[tmtranscripts] Olfana smells like roses :-)

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'Olfana smells like Roses'

Half Moon Bay, CA   06/22/96

Is there further information that you wish from me, or shall we close
now with a prayer?

 G:  We+IBk-ve got a +IBw-high sign+IB0- for a prayer.

Olfana:  Very good.  I would then ask all of us, please, to gather
somewhat more closely.  Is it possible that we all may touch hands,
now?  I would hope this can include our dear friend, J. (who was
operating the recording equipment.  J. joins the group.)  Very good.
Wonderful.  I say to you now, that as your Teacher, I am capable of
receiving the energy of all of you in this process of hand-holding,
and the aroma of your souls is a marvelous, marvelous scent to me, and
I carry it in my heart, my students.  Each one of these moments, when
I sense the fragrance of all of you joined, these are the memories
that I am allowed to carry with me, now, on my own journey back to
God, back to The Father.  And, I will be able to share this with Him,
someday.  Let us now pray.  I would so much appreciate it if you will
speak in unison, the words I, first, will express.  (Note:  The group
does this.)

Our Father, You join us in Your Being.
You are the Resonance within our souls.
We seek this melody of You within our hearts, Father.
And, we sing our praises to Your Being
With a smile on our lips and in our hearts+ACE-

Let us say +IBw-amen+IB0- by raising our hands to absorb the Energy of The God
of All.  Amen.

Thank you, my dear students, for another special and precious
opportunity to relate with all of you.  I am willing, now, to briefly
express myself through any one of you that wishes.  Is this an
opportunity that any of you would try?  I will keep my statement very
brief, I promise.  But, if you would like to experience this 'flavor'
of myself joined with you, I will do so.  Any volunteers?  (Pause.)

H:  What is that beautiful aroma I just received?

G:  Umm, I got it too+ACE-

Sl:  Yeah, me too.

J:  Isn+IBk-t that beautiful?

G:  If that+IBk-s Olfana, she+IBk-s beautiful+ACE-

K:  She let us all experience her, I guess.  (Note: There were
approximately 10 people in the group, and each one experienced the
aroma of roses.)

Olfana:  (Smiling)  And you each know in your heart that you were
touched by me, and I will take this experience of my touch with you
within my own heart, in all my travels through eternity, also.  And
now, I wish you all a most marvelous experience in your continuing
gathering together, and will say that my presence will continue at
this SpiritFest gathering...(Smiling)  Therefore, I suggest that at
some moment, +IBw-perhaps when you least expect it+IB0---Is this not a TV
phrase?  (Note: from +IBw-Candid Camera+IB0-)  You may, again, my dear
students, while I am here, be touched by me.  Namaste, my dear and
sweet children.  You are much loved by all the Teachers, and we praise
you in your efforts.  Namaste.

Group:  Namaste.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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