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Olfana discusses 'Reflectivity+ACI-

Half Moon Bay, CA  06/22/96  SpiritFest Conference  (excerpt)

K :  Olfana, I have a question.  I just wanted to get your viewpoint
on the +IBw-'reflectivity'+IB0- that the Bakersfield group has been talking
about, what your concept of that is?

Olfana:  This, then, will require that you allow S a few moments of
quiet, because this is a topic still questioned by many, and there is
a slight distraction with the backroom conversation, and she will need
to hear my words carefully.  +AFs-Pause.+AF0-  I will speak now on this topic
of +IBw-reflectivity+IB0- and provide you with my own conceptual
understanding.  There are so many ways, my dear students, in which
this planet will now be touched by the Hands and Voice of God.  I
would ask you all to please approach any discussions of this further
communication which may now come to the planet, with a peaceful heart,
and a mind open to new understanding.

+AFs-Smiling+AF0-  We are continually +IBw-upgrading,+IB0- if you will--I smile now
because I am speaking to an audience which understands computer
terminology and I am sharing in this +IBw-computerese,+IB0- if you will.  We
are +IBw-upgrading our equipment,+IB0- my dear students, as we continue with
this Mission.  And, we are +IBw-installing new units,+IB0- if you will, as
time goes on.  I am sure you can understand why we do not present our
entire agenda to you all +IBw-in one fell swoop.+IB0-  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  If we
expressed all the many ways in which we wish to work with you, it
would be as if we attempted to define for a kindergartner what topic
they should be considering for their master+IBk-s thesis+ACE-  Do you
understand, my dear and striving students, what I am expressing here?
We work with you, in the moment, where you are, with a sense of your
own +IBw-comfort zones+IB0- considered, and our desire to see you grow.  We
will introduce topics to you as we feel you are ready to absorb new

I believe you can all look within your own hearts and minds, and
reflect upon one or two examples of this, already, in your experiences
where something you questioned highly at first, or you were not at all
sure could possibly be an appropriate part of this Mission, are now
components that you will say, +IBw-Oh yes, I see now with different eyes.
I hear now with different ears.  I accept that this is now the
case--that this is, indeed, a component which is an effective and
useful part of this Teaching Mission which I am a participant within.+IB0-
And, I would say to you now, that this topic of +IBw-reflectivity+IB0- is to
be addressed in the same manner.

I will not become the dogmatic instructor who insists that you have
one way, and only one way, of comprehending this topic, that +IBw-only one
way is the best way,+IB0- because that is not the case, my dear students.
You will come to understand the broad concept of +IBw-reflectivity+IB0- in
many unique and individual ways.  You will experience this subject in
many unique and individual ways, and certainly, my dear students, we
will never allow you to leave your own personal discernment at home.
+AFs-Smiling+AF0-  You must bring your discernment with you when you come to
these classrooms+ACE-  Always, this is the case.  I create an image
here--just as we are not happy when we teach to see our children
entering the classroom with a short, stubby pencil, no eraser, a dull
and broken point, and we say, +IBw-Is this poor child to do effective
writing now with this poorly-cared-for instrument?  Is this an
effective means by which this child will express their thoughts?+IB0-

+AFs-Smiling+AF0-  Well, consider your own personal discernment as your
+IBw-pencil,+IB0- my dear students.  You wish to come with a level of
discernment which is well-sharpened, and can sustain you for many,
many, many experiences, just as a student can write many, many, many
more words if the pencil is long and has much graphite at its core.
And, the eraser is there, with many opportunities for the student to
reconsider and think again--+IBw-Perhaps there is a better way of
expressing this.  Perhaps my understanding has now grown.  I must
remove these words of understanding from the page, and express myself
now in this new manner with my well-honed and useful pencil.+IB0-  So
please, realize that when this topic of +IBw-reflectivity+IB0- is discussed,
that certainly your own level of discernment must be applied to this
concept.  In general, you can say, +IBw-Yes.  I will consider this topic,
but do I see any one particular incident of a human being involved
with a particular message as, indeed, this process of reflectivity?+IB0-
+AFs-Smiling+AF0-  This again, is left in your laps, my dear students.  You
will decide for yourselves in what way this concept is applied.  Have
I addressed this effectively or is there still further curiosity or
questions regarding this topic?

