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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Trust, Questions by Elyon, Micheal visits
Teachers: Evanson, Elyon, Timothy. Michael

June 6, 1999
*	Evanson (Jonathan TR):  I greet you, this is Evanson.  I will open our
dialogue today with a brief comment and then allow the other teachers to go into
more details.
	You are all aware how easily a child will trust its parents and rely upon
that overcare and guidance.  You also know how the parent benefits from that
mature perspective, that background of experience and can apply this
viewpoint in
understanding the abilities and the potentials of the child.  This parent,
knowing full well that the child will grow, and grow simply through experience
both with success and mistakes or failures, encourages this child continually to
make the attempts.  The child may feel shy, reticent, or, more simply stated,
untrusting of itself.  Just like the golden rule of doing unto others as you
would have them do unto you being lifted to the idea of doing unto others as you
would perceive God would do to them, when it comes to feeling lack of trust for
yourself, trust yourself as the Father would trust you.  Learn to receive that
sensibility; learn to acknowledge that even if you are feeling unskilled,
uncertain, the Father's parental view knows full well that you must undergo the
experience in order to grow, in order to gain the trust.  If you are not
now, it means the experience will bring trust, and that is worthwhile.
	Thank you for hearing me, and I will release for others.
*	Elyon (Sarah):  Hello, this is Elyon.
	As a child learns to trust its parents, this will make the child grow up as
a person who trusts and loves other people.  On the other hand if a child has
been abused the person will carry that with them and have a hard time loving
inner child, making that inner child happy.
	I would like to ask some questions for group involvement.  We will ask a
question, and then we will go around the room to get an answer from each
This doesn't need to be serious, in fact, the opposite, funny, laughter, have a
good time.  Just don't think about it and say what comes to mind first.
	My first question is "I am happy if..."  Now take that sentence and add
your own.
	[Our responses have been pared down to a sampling. ed.]
	Group:  I am happy if I am of service and I know it's of value.
	I am happy when my prayers are answered.
*	Elyon: The second question is "I am the craziest when I..."
	Group:  I'm crazy when I'm angry at my brother or my sister.
	I become crazy when the stress of my well-ordered life grabs me around the
	Elyon:  I have a third question.  What is your greatest desire?
	Group: To be happy and not go crazy.
	To share.  To be useful.
	To love and accept being loved.
*	Elyon:  I am obsessed with...
	Group:  My work.  Myself.
	My well-ordered life.
	My ducks.
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  The next one is "upset".
	Group:  When I feel people don't understand me.
	When I can't still my mind.
*	Elyon:  Finish this sentence.  "You feel you are walking in the master's
shoes when..."
	Group:  When I am in service to others.
	When people treat me unfairly.
*	Elyon (Sarah):  My purpose in life is...
	Group:  Loving service.
	Become more like Jesus.
	To learn how to solve problems.
	Choose survival.
	To appreciate the miracles I see in life everyday.
	Sarah:  Who else has a question?
*	Elyon (Ginnie):  What is your greatest fear?
	Losing contact.
	Not being good enough.
*	Elyon:  When do you tell little fibs?
	Group:  Trying to be encouraging.
	To save face.
	When don't I tell little fibs?
	To be politically and socially correct.
	To dramatize a story.
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  When do you feel most gracious?
	Group:  When a woman touches my hand.
	Mediating arguments.
	Helping someone in need.
	When I see the love in my granddaughter's eyes.
*	Elyon (Sarah):  As you would say, what "pushes your button"?
	Group:  Anger.  Criticism.
	Being insulted.
	Falling short of the mark.
	When people don't realize how talented I am.
*	Elyon:  If you found a street person or a hobo laying on the street, what
would you do?
	Group:  If I don't respond with money I say, "Father, in the name of your
son Michael, help this person find what they need."
	I get uncomfortable and far too often turn it over to the Father.
	I ignore it if it's too far gone.
	I wonder why God doesn't take better care of this child.
*	Elyon:  What is your favorite food?
	Group:  All of them.
	Fruits of the spirit.
	Food for thought.
	I was going to say a juicy steak, but I am embarrassed to say that after
the hobo.
	Cherry flavored Pez.
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  I ask you these questions in order to bring to the
surface of your mind reactions that you go through virtually every day.  They
emote within you and pass by, often without recognition in a form of serious
reflection.  I have enjoyed your humor.  I don't intend that you become obsessed
with seriously reflecting everything that passes you by, but to recognize and
acknowledge them will aid you in understanding yourself better and comprehending
the reasons for your reactions to events in your life.
