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Daniel(Bob S.)  "My friends, I am Daniel.  I will kick off tonight's TR
session with greetings to all here gathered.  It has been a while since we
have gathered in this format and I frankly missed it! I comforted myself in
increased rounds at which I contacted many individually and busied myself in
other ways.  Now I look back on that time as growth potential.  It trust it
was similar for many of you.  Now we are back together and I am comforted in
that view.  Well, with these words of welcome I open tonight's proceedings
to the next speaker.

Seraptatia(Bill): Greetings, my friends.  I am a seraphim of guardian status
given the honor to be present with you in this manner.  My name is
Seraptatia.  I and my partner desire to share our fondness for you all
publicly and in behalf of our order of seraphic ministry.

In as much as you rejoice in the human contact you experience, as in this
most comforting and enthusiastic gathering this evening, so we also share
these feelings with you and as you do.  There is truly tier after tier of
celestial observers present in this time-space location this evening.  

We have, indeed, cheered you with celestial applause as we have seen and
heard the music of your souls spilling forth from your mortal words.  You
have benefitted from many different causes, but because you all have
persisted in staying the course toward Paradise, while your experiences
vary, your growth is compatible because you are open to spiritual influence.
You make our work much easier.

You know, my friends, we of the angelic orders of seraphim and you of the
mortal origins, we two are of the closest bonding, more in the life to come
than this one; but our destinies are intertwined.  We seraphim have not ever
experienced the boundaries of material limitations.  We do not know the
animal nature, for our origin is purely spirit.  Nevertheless, our minds,
coming from the same source, have much in common.  We prize courage and
bravery for a spiritual cause as one of the finest exhibitions of the soul's
diverse expression.  I wish to talk a minute about the relationship between
courage and faith.

Contrary to the mischaracterization, faith is not for the weakling.  To
exercise faith requires great courage.  To believe the words of God in your
soul and to assent to that leading and guidance is not the work of cowards.
It is not for the ease seekers, those who wish their life to be at ease.
Indeed, did your theologian Kierkagard correctly understand that faith is a
leap, a jump into the void, trusting that the everlasting arms are there to
catch one, even as the safety net underneath the trapeze artist.  

If you knew all the factors that are needed to make a decision, you would
not need faith, you would only need knowledge.  But you must trust, in your
Agondonter status and for those who are not Agondonters as well, that the
guidance you receive when you ask sincerely, is truly from a loving,
compassionate, infinitely wise, gracious Personality of pure light, in Whom
there is no darkness at all.  

While the bravery of the soldier is to be admired, and the courage of a man
or woman who is intellectually honest is to be applauded, the faith of the
smallest and least of mortals requires courage far transcending either that
of the body or the mind.  It is little wonder, then, that you mortals hold
such high interest for us, your seraphim sisters.  We stand amazed at times
when you make those leaps of faith, when you turn down the clamor of wall to
wall ego trying to fit in where it does not belong, when you can allow it to
function in God's intended way.  

Indeed is Urantia becoming flooded with spiritual light. The Correcting Time
is progressing amazingly well.  Many of you will experience things which
generations and generations have longed to see, to hear, to touch and be a
part of.  But even so, the most amazing and miraculous journey you each
experience within yourselves, your personal ascension career.  

Know that we guardian seraphim truly love you; we do not look upon you with
judgement.  It would not be our place to criticize any of you, for your
natures are different from ours, you being material and we being spirit.  I
suppose in all truth we sometimes wish we could experience ascension from
the least to the greatest, as you will do, but since that is not possible
for us, we rejoice in our association with you.  

Thank you for giving me your ears and know that I give you my heart as even
do your own guardian seraphim.  Be at peace, my friends.  There is nothing
that can separate you from the love of God, nothing!  Farewell.

Seraphic compliment(Cathy): Greetings.  My name eludes this TR, but I am
partner to the seraphim who has just addressed you and I wish to amplify one
point: while courage and faith may exist independently from one another,
when courage exists without faith it is often misdirected; and when faith
exists without courage it is often ineffectual.  The co-existence of faith
and courage is an example of synergy where the result is greater than the
simple addition of these two forces, and within your sharing time you have
seen many examples of this.  I bless you all and I leave you with resounding
applause from the gallery of celestials here gathered.  Good evening.

Aaron(Bill): Hello, my friends.  I am Aaron.  Along with Daniel and
Minearisa I wish to tell you that I also missed our get-together. And while
I also was available and in communication with a few of you, I enjoy it when
we are all here in one place.  

Your perception about the fittingness of new beginnings and expansion of
perceptions is right on target.  There is much which is astir, for the
mission we are engaged in, while beginning and focused on the individual,
is, in fact, to bring about Light and Life on Urantia.  We are very much
interested in promoting all means of facilitating progress in every kind of
human endeavor.

I know that some of you are curious about contact other than spiritual and
morontial contacts which you now experience.  However, it is not our place
to deal with this topic.  As Isaac has been instructed in the past, even so
you must await these possible events and verify for yourselves through human
means whether or not you place much credence in the alleged promise of alien
contact But you can count on our continued participation with you, for we
are in here for the long haul, not the short.  We intend to stay until the
job is finished, unless, of course, our superiors should deem it otherwise.

