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Teaching Mission
Northwest Regional Conference
Wallowa Lake, Oregon
July 17-20, 1999

Saturday, June 19

*	Janel  (Mark F. TR):  Greetings, friends, this is Janel.  What a
spectacular group of people we have!  It is our absolute privilege to be here
amongst you.  Every year you gather you see each other and the distance you have
grown.  We see you every day.  As teachers, we ourselves are interested in the
teachers you are all becoming.
	Remember, friends, your role on this planet is not to have the answers but
to describe the path well.  Now some of you may have found the way up a bit
difficult; you've stepped on rocks.  You found yourself in poison oak.  That's
useful.  Describing the path, how you get there, the struggles you went through,
all of that is the value you can give.  Having the answers is not your role.
answers are for the Father.  In fact, those of you who feel you have done the
worst have the most to offer, if you have the courage to describe it.  If you
have the courage to recognize in yourself that your journey has value.
	So much emphasis in your society and culture is placed on doing it right
and making it look easy.  The best gift you can give each other is to make it
look hard and to do it as openly as possible.  It is  difficult to live on this
planet, and we find ourselves looking at your struggles.  As it breaks our
it also... you don't have a word for what we would use, but envy would be the
closest thing I would use.  We envy you and your opportunities here.  At the
time our heart absolutely aches for you.  But remember, we know what's next for
you.  So, as we are sorry for your struggles, we also glory in the opportunities
we have here in the struggles that you have making the most of the darkness.
	You are going to be spectacular traveling companions.  We all clamor to get
in line to walk beside you as you reach out into the universe and start bringing
this resilience to the Father's work.  It will be our privilege to walk with
You have so much to give to this planet, so much that you cannot even begin to
realize.  You have so many gifts to give, and we will be there with you every
step of the way to try to show you the pieces and the parts that you carry with
you.  You take for granted so much about yourselves, and you are laden with
tools.  There is in all of you a growing and burning desire to help your
and sisters on this world if only you could access the piece of you that would
speak to them.  If only you could employ the right tool.  If only you could
be as
Michael was and teach what they need to hear.  All of that will be yours; you
move far swifter than you think.
	And those of you who do not yet feel that you walk the path of a teacher on
this planet, it is time that you began to realize the role that you have
Each of you will do and use your voice in your own way, but the Father speaks
through you, if you open your heart to it.  You have lived here; you know this
place.  Open the door and let the truth come through you.
	We are so excited to see what you will discover next.  We love you so much. 
We are always here.  Thank you, friends.
*	Solonia  (Daniel):  Greetings, this is Solonia.  It is quite possible that
in future generations they will look at this era as an age of prophets. 
Prophecy, while it may seem incredible and beyond your own abilities, in essence
is no more than a soulful sharing of the new concepts of God that you have
personally discovered and choose to share openly with those around you.
	In the olden days of the prophets these men and women did not know that
they were being prophets as we now view them on Urantia.  They had discovered
something about their relationship with our Father that changed their lives,
caused them to naturally step forward with this and in this, because they could
not help themselves.  You each feel these moments.  You each are becoming
marvelous teachers as well as prophets.  You may not be individually known as
prophets in this age of prophecy because there are so very many now who are
working together as a part of this correcting time to show what they have
discovered to the greater world.
	The olden prophets did not go and speak to the world.  They spoke to
individuals and to small groups and then to slightly larger groups, but they
very circumscribed in the arena where they lived. Yet today these sharings of
soulful contact with their Fragments of God have survived and today, even these
millennia later, serve to inspire the masses.
	Do not hold back that which you hold dear in your soul which you are
discovering.  Share your personal experiences of God, for in this way do you
prophesy what is to come.  A single teacher may have an impact on an entire
school, yet the greater impact is from all of the children who take what they
learn from this teacher out into the world as a part of their lives.  This
is how
the large world changes.  There is none of you who can go out and change the
world, because there are so many differential levels of perception of the
Yet each of you teach and learn at your level, and consequently the Father
to you those who you can learn from and especially those you can teach, and
oftentimes they are the same.  You teach and you learn from every individual you
encounter.  You learn different lessons, perhaps, than the other learns, yet
of you learns that which is to your individual greatest growth and
potential.  In
the planetary level that is what brings the world up as a whole.  There are
who teach you; there are those that you teach.  There are those who learn from
those that you teach.  There are those who learn from those you have taught who
take this gospel of love and compassion so far beyond your perception.
	The correcting time includes every level, for if there was no need for a
level, it would no longer exist.  When there is one who must still learn to be a
caveman, the necessity for cave theology is still existent; it is still
necessary.  It is still beneficial.  Every step in faith by every child of our
Universal Parent is relative and important to the full experience of our Supreme
	Never judge yourselves, my dear friends, for where you may be.  You are
where our Father feels it is best for you to grow, that you as a personality
have the most to offer.  Share freely from your experiences.  Do not fear to
God as you perceive.
	So long in the past people have told one another what they should see in
our Creator.  This is God; that is God.  All of it together, my dear ones, are
	This Teaching Mission of Urantia believers is very important for the fact
that we have a slightly different perspective of cosmology.  This
perspective has
not been known on this world prior to these times.  Yes, it is indeed
It is no more important than the child who makes his first moral decision.
It is
no more than the caveman looking into the fire and discovering a greater power.
It is no less than our mission to you on this world.  It is as great as all that
is done in our Father's name throughout the universe of universes.
	Let your perspectives grow to encompass all of experience and to appreciate
growth wherever it manifests.  Leave all judgment of the apparent results to the
creators.  They are more capable of seeing the larger view of each one of your
individual experiences as a unique expression of the whole.
	We all are very honored to be working and playing and speaking together
with you.  This is a time of tremendous change on your world.  It is the
beginning steps into adulthood.  You are beloved to us.  If you could hear the
cheers as each of you makes what you consider an insignificant step, you
would be
	Our perspectives are further developed than are your own.  That is a given. 
Yours will be so, yet by that time ours will have grown, and then yours will
grown, and we all work side by side and ... of our Father's love with each
Be teachers.  Be prophets.  Be Father's children above all and recognize
that you
are infinitely cherished as that child.
	That is all from me today.  Thank you for coming together.

