[tmtranscripts] Olfana on 'Spiritual Gatherings'

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Olfana on 'The Value of Spiritual Gatherings'

Half Moon Bay, CA 01/12/96   (excerpt)

Olfana:  Greetings to my dear fellow travelers in the adventures of
universe experience.  You will glean much from your efforts to
coordinate yourselves into a unified confederation of unique souls
participating in a shared experience of discovery and enjoyment of the
Father+IBk-s Love, and your many paths to Him.  Look at these episodes in
your lives with much pleasure and anticipation.  So often, we lead our
lives in a sense of isolation, or at most, interactions with a
specified few.  What a pleasure it can be to grow together in a large
group with a shared agenda, and discover yourselves -together-.  I
wish you all to consider this theme in your preparations for this
spiritual gathering.

 How am I discovering myself in this process?
 How am I discovering my relationships with all others who seek to
know of God?
 How am I offering myself to my Father in order for Him to discover
all that there is in me?
 How may I discover the pattern of the Master+IBk-s life in my own life?

This is where the magic and treasure lies, my dear ones.  This
discovery of your complete soul-self as you move on your path to God.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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