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>June l3, l999
>                                          OPEN MIND/OPEN HEART
>Greetings, children I am Ham and I am happy once more to speak with
>you.  This evening, our lesson is concerning openness.  There are
>aspects of having an open heart and an open mind that contribute to
>happiness, sanity, health, and overall balance of the soul.  When
>are frightened of something, even unconsciously so, the first
>is to close off the possibility of truth, of whatever is frightening.
>The second reaction is to magnify its hazard in order to justify the
>fear.  And to justify their own stance of close mindedness.
>If you are secure in your relationship with the Father, in your
>then you know that nothing can harm you.  No construct of man can
>threaten your safety in the arms of the eternal.  And in that safety,
>your mind can be open to everything.  To all possibilities.  Because
>there is nothing that can come between you and the Father, that
>connection is solid and secure.  You are free to learn from all
>sources.  Free to embrace the highest thought constructs of any human
>being, or any supernal being.
>Likewise, are you free to discard anything that becomes a hindrance
>your evolving spiritual understandings.  It is always to surprising
>us to witness human beings fighting so vehemently and so completely
>so little, so often.  The Master did not engage in argumentative
>over fine points of theology.  His faith was much more than this.
>living, loving connection with the Father was so complete that he
>maintain exquisite mental poise even under the questioning of the
>learned men in Jerusalem at the tender age of twelve.  Only living
>can produce this exquisite mental balance.
>The learned men of Urantia continually make the error of building
>knowledge up in such a way that it hinges on very little. Their
>mental construct and world view becomes associated directly with some
>one assumption that usually is quite tenuous but is accepted in the
>times in which they are doing their scientific or philosophical
>Many humans are living within very narrow philosophical and mental
>constructs and anything that does not come within this narrow focus
>automatically discarded as unworthy of their consideration.
>it is a mistake to think of yourselves as learned, to think of
>yourselves as wise, to think of yourselves as experts.  Because, you
>will soon, upon graduation from this world, learn a great many things
>that will alter everything you think now, and this is as it should
>During your lifetimes, you should be open to changing ideas and
>understandings of the world and how it is ordered.  The one thing
>will not change, and can only grow in beauty, intensity, and its
>all-encompassing scope is your reliance on the Father.
>And this is what is commonly referred to as living faith.
>Your faith will only grow stronger during these changes of mental
>understanding.  Everything that you learn that can help you on your
>journey toward the Father is useful during that time period, but may
>be appropriate or useful during a later time period when your
>understanding has expanded and your awareness has enlarged.  Does an
>adult cling to his children's books of ABC's, repeating over and over
>that the cow says Moo?
>No, the adult has moved on, the adult has learned more and is
>understanding more about the world and about reality.
>The adult understands things that the child could not possibly
>comprehend and so it is with your evolving understanding of the
>For right now, these teachings are appropriate, the Urantia text is
>appropriate and it is good to embrace these things and allow them to
>expand your understanding of the world.  When you graduate to the
>mansion world, will these things still be appropriate?  Probably not.
>Even for Urantia in l00 years from now, will these things still be
>appropriate?  I don't know.  But I can tell you in l000 years, they
>not be.
>All of the universe is essentially designed to shepherd the Father's
>children one step at a time, one rung at a time, toward him.  And at
>each stage, what you will learn is thrilling and mind- expanding and
>opening and tremendous and wonderful to you at that time.  All of
>teaching mission is designed to foster and aid the spiritual progress
>the Father's children on Urantia during this time period. These
>teachings are designed to be accessible to all the Father's children,
>not to an elite few, or to those who would desire to count themselves
>As the Father's love is free and open and accessible to all, so these
>teachings are designed to be openly accessible to all who would drink
>from the spiritual fountain.  Also, if you are to be teachers of the
>great truths of the Father's love, you must understand the most basic
>and simple expressions of that love with the utmost completeness.
>the most profound sense of understanding that you can possibly have.
>you are to go forward in the world and begin teaching the Father's
>to his children yourselves,  which is the ultimate goal of this
>mission, you must know the truths that will reach into the heart of
>most simple of his children, as well as the most learned.
>You cannot appeal to the hearts of your longing brethren with
>sophisticated mathematical formulas or complicated historical dramas.