As you get older, beyond the span of mortal years, time has a different
perspective.  A hundred years is as a snap of a finger whereas to you it is
a lifetime or more.  Patience is in proportion to one's past experience; and
as we get older, as we grow more in the temporal aspect of eternal life, we
become more patient.  

I understand how excited some of you can be about the prospect of things
getting better on this planet and how you would like to truly believe that
is happening.  I say, yes, pursue this.  Find the evidence.  Observe what we
have been telling you and see, in fact, the dawn is lightening, the sky is
growing brighter.  The Son is indeed coming soon.  

Well, Minearisa desires to speak He requests that PamElla consider if she
would change her mind.  If not, he will use another TR.

Nancy: I will.

Minearisa(Nancy/PamElla): Thank you for your patience in granting us time to
switch gears in expectation.  PamElla still stumbles in fear with public
teaching, public TRing.  I wish to assure her that the circuitry is strong,
that she is capable and I desire to continue in the metaphor of dawn.

>From the beginning of this Teaching Mission we have used this metaphor in
one of your previous meetings.  Abraham gave a detailed address on the
spreading of the light beginning with that first dim light which brings the
horizon into focus.  Where previously there was blackness, the glitter of
the stars fade and the horizon first appears.  

The horizon appeared for Urantia with the birth of Christ Michael in human
form on this planet more than 2000 earth years ago.  But the dawn remained
dim throughout the centuries.  The light had arrived, yet it had yet to rise
in full glory of the light of Light and Life.  With the beginning of this
century, as the material reality of world war besought this planet, it
appeared as if the darkness would consume the planet and universe forever.

But in those darkest days of near atomic destruction, of mass human killing,
of technological devastation never dreamt of before, in those dark days the
beginning of the ascent of the light was at hand.  In the culmination of
centuries of preparation the fifth epochal revelation was planted.  The
beginning of this phase of correction began.  With the culmination of the
Lucifer Rebellion the light, once dim, has begun to spread rapidly and
dramatically.  The light is the light of the sun approaching the horizon,
soon to burst forth in full glory, to bathe away the shadows of the predawn
and the dawn in the majesty of the brilliance of the full light of the Son,
Michael to return as promised.

My words are sincere.  The timetable is at hand, not tomorrow, not next
year, but soon the world will know that God is real and God's love is final,
is The Word.  To PamElla I give my thanks for providing me with opportunity,
this voice in this forum.  There is still another who wishes to address you
now.  My love to you all.  I am Minearisa, Instructor in Residence.

Alkon(Bill/Isaac): I am Alkon.  I will speak briefly.

The courage that was spoken of earlier by our Seraphic friends and given
such high standing is one of the aspects of character development most
important in the ascension career.  For you see, courage discounts and
disregards the influence of fear.  The courageous soul is one who acts in a
trusting manner despite all evidence to the contrary, and all the cries of
fear which may flood the mind of such a soul when they are asked to do
something that they do not know what the outcome will be.   Courage is the
willingness to give up the attempt to control one's life.   In a sense,
courage is the willingness to let Spirit take ascension over ego.

Little children, when they are asked by their parents to do some difficult
thing, such as learn to put their head under water, at the moment of that
decision to immerse their head in water, those children exhibits great
courage.  He or she fears she will drown, he will smother.  But his/her
heart knows that the parent is wise and good and looks for his or her best

The person who wishes to control all events is truly a coward for they wish
to embrace everything within their knowledge and by that knowledge, gain
control... of it, over them, over the many things.  

There is also the courage to take responsibility for that which one can
control, namely their own free will choices.  Once again, this courage when
welded with faith makes it possible for someone to be fully alive and
present, every moment, turning over that which they cannot and should not
control to the province of God, but standing behind the decisions they make
and taking responsibility therein 

The wonder of it is that God in His great faith in His creation is willing
to let each person have a share of His glory, the gift of creative free
will, whereby God voluntarily gives up some of His control to each
individual person, and in that offering, that gift, shares His glory with
His children, with His creation.  The circle of love from God the Parent to
His child, and from that child to every other child, every other brother and
sister and then back to God is the heart throb of the universe of universes.

We talk in finite terms, my friends, as that is our status now.  But some
day we shall approaching the borders of Ultimacy, having completed
Supremacy.  It is beyond my comprehension, as I know it is beyond yours.
So wonderful, so amazing is our God and this universe of personalities that
He has created to share with us!
One moment please.

Daniel(Bill): I am Daniel.  Once again, my friends, I thank you for
listening to these speeches which have been eagerly awaited by the speakers,
pending your getting together again.   I desire that in the interests of
time that we hold any questions to postpone, if necessary, to our next
session.  However, I would encourage you as I have done in the past to take
your questions to your Indwelling Spirit and there you can find the most
satisfactory and efficacious answers.  

Now, my love to you all.  All the celestials here present are on their feet
in a round of applause for your courage and faith.  Until we converse again,
God bless us all.  So be it!

Group: Amen.  Thank you.                                   

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