*	 Evanson  (Jonathan):  Hi.  Thank you for your welcome.  I am Evanson.  I
would like to offer a comment in illustration that may help to further your
investigation into your afternoon topic on differential levels.
	It is fondly regarded by many of you how the apostles reacted their final
meal with Michael when he was on your world, arguing over who was going to
sit at
the head of the table.  You know well the clever antics they went through
and how
they missed the point.  The master entered the room, and he was truly
disappointed.  However, -- now you must remember, he is our Creator Son on the
very brink of attaining  Master Son status.  He is about to go up one more notch
and become, in all of Nebadon, supreme.  What did he do? --  He removed his
garment, grabbed  a washing bowl, knelt before each of them and washed their
	We do chuckle over the intense attention mortals give to ranking.  It is
true, our universe is arrayed in an infinite graduation of ability and
accomplishment.  However, it is not our obsession.  It is part of our matrix; it
is the beauty of our multiplicity.
	I have shared an opinion with my local friends that I will share again
here. Michael, when on your world, said, "Judge not lest you be judged."  You
see, when you discern in another an error or inappropriateness, it is
because you
perceive a morontia viewpoint.  You hold an answer, perhaps, a technique for
improvement, for advancement.  The judgment that comes to you is that you
are now
in a position to minister.  When Michael entered the room he discerned the error
of his apostles, but he did not judge them and close the prison door.  He knelt
and ministered to their needs.  To discern the difference in one another is
to be
on the look out for opportunities to serve, not for the elevation of self as
grander than another, but rather the opportunity to replicate the motions of
Michael, to approach your fellows and bless them with a taste of the mercy, the
love, the compassion, and kindness of the Father.
	While we who are ascending mortals crave that ascension, that climb to the
higher, there are those like our master who crave the descension into the lives
and experiences of the younger and less accomplished creatures.  If you find
yourself falling prey to where you will sit at the master's table, rather than
disappointing yourself with the recognition that you have succumbed to self
pride, displace that immediately and seek the opportunity to be a minister, seek
the opportunity to be guidance.  Seek a way to create the opportunity for that
	Each of us teachers has elected to join this mission.  We have, in a sense,
suspended our advancement that we may tarry with you and help you.  There are
those who are in the mansonia schools at our same ranking who have progressed
further since we paused.  Yet we do not see them as advanced, for our experience
will provide differential in our own growth that we will take with us as we
"catch up".  We all know that on the shores of Paradise we will not be
looking at
whose medals and awards pinned to our gowns are the most resplendent!  We
will be
sharing the joy of a multiplex of ascension experiences.  We will share
them, and
you will share with us when the Supreme fully maximizes.  All of us will
have the
access to each one's differential climb.
	Thank you, my friends, for hearing my words.  I withdraw.