G:  I have a question on this, Olfana.

Olfana:  Yes.

G:  Would this diversity not carry a potential for fragmentation
within our efforts in this Mission?

Olfana:  I would say that there is this possibility of fragmentation
which is always the challenge within this Mission, now.  There is a
responsibility upon each of your parts to view the others within this
movement, this campaign, as your brothers and sisters. And, you must
continually decide for yourself, again, +IBw-In what way will I express my
allegiance, my respect, my comfort, my loyalty, to these I see as my
coworkers, my friends, my fellow students?  And, at the same time, how
can I be gracious in my own understanding?  How can I remain true to
myself in my own appreciation of this data and, at the same time,
define for myself this understanding that I now have?+IB0-  I would say
that the risk of fragmentation is a risk we Teachers will work with,
knowing that if we demanded more of a, shall I say, +IBw-dogmatic+IB0- or
unified response, or understanding, from all of you, that there would
be quite a cost to us in that, also.  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  We must +IBw-pay the
price+IB0- as we work with you, no matter what.  And, in this way, I am
saying that you will certainly find that the +IBw-reflectivity+IB0- issue is
debated, is discussed heatedly, perhaps, at times.

There is no control you can place upon this phenomenon.  You must be
true within your own dear hearts, my sincere students.  You know,
yourselves, what experience you have had with this understanding and
you, now, are offering it to the others as something that they can
also acquire in their own way.  This, if you do, with a graciousness,
and a love, and a trust in their goodwill, then you will find
receptive hearts, my dear ones.  And, I encourage you in your own
efforts to discuss this topic.  You are honored by those of us who
teach, now, for your zeal, your desire to serve, your willingness to
open up such a topic for consideration by many others.  You are not
alone in this.  I am sure you understand this now.  There are, indeed,
other groups and other Teachers who will be discussing this topic, who
will be offering their own material. And therefore, you will find some
most unified with you +IBw-from the start,+IB0- as it were, in the way in
which you explain your own experience.  But, you are to relax with the
possibility that not all will be with you at the beginning in their
understanding--that this must evolve, and grow, and develop in its own
way, in its own manner--and in this way, will uniquely serve the needs
of all those who will be touched by the phenomenon, itself.  Is this a
clear explanation for you, my dear?

 G:  Yes.  I believe that you+IBk-ve addressed the issue fully.

Olfana:  Very good.

 Jy:  Olfana, you probably were overhearing the commentary we had
before you addressed us now.  And, if you could confirm for us the
fact that, from our discussion, there are two different types of
communication.  There is reflective communication, which J has
explained to us, and there is Teacher communication.  And, they are
distinct, apparently.  And, the question that I would have is, +IBw-How is
reflective communication to be of benefit to us, and to be used by us,
versus the Teacher communication that we+IBk-ve been experiencing today?+IB0-

Olfana:  When you hear the words of a Teacher, Jy, you are sensing a
personality behind these words.  Is this not correct?

Jy:  Yes.

Olfana:  And, indeed, even in this process now, as you hear S+IBk-s voice
expressing my words, are you not, indeed, linking this experience also
with S, and the personality that exists within her, also?

Jy:  Yes.

Olfana:  Then, I would say, that there is a +IBw-bouquet,+IB0- if you will, of
personalities that can be expressed in the Teacher communications.  It
is this sense of, +IBw-Ah+ACE-  This is a lovely perfume.  I sense, here, a
scent of wisteria.  And, Ah+ACE-  Almost a lilac, now.  And, oh+ACE-  This is
like the smell of wisteria combined with wet grass.+IB0-  Ah, now+ACE-  K, let
me have your arm, please.  +AFs-Olfana holds K+IBk-s wrist, as if she is
smelling a fragrant perfume on her wrist.+AF0-  +IBw-Oh, on your arm there is
this added sense of almost, a damask rose.+IB0-  Is it not interesting,
the way in which our own skin scent will combine with the oils of
perfume, and create a new aroma?  This, perhaps, Jy, is a way in which
I can explain this experience of the Teacher communication. +AFs-Smiling+AF0-
I am Olfana.  S is S.  Combine us together, and we become this +IBw-being+IB0-
you experience now. If I, as Olfana, leap to my dear friend K,
then...Ah+ACE-  There will be this +IBw-scent of K+IB0- that will combine with me,
and this +IBw-scent of S+IB0- will be carried away, no longer present in the
room.  Are you understanding, my dear, as I struggle to create this
metaphor, the way in which I am saying these Teacher personalities can
combine with the human personalities?