>And even though these things may be true, they are not necessary for
>simple spiritual growth that involves the child reaching to the
>and the Father reaching back in the saming clasp of the eternal love
>So I say to you, be careful to avoid arguing over how many angels can
>fit on the head of a pin. Do not worry about whether this or that
>theological construct is correct or not, just be open to receiving
>but more than that, be open to giving truth.  Open your hearts so
>that the love that you receive from the Father spills out onto your
>brethren and so much so that they cannot help but be touched by the
>you give to them.  This, and only this, is the way which will light
>path of mankind.  You are living lights.  You are not slaves to a
>or bondservants to an idea.  You are the living children that are
>bringers of light and love to the Father's other living children who
>languish in confusion, doubt, and even darkness and depravity.
>Jesus said, you must love men so much that they will be drawn to you
>will ask of you the greater things of the kingdom. Then, you can
>to give these greater things, these more complicated understandings.
>But all men must first be fed the bread of living love and no one can
>that but one human being to another human being.  This living love is
>what will change society--the world as you know it--this living love
>what will change everything.  Not the dry words of the theologian,
>intellectual, who may understand many truths, but without living
>these truths are as dead.
> It is true that loyalty is a profound reaction to truth, but loyalty
>even more profound as a reaction to love.  Those who love God live
>loyally to him and to that love.  They are loyal in their love of
>fellows and their fellows are impressed with their love so much that
>they are loyal to the source of that love, to that person.  And if
>person is a true living light of the Lord, then that loyalty can move
>mountains, as human beings become united together in love and
>Do not fear that you have put your loyalty in a source that is untrue
>long as you are receiving living love from that source, from that
>source, your loyalty is completed.  That circuitry of love is whole
>this living faith is completely fear-proof.  The one who is
>this complete circuit of loyalty, love, and faith cannot ever fear,
>really, again.  For what can befall this person?  What can happen in
>this world that can truly, lastingly, harm him or her?  The answer is
>nothing.  All the tragedies, all the horrors of the unspeakable
>human beings are capable of cannot shake the faith of someone so
>completely motivated in the Father's will.
>The Master said, Fear Not. Cast fear out of your hearts so that this
>circuit of faith, love, and loyalty can be evermore complete,
>secure.  So that the wholeness of your personality can be motivated
>love and can never again be motivated by fear and dread and
>uncertainty.  Yes, there is a simple test to understand the spiritual
>development of any leader and that is, is he or she motivated by fear
>any way?  And does he or she motivate others by fear in any way?  The
>true teachers of the Father never do so.  Are there any questions at
>this time?
>Q:  Yes, Ham I have a question.  I think that perhaps I might be able
>teach at some point.  Do you see that for me?
>A:  Absolutely, yes.  Daughter, you have indeed a great task which is
>gradually being revealed to you.  And as we have discussed, this task
>will progress through several levels during your lifetime.  In a
>all of you are being trained and have been trained through your
>for the tasks that will become apparent in your future.  What is
>difficult is to not become entrenched in one level.  Humans tend to
>a level they are comfortable on and remain there rather than taking
>courageous step of leaving that level behind and stepping out into
>horizons.  You, daughter, have not had that trouble.  You have
>courageously stepped out into the unknown many times.  And this has
>brought you much peace and comfort and knowingness that is important
>your future work.  The being about your Father's business always
>risking what you already have, so have faith that no matter how
>successful you are on one level, you can ascend to a higher level and
>attain even grater and more spiritual success.  Is this helping your
>Q:  Ham, do you have a personal message for me, tonight?
>A:  Certainly, son.  Yes, you have a tendency, like all fathers on
>worlds, and mothers, to worry about your children.  To have anxiety
>about them and to want to exert a fatherly influence when eventually
>they must be released into their heavenly Father's hands.  You have a
>tendency to either relinquish responsibility altogether, or to take
>too much responsibility.  You can find a balance there that is more
>helpful for all concerned.  And though it is hard to not feel guilty
>about responsibility and what you should do or shouldn't do, you must
>relinquish all this guilty feeling.  All this feeling that you need
>do more, or trying to make up for the past kind of things.  Remember
>that your children are also your brethren.  They are unique God's
>children and have been given the experiences they need to grow toward
>him, just as you were given your experiences.   So relinquish all
>feelings of guilt and over-responsibility.  Put all that in the
>hands, and let the Father help you, and let him be responsible for
>children.  This is a step that's difficult to take, but one you must
>take.  So in your mind, when you're taking all the old baggage and
>laying it at the feet of the Master, take also all the parental
>and lay that there also.  Including the guilt feelings for doing
>Is this helping?