*	Serenia  (Thea):  Greetings, this is Serenia.  I am a personal teacher in
the group under the leadership of our teacher Linel.  I want to talk with
you for
just a very few moments about the consolidation of the experience of years, for
you have been meeting now together for a period of time.  You have successfully
become family, real family, in a way that we had hoped and desired but,
understanding human freewill choice, could never fully predict.  You have
fulfilled our hopes for you, and I want to ask you to now look for a moment
ahead, for you are on the threshold together of yet more adventures, adventures
of the morontia life as the northwest family.
	You have displayed today some of what it means to harmonize differential
levels, for remember that differential levels are the structures of diversity.  
Together as you have begun to learn to enjoy your differences, you can now begin
the co-creation in a larger sense that required this kind of family bonding to
	There are those among you for whom good things are still difficult, those
among you who still have trouble allowing abundance to truly flow.  I hope that
you will have the courage to face and accept the abundance of this weekend
together, for, from our perspective, it is stunning.  If you could see what you
have done together at this time, as we do, you would see a burst of swirling
rainbows from this gorgeous mountain place pouring forth as the doors of your
hearts open to one another, ever wider, wider yet than they ever have and the
water rushing out and mingling  together.
	Make something between you, among you, very real.  You will carry to
eternity the reality of these moments that you have forged together.  You will
never forget these times when you took the courage to hear the call and then
together to become true family.  This is the wonder of your undertaking, and you
live and know love now in a way that you never would have believed possible
before this mission, is it not so?
	We also know love now in a way that we did not understand before our
undertaking.  Remember that you are a profound undertaking for us.  I hope that
you will understand that increasingly you and we become family, for these
differential levels that are between us contain the same potential for the
exploration of the joy of mutual diversity.  If you can increasingly allow us to
be, not just surrounding and above you but amongst you, we will all start to
become family across the boundary of human life and death and into this place,
for morontia living is about crossing all apparent boundaries and limitations of
material existence into the brilliant realities of God.
	I would ask all of you also as you go home to your groups to think about
extending some of what has happened here in your own places, for when you come
together here it is out of the usual, out of your ordinary routine.  All groups
can benefit from remembering to shift the patterns, mix things up a bit.  Become
a little uncomfortable with one another so that you can find new patterns, new
connections, new relations.  Next year we will have yet more joy.
	You still do not know how much we love you.  But the doors are opening
wider, and when you let this abundance in, you will one day know, and we will
dance together.  Our love is with you, but as Linel, our beloved brother, often
says, our love is pale.  The Father's love, every incredible thing you have seen
and experienced here, this is such a small fragment.
	So, the most important part of morontia life is to turn within your heart
to the fountain of everything you ever need.  No, friends, there is no sacrifice
to the Father's will.  The Father's will is the unfoldment of your hearts, the
blossoming of all that you are.  Go inside, seek Him, and let Him love you and
bloom.  Then come back out and hold hands again.  That dance in and out is the
breathing of the universe.
	We gather our arms around you; you are so dear and precious to us.  We
await eagerly every one of these times.  We will eagerly await the next.  Thank
you for being our students.  Farewell.
Teaching Mission 
Northwest Regional Conference
Wallowa Lake, Oregon
June 17-20, 1999

Saturday night June 19

*	Aaron (Simeon TR):  You have heard it said that it is not so important to
know the fact of God as it is to increasingly be able to feel the presence of
God.  The knowledge that we can divulge holds no candle to experiential
recognition of spiritual reality as it is resident in your being, your guides
pointing the signs along the way, trying to facilitate your awareness, your
spiritual sensitivity, your recognition of the prime importance of the inward
relationship.  As we discuss the mechanics and values, moral principles,
hopefully you are seeded with an inner motivation to exercise your muscles with
the weights that we have provided you, with the techniques.
	Each of you has a relationship with spirit on some level, even if it be
externally, through another source, such as now.  As you move into this next
of your life, it is our hope that you can each build a deeper sensitivity to the
spiritual relationship, not so that others may see, but so that you may know
in your heart there is the greatest of all satisfactions, the minister that
amplifies all other experiences.  How are you in relationship to that spirit? 
How may we aid you in coming to know that source more surely and certainly?
	I am Aaron.  It is my pleasure to discourse with you this evening.  Utilize
the time ahead to build your sensitivity.  Ask for help.  You shall receive.
	I would now step back and allow another to speak to you.  If there are
questions, feel free to ask.  Thank you.
	Jada:  Could you clarify something you said last night about the new ways
of transmitting so that more people could become aware of the teachers?
*	Aaron:  Thank you for your question, my friend.  My reference relating to
your inquiry was to stimulate your minds to ponder ways that you may attune
better personally.  In these meetings so often you gather to hear and wait for a
select few to share our words.  We would like to see how you can expand those
numbers to more firsthand experience.  There are so many ways that we work with
you and are willing to work with you, whether it be in your arts, in direct
communications for transmission purposes, as you have questions throughout the
day, if you call upon us in a trying situation.  We have the possibilities now,
the network laid, such that we can communicate fairly rapidly with you even if
	You and the mission.  Your individual development, your personal awareness,
your spiritual perception, these are the goals.  There are no particular
discourses that will be of greater importance than one of you making inroads in
your spiritual development and connections.  So, we encourage you to develop
personally those connections and to ponder ways that you may, in these
gatherings, utilize the celestial staff for experiential development and
comprehension, perhaps pushing past the methods of communications, the styles
that you have chosen that have been more common for years.  In short, I was
simply probing for you to ponder such as you have been.  I hope this aids you
somewhat, friend.
	Gloria:  Could you comment on the connection points of the agents in the
process of doing channels for light transference?  There's a lot of people being
pivot points around the world to these lighthouse type channels in order to
upon the energy field that's coming about.  [some inaudible]
*	Aaron:  Sincere effort always brings fruit.  Anyone can be a point of
light.  The conscious efforts of many to produce a higher consciousness and a
conduit passageway for energy, benign energy, has its degrees of value.  My
commentary on this topic will be brief, but I would like to point out that
if the
purpose is for God, value will result.  If the purpose is for importance, value
can be clouded.  Thus motivation of particular individuals is always a large
factor in how something will manifest.  At this point good can be seen.  
	Gloria:  The connections are being made, good is aligning.
*	Aaron:  Yes.  Networks are forming.  Bring your sensitivities to the table;
they offer much.  I love you, too.