Jy:  It+IBk-s clear what we experience in the Teacher communication, and I
+IBk-m interested to hear how that differs from the reflective
communication that J has experienced.

Olfana:  Yes.  And, so now, if this understanding is clear, I will
reach for a new metaphor.  If we see the light shining down from the
sun, and we expose ourselves to this light, we are experiencing it
directly.  But, perhaps, you have seen, especially coming from the
geographic area of the country that you do come from, southern
California, you have seen those who sit with the metal panel which
will bounce the rays more directly to their body.  Are you familiar
with this image that I now create, Jy?

Jy:  Oh, yes.

Olfana:  Well, then, I would say, that there is, indeed, this sense of
this image in the reflectivity.  That there is this light, this energy
which will come down, and can be, indeed, bounced, remaining itself
and, yet, in some ways, +IBw-concentrated+IB0- onto a particular individual,
or to a particular point of reference, by the way in which we aim and
adjust this +IBw-metal shield,+IB0- if you will.  Is this understood by you,

Jy:  Well, I understand the concept of +IBw-reflection+IB0- in the metaphor
you+IBk-ve given.   And, if this has reference to communication being
reflected similarly, then I grasp what you+IBk-re...

 H:  ...And, are you saying that this reflectivity does not have the
personality mixture?

Olfana:  Yes.  I am saying that there is this point of concentration,
where this energy that falls upon this site, then this metallic shield
will allow the +IBw-angle of travel+IB0- to be adjusted.  Is this now correct
to all of you?  Is this an understanding you have of how light
travels, and this sense of reflection?  Then, yes indeed, the sunlight
path will go in a set direction.  We cannot alter this.  But, this
metal shield, we can, indeed, adjust and change in such a way as to
redirect this light outward, perhaps here, perhaps here, perhaps
directly in this direction.  We cannot adjust the sun.  We can adjust
the shield.  And, I would offer that as a +IBw-mechanical+IB0- explanation, if
you will, of the way in which this reflectivity will be allowed as a
means of communication on this planet--that there will be this circuit
of Our Most Magnificent Creator Son which  will bathe the planet.
And, we will be allowed the great honor of concentrating and directing
this circuit, this +IBw-Voice of Michael,+IB0- if you will, to a particular
point of reference that we seek.  Is this a clear understanding to all
of you, now?

H:  Then, would you say that this no longer is confined to a
personality, and that the reflectivity could be received by others who
are not associated with the Mission?

Olfana:  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  I would say that we are seeking +IBw-clear shields,+IB0-
if you will.  If you take, let us say,  this piece of metal for
sunlight, and it has many dents, and buckles, and perforations, if you
will.  If you use such a piece of metal to project the light, we all
know what will happen.  Do we not?  This goal we strive for, of
adjusting and shaping the direction of the waves will be compromised
by the dents, the buckles, the perforations.  And, we would
say...+AFs-Note: (tape reverses.) This shield is not an appropriate device
for effectively aiming this light.  We are most grateful...+AF0- for your
cooperation in this effort. We are seeking to create +IBw-clear shields+IB0-
which will do an effective and comprehensive job of redirecting this
Voice and Love of Our Creator Son.  I pause here.  I strive here, if
you will, only because there is a level where I am sensing S+IBk-s
energies beginning to wane, and I know she, also, wishes so much to be
clear in the way in which she conveys my words.  I find at those
times, if I slow the pace, that I am able to +IBw-keep S with me,+IB0- if you
will, in a clearer manner.  Is there a further question on this topic,
now?  Excuse me, in this regard, would you be so kind as to offer S
her water.  Is the bottled water available?  (Pause.)  Thank you so
much.  Please proceed.