	Ginnie:  I would like to ask Timothy a question about yesterday's
transmission.  I was uncomfortable with it.  What was happening there?
*	Timothy (Mark):  My friend, this is Timothy.  I would answer you by
pointing out your growth has caused you to blur some lines of your comfortable
relationship with myself and, moreover, your relationship with all the
This uncomfortable sensation you refer to is the recognition that your
of functioning have widened sufficiently to include your own higher self and the
relationship which exists between you and me and the other teachers and
We have both invested much time in the development of this working relationship,
and our respective roles change as our individual qualifications increase.  In
the beginning you were content to simply listen and try to soak up the wisdom of
the teachings.  Now you have come to possess the wisdom of these teachings, and
they are now part of your storehouse of knowledge so that when you access myself
or the other teachers, we may now start from a different plane.  Your role has
changed from one of observer to one of participant.  This is as it should be. 
You will lose the sense of discomfort in your new role as you practice.
	My friends, each one of you is no longer considered rank amateurs at your
studies of the Teaching Mission and at your applications of your lessons.  You
must all assume these new roles in your lives as participant and no longer
strictly as an observer.  True, there will be many lessons delivered to you at
which you will be an observer, a student in the role of assimilating the
but there are also times in which you will be an active part of this process
in fact, are qualified at this point to be discernibly helpful to many who
are in
need of what you already have.
	  It is good that you monitor your own predisposition and attitude during
this process, as in all your life processes.  However, you must realize that
personal attitudes and biases are a part of your interaction with any individual
or any teacher.  This is normal; this is not unique to you.  You must simply
learn where you stand and make whatever adjustments and modifications are
necessary to align yourself with the one true will of the Father so that your
compass instinctually and automatically points you in the right direction.
	We have delivered many of these lessons so many times that it would be
considered odd if you did not internalize these and then present them as your
own, for, in fact, they are.  Lessons which you come to embrace become a part of
you.  Though they may seem to originate from you, you might look at them as
reported through you.  Just because something has a familiar ring to it does not
mean that it is simply the psycho-babble of your brain.  We have repeated
with purpose to instill in you, to drive home, these basic points so that, when
discoursing with another individual or with a teacher, you might possess these
truths.  So embrace them, possess them as your own.  They are a part of you,
as a part of you, are able to be shared by you to those around you.  If your
compass brings you back and points you once again, continually towards the will
of the Father, then the messages will be suitable and correct, and your fears of
simply stating something that is you will be diminished.
	Is this helpful to you?
	Ginnie:  Yes, thank you.  I've been trying to access my higher self and
finding it hard because of habits of wanting to get even, to say what I think. 
It's a great challenge.
	Elyon:  While you may see these challenges as difficult, we see your
accomplishments as awesome.  In the face of the difficulties you all have in
living the truths which you all possess, you all do a remarkable job of bringing
to the front these ideals resident within you.  We as teachers are quite
impressed whenever these principles surface.  Whenever you attempt to represent
these principles you are as shining beacons.
*	Michael (Jonathan):  Jonathan heard correctly when it was whispered to him
that Michael is here, for I am.  I come to be with you to fellowship and to
witness your expressions.
	It has been recorded the many lessons I taught my children.  The records
run long on my discourses, and I do recognize that these remnants of my
have been of great benefit to all who have come across them and have taken them
sincerely to heart.  But I must relay to you that I, your Creator Son, greatly
grew from my association with my Urantia children.  When I walked among the
fellows who inhabited this world during my bestowal, some of the most cherished
events in my memory are those circles of fellowship where I witnessed the
joy and
the levity of my fellows.
	The path to the Father is a supreme delight.  Though it is solemn and
profound and spans the stretch of eternity, moments of levity, of simple
good-natured fun, are those sparks that the Father seeks that you express
both in
your fellowship with Him and with each other.
	It has greatly touched me today how you could lightheartedly converse with
Elyon.  It always was a simple pleasure of mine to witness the joy, the
laughter and playfulness of the many little children who were interspersed
amongst the throngs of hungry adults.  Though I love each and every one so
deeply, my adult children oftentimes were far too serious, too consumed by their
needs.  The birds truly do not take care for tomorrow but are content with
Levity, joyfulness, are for the moment.  This lightheartedness need not be saved
for another day.
	I love you all greatly and it brings me great, deep joy to witness your fun
seeking and your humor.
	I give you my peace and bestow upon you the blessings that only the Father
can pass.

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