*	unidentified (Gloria):   The motivation ... on the opening for the
sensitivity that brings about the alignment that connects all the parts that
bridge the gap within each of you and bring the wholeness to all those parts
have ridden loose to be all brought together into completeness, the complete
that is you to allow your motivation and  desire for hope to filter through all
the dark areas, the hope for upliftment, the hope of the children of this planet
to have a better live for this generation of children and not to see it out in
the future but visualize it now.
	Align yourselves with the completeness and wholeness of what now comprises
your physical, your soul, with all your parts, your ego, your higher mind, your
mind that takes you through daily activities and the mundane material world and
your higher mind which takes you through the spiritual realm to connect you with
the Father and the higher celestial beings who can guide and direct you into
bringing this completeness into the whole form that will be brought about by the
motivation and desire of the hope for, not only your direction to bring this
about for yourselves, but for all who reside upon this planet.
	The connection of this wholeness to have the "twelfth monkey" effect in
that, once you connect you cannot easily disconnect, that once you connect the
parts of the puzzle that seemed so hard to fit together will keep the glue and
hang upon the wall by a single ray of light and will not fall apart.  It
will not
be a solid structure in that it will be stone-like but very fluent in its manner
in that you will not feel the solid form of your physical, but you will feel the
fluidity of movement that will guide and direct you where you need to be.
this fluidity you will feel the wholeness and completeness come about.  You will
be connected to all the parts of everything you are and have been up to this
point.  You will be able to go about your business and have the connection
to the
wholeness of yourself and the connection to the Father, the spiritual grasp will
come down and connect the physical to the spiritual in a way that is healthy and
fluid in its movement so that you can move about the planet and not be too
noticed but be in your center.
	Your desire of hope will be for all you meet and that you will pass this on
to all you meet and to all along the road.  You do not have to work hard; you
simply have to have a vision and sense of the integration that is taking place
now, the sense that you are in the space in which this can happen.
	To your prayer of hope and your senses becoming active, you will be able to
readjust to the new sense of aliveness that is filling your bodies as I speak. 
You can feel tingling and the sense of your structure being adjusted and the
pieces all coming together.  You can feel the alignment of the Father.  You can
feel the privacy that you know it takes for you to do this for your own personal
alignment and adjustment.  Within your own value system, your own belief system
and through your integrity, you can rise up into the light and feel the awe,
the oneness of everyone else in the room with everyone on the planet and far
beyond.  But most of all you can feel that whole completeness within yourselves
that lights the spark within you that you know is possible.  You know that it is
happening at this moment.  Enjoy.
	Thank you.

*	Nebadonia  (Gerri):  ...with great love and with words of encouragement for
your grand efforts in this mission.  You have been as little children, faithful
and true in trusting in the words that you hear.  Know that every effort counts
greatly in the progress of the efforts of this work of our sovereign.
	You are as a little chick under the wing of its mother.  When one strays
and the mother hen doesn't realize the chick has strayed, when the absence is
noted, the chick is quickly gathered and nurtured with the rest and included as
part of the group.  You children, you of Urantia, are as one of these chicks who
has strayed from the fold, from the nest, and has now got back to be nurtured to
good health and loved and tended with tenderness as this world has never
	Your hearts are open, and one of your efforts is certainly to open the
hearts of others who are yet blind to the truth and the light that is available
to everyone.
	My children, take heart.  There is much unseen assistance that so many do
not recognize is available.  Our encouragement in words and, yes, our embraces
are yours for the asking.  When you feel low talk to that Man Above, and you
be lifted.  Your resolve will be strengthened, for always remember in all your
efforts and in all your words the Father knows your heart, the true, true heart
of each and every one.
	I hope that my words have given some upliftment and encouragement to you to
continue your efforts and the wonderful love that you have shown for
everyone you
come in contact with.  My children, I bid you good evening.

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