J:  Well, this is a topic we+IBk-re going to address tonight, but since
you+IBk-re on the cusp of it right now, perhaps this question might
clarify the issue a little bit.  And, that is that you+IBk-re giving us an
illustration of reflection as a function of us reflecting Michael+IBk-s
Love in the Circuits of The Father, and that+IBk-s one function that I
understand from what you+IBk-ve described.  The other issue that+IBk-s
confusing to some of us is that there+IBk-s also a description of
reflectivity as a sort of different function, the communicative
function that resides in individuals that are empowered to function in
that manner.  Sounds like what you+IBk-re describing is something that
everyone, by virtue of their inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God,
are in a position to act out.  That+IBk-s what+IBk-s confusing--does this
reside in specific individuals, or is it a global empowerment of
people who wish to do the will of The Father?

Olfana:  I would say, that this question, which is an excellent
question, J, is best addressed by continuing with my imagery of the
metallic sheet, if you will.  There is a way in which, certainly, one
would seek for a clear, new, fresh piece of metal, if they wish to
reflect the sunlight.  This is the most effective and appropriate way
to progress.  Would you agree?

J:  You want the best source of reflection as your medium?

Olfana:  If your goal was to clearly control the direction of the
sunlight waves, you would best start with a shiny, smooth, fresh piece
of metal.  Is this correct?

J:  Yes.  I see the Sea of Glass as the ideal of that.  It+IBk-s thirty
miles in diameter, a hundred miles deep.  It+IBk-s the universe standard
for reflective activity.  I think I understand that correctly.

Olfana:  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  I enjoy, so much, your own ability to reach for
these understandings that exist within you, J, and the way in which
you strive to join them in new ways.  This is an active mind that you
are gifted with, and you use it well.  You are most correct in
reaching for this as the ideal.  This Sea of Glass is remarkable in
ways that your words fail me to express.  But, I am saying--back to my
specific imagery--that the best choice would be this shiny, new, fresh
piece of undented metal, if you will.  And yet, there are times when
one must +IBw-work with the material available.+IB0-  Is this not correct, my
dear and most loved students?  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  And, in this regard--and I
say this with much love, and do not wish you to feel +IBw-tarnished+IB0---but
you are the +IBw-material we are to work with,+IB0- are you not?  And, do you
not sense, within your own being, a certain number of these dents, and
bumps, and even possibly these perforations that I spoke of?

K:  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  Quite a few.

Olfana:  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  Ah+ACE-  Such honesty, such honesty+ACE-  And, I find it
refreshing.  Then, can you understand that, when we speak of this
phenomenon, that of course, we would love to find these clean, shiny,
bright souls who would simply and easily reflect these beautiful
messages that will come pouring into your planet.  But, we search a
long while in order to find such a marvelous +IBw-piece of metal,+IB0- and
therefore, we say:

   +IBw-My goodness+ACE-  If we are to attempt this process, we must work with
   what has been given to us.  And, what has been given to us are
   very durable, somewhat tarnished, somewhat bent, somewhat
   somewhat dented, lovely pieces of metal in our workshop.  And, we
   will get to work now+ACE-  There is much we need to do here in order to
   shine away the tarnish, smooth away the dents, solder away these
   miserable perforations, and hammer out these bulges.+IB0-

And, that is what we are about, my dear students.  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  We are
smoothing you.  We are shining you.  We are welding you back together
again in all the many ways in which you are torn.

J:  +AFs-Laughing+AF0-  The +IBw-Bodyshop of Our Father.+IB0-

Olfana:  +AFs-Smiling+AF0-  I love this as a statement, J+ACE-  Absolutely.  We
are the +IBw-Autoshop of God.+IB0- +AFs-Group laughter.+AF0-  Most certainly+ACE-  And, we
will help you +IBw-drive yourselves to the Heavens,+IB0- if you will cooperate
with us in our work.  So, is this, now, enough of an answer for you on
this topic?  I have certainly given it +IBw-my best shot,+IB0- as it were, for
the moment, and I will tell you that S has certainly contributed her
energy in the process, also.  And I hope that some part of your
understanding has increased by our cooperative efforts--S and myself,
together, and all of you.  And, you now carry within yourselves,
something of the +IBw-perfume+IB0- of  S and me, as it were.  And, you will,
perhaps, remember this fragrance when you leave here, and think again
upon the topics we have discussed.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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