
	Thank you for letting me speak today.  If you have questions or comments I
would entertain them at this time.
	Sarah:  Life is like a pendulum.  The farther you go down, the higher you
come up.  With bipolar it starts with a manic stage of, "Everything is
and I can do anything."  As high as that goes is how low it will go in
depression.  How can you tell us life is so important?  I'm only human, and
but I
can go so far up that I just barely need to keep my feet touching the ground to
be able to spiritually grow.  Am I getting ahead of the game or am I
catching on?
*	Jessona:  Your spiritual progress is the most important element of your
being, for it takes place upon the stage of human life.  Therefore the two go
hand-in-hand.  It is the arena of life that you engage in the experiences that
bring growth as well as applies your growth in service and in exercise such that
you may develop your abilities for those morontia realms wherein these newly
acquired skills will be contributory to even greater growth and
Your struggle with your emotional swings indicate an inherent dynamic that is
part of life but is, in your case, hard to control.  It is normal for the human
emotion to be up as well as down, for this oscillation drives the personality
forward.  An automobile without a muffler is extremely noisy.  An automobile
without a return spring on its throttle is out of control.  It is the checks and
balances that make for smooth operation and pleasant driving, and this is
true of
the physical and chemical composition of the human vehicle.  But you are correct
to take note of the driver, for this is the one who, at the completion of the
journey, will step out of the vehicle and onto the airplane and take flight, as
Elyon has encouraged you today.
	Over the ages your religions have waged war upon the physical side of the
human nature.  It has been sad to see this occurrence when in all reality this
material environment is here for your spiritual benefit.  If it were not that
important, Adam and Eve would have not undergone the training they did to bring
upliftment to your world on a biological level.  It is valuable, but it is
valuable as support and springboard for the soul and the Supreme and the
of the planet in Light and Life.
	The century you find yourself alive in has certain conditions that require
of you certain behaviors that were not necessarily so in times past.  You may
think of it like an artist who once may have used the clay tablet, who once may
have used a slate, who today may use canvas, and in the future may use a lit
screen.  Each of you has mental, emotional, and physical configurations that can
be likened to whether or not you as an artist are a painter, a drawer, a carver,
or an etcher.  No matter the century, no matter your traits, the result will be
your soul, the artwork of having lived this life.  This is the valuable,
cherished result that will stand the ages.  Much as you admire the cave drawings
of your early ancestors and your masters of fine art from simply a few centuries
back, the media come and go but the art stands lastingly in value.  This is
a way
to perceive the relationship of your human to your spiritual nature.
	If there are no more questions, I will withdraw and bid you farewell.
*	Michael (Sarah):  I am Michael.  My colleagues are deeply touched.  We feel
that the hearts of each of you have embraced the hearts of ours today.  I am so
proud that you have stopped for a conference with us today, and love is all
is.  Everything is made of love.  I will walk with you through eternity. 

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