>Q:  Ham, I thought I heard you saying without saying it that
>overprotectiveness is possessiveness.
>A: Absolutely, it certainly can be, yes.
>Q:  You were talking about not giving the complicated stuff in
>teaching.  I just see things simply, and so I was hoping and I want
>check with you that I don't have a tendency to do that.
>A:  Yes, son, your work is essentially a ministry.  Your creative
>is essentially a ministry to your brethren about the love of God.
>yes, you will evolve, you will change.  Your promotion of the Urantia
>book for example, will change.  Don't worry so much about how
>is right now, think more of how you want to be.  And what you want to
>be.  This is where your focus should be.  That is all.
>Q: Ham, I find myself having total complete faith in the Father to
>me through all things, to do anything, but I find I don't have faith
>myself to do these things.  Would that be considered a lack of faith
>the Father?
>A:  No, this is just part of your growth process.  All human beings
>certain inner blockages and certain inner injuries from their past
>cause this lack of faith in oneself.  It takes time to cleanse these
>blocks, these old patterns of thinking, it takes effort and it takes
>willingness to do so, to go through that.  Once all these things are
>more clear, it will be easier for you to declare to the world that,
>yes—I may not be able to do these things, but there lives one within
>who can.  Is this helping?
>Q:  Ham, do you have anything for Esmeralda?
>A:  Certainly, daughter, you are opening toward the Father more and
>more.  Be happy in embracing complete faith and total dedication.
>Continue to embrace change within yourself and in the outer world as
>well.  All things are becoming new.  That is all.
>Q:  For Elena?
>A:  Yes, daughter, you are surprised that there is some inner anger
>that it comes out and disturbs your equilibrium and your feelings of
>well being.  This is a normal and natural part of spiritual growth,
>you will notice yourself reacting in ways which do not seem totally
>under your control.  Or totally appropriate, or who you want to be.
>This is correct and as it should be.  When anger comes up, you must
>release it instead of stifling it.  And exercise is one way to help.
>Abandoning yourself to childish things such as hitting a pillow or
>pillow fights, things like that are another way.  You spend a lot of
>time learning how to suppress your feelings of anger, and now you
>to learn constructive ways to release these feelings until you can
>to cleanse the source of these feelings.  That is all.
>Q:  For Rebecca?
>A:  Yes, child, be happy and carefree.  You are learning to keep a
>balance in many ways:  emotionally, and a balance between work and
>and are learning to relinquish fear.  This has been, and of course
>continues to be, a great task—that of relinquishing fear.  But you
>making progress and that is good to see.
>Q:  Myself, Ham?
>A:  Yes, Jared, you are always moving and changing and growing and
>is wonderful.  Once again we admonish you to relinquish the old
>patterns, the old feelings, the old thoughts and embrace the new.
>is nothing to be gained by holding onto things that you have
>Be at peace, you are doing very very well.
>Q:  Would you say a little about this new place.  It seems when I
have a
>thought, then I immediately have the truth about it.  This is a
>thrilling thing.  Would you comment about this new place?
>A:  Yes, you are doing a great amount of inner spiritual work, and
>becoming increasingly sensitive to your indwelling spirit.  Also you
>learning that you can turn to the spirit and trust him to give you
>truth.  That you needn't rely on your own understanding.  Yes, this
>wonderful.  Is this helping?
>Q:  Ham, is there anything for me tonight?
>A:  Certainly, son.  Have patience with yourself.  But also
>that perhaps it is time to relinquish your control over your life and
>your work.  And allow the father to help you, to guide you, and to
>doors that would not seem to be something that you humanly would
>Embrace the new and begin opening yourself up to new experiences and
>levels of self- understanding.  Change is hard, and yet change is
>is necessary for all living things to grow.   That is all.  Until
>week, my love and my prayers are with you each one.  God's grace is
>you, his love is within you, and all is well.

Nashville, Tenn. Teaching Mission Group

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