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May 28, 1999

Daniel (Bill): Hello my friends. This is Daniel, your friend, teacher,
guide, and proud mentor. As I observe you in your discussions these days I
am at times overcome with pleasure, for I can see that you have benefitted
greatly from your membership in this class of this Melchizadek school. I can
tell and am advised that your learning is truly coming from within you, that
you are, by your deliberate choice to follow the leading of your indwelling
Adjuster, thereby benefitting and gaining wisdom, righteousness, truth, and
ever expanding love awareness. 
Your conversation this evening was stunning for you spontaneously related to
each other without any egoistic tendencies. Your sense of safety in the
presence of each other has increased greatly in proportion to the
diminishment of self-centered and egoistic agendas. This is indeed what is
meant by the term," morontial living", for this is not the lifestyle of the
animal nature. I do not need to elaborate. My meaning is clear I am sure. 

Tonight your discussion has touched on a topic which we had thought to
discuss inasmuch as this meeting presages your season of rest, recuperation,
and diversified activities. We want you to know that the balance between
work and leisure in your culture is dramatically askew.  For the sake of
materialistic goals your society is pressured into an unhealthy and
fundamentally counterproductive distribution of time and effort. 

What you have experienced in your spiritual growth provides you with a new
model for the balance between work and play, for you have discovered that
reversion is intimately associated with worship, with contemplation of your
status and experience as God's children. You have discovered that merely
doing some activity, in itself, does not have the same potentials for
reversion and rest as does the same doing of that activity within the
perspective of the morontial life; the perspective of the meaning of your
whole life and your relationship to God and his universe. When you, in your
heart, place your beloved Thought Adjuster
in the role of pilot, all of your activities have the potential to be
satisfying. I do not mean to suggest that life becomes a bed of roses or
that no difficulties are forthcoming, but the context of your life is
revealed within the larger picture of your secure and soul-comforting
position in the arms of our Father and your animal existence flows from the
natural source which ultimately is the gift of our Mother who gives us our
mind and creates life in this universe.

Again your discussion prompts me to refer to your own thoughts and sharing
here, for another aspect of morontial reality is the resultant unification
of all your connections to other personal beings, first to your nuclear
family and family of origin, but also to your family of choice, even as you
experience this here in this room. 

Your connections to one another have transcended the normal limitations of
human bonding which in themselves are laudable and not to be despised. But
your horizons have broadened to transcend the natural
boundaries of flesh and blood to embrace the true reality, your spiritual
kinship, your true brotherhood and sisterhood.  My friends, this is just the
first of the transcending of boundaries for you.  In the life that follows
the mortal career, this process continues. The key is always in the
spiritual recognition reflex, for you recognize your brotherhood and
sisterhood by your spiritual identities. 

In closing, before we allow for interaction, Aaron wishes to greet you. One
moment please.

Aaron (Bill): Hello, my friends. This is Aaron. I desire to compliment you
also on your transparent sincerity, on your true genuineness, on your
willingness to listen to advice, yes, good advice, from those who have lived
a few more years than you have. It is the mark of maturity to recognize
one's limitations and to seek assistance in expanding understanding.
Remember that the universe career has for its perfection goals the
completion of sincerity and the expansion of understanding. 

I will not do my usual interactional questioning this evening but I did want
to let you know that I remain available to assist you individually.  I would
be honored should you invite me into your quiet time when
you are concerned with relationship problems, in particular; but any
problem, as well, would be appropriate. I would simply remind you that my
relationship to this group has come from some specialized training and
practical application of the multifaceted aspects of personality interaction. 

Well, Daniel and I are eager to engage you if you desire to make a comment
or ask a question. Whatever your heart needs are we will attempt to assist
you. The floor is open.

Ken: I have a question, Aaron. 

Aaron (Bill): Yes, Ken. 

Ken: I'll ask you this time. Relationships between personalities? The
institution I work for, I guess, you could say has a personality. And I'm
having trouble relating to this and my understanding of this institution.
And I don't know how to relate to that.  When it's a one on one with
somebody else, of course, I can address the individual's Thought Adjuster
and ask for understanding and express my concerns that way. How do I address
this issue to come to a peace of mind with this situation since I don't feel
that there is any solution, that there is any light at the end of this
tunnel? I can't see an accomplishment. I don't know if this thing has a
personality or not but it is an organism, sick, none the less, but it's an
organism. Excuse me.

Aaron (Bill): My dear friend, your concern is evident to me and I will
attempt to assist you. No, it is incorrect to say that an organization has a
personality in the strictest sense.

Ken: Understood.

Aaron (Bill): However, an organization is, by definition, some kind of
system; and a system, as you know, has to do with functioning and the
relationship of the parts of that system to the goals the system is created
to fulfill. In an evolutionary universe, by definition, there are no
completely functional systems, not until they have achieved light and life
status. Therefore all systems, no matter whether they be for the purpose of
manufacturing products or educating people or structuring socialization in
one way or another, whatever their function, all systems are imperfect,
incomplete, and evolutionary.  If a system is sufficiently dysfunctional,
its eevol-ution may result in its demise.

Ken: Evolution or eevol-ution? Excuse me.

Aaron (Bill): The word "eevol-ution" is an attempt to say that there will be
change but it may not be progressive. It may be regressive.

Ken: Thank you.

Aaron (Bill): Otherwise, systems also may continue to struggle, as it were,
for many years, for long periods of time in a relatively ineffectual manner
relative to their main goals. And, of course, as a system becomes more
healthy, which means that it is more in congruence with its stated purposes;
it may evolve into a more effective and pleasant system as it increasingly
approaches a higher degree of approximation to its goals. 

Now you are a part of that system, as an individual, and my first
recommendation to you would be to gain as an objective understanding as
possible of exactly what your part in this grand dance is all about.
Systems have been described by your theorists as analogous to dances where
every movement on the part of one person is orchestrated and choreographed,
as it were, in relation to all others. 

It is possible to alter the system functioning by stopping your part in the
dance should you desire to do so. This can be a radical alteration and it is
only one option. Therefore my first advice to you is to try to clarify for
yourself what your role is in relationship to this grand system of this
organization that you draw your salary from. 

In saying these things to you, Ken, I understand this is no small task and
perhaps in your mind you feel fairly confident that you understand it. If
so, if you have confidants, people that you trust who can hear your analysis
and give you their feedback, that also might help clarify. 

If there is a way for your analysis of the goals of the system and its
actual performance to be brought to the attention of those people who are
allegedly responsible for this congruence -- whatever terms they use -- if
there is a way to do this that you are comfortable with, then that would be
my second recommendation. I have not analyzed your situation for that is
really not my role. That is your job to do. Has this assisted you in any way?

Ken: Yes it has, very much, Aaron. Basically you're telling me to focus on
the situation and understand it a little bit more clearly and not to become
familiar with it but to become, as with a family member, to become more
intimate and understand it more clearly.

Aaron (Bill): Yes.

Ken: And to take my actions at that point. Thank you much.

Aaron (Bill): You are welcome. You see, understanding your role in a system
is always performed within a larger context, and in your case you know the
real relationships that you have with other men and women with whom you
work; that your most fundamental relationship is brotherly, sisterly. And
because of this knowledge you can be more effective than you might otherwise
be. Do you agree with that?

Ken: Very much so. 

Aaron (Bill): I wish you well and I will pray for you when I conduct my
prayers, which I do on a daily basis, for all of you our students as well as
our brothers and sisters. 

Ken: You are invited into my silence time any time you come.  Just knock a
little louder, please ,so I can hear you.

Aaron (Bill): Actually, my friend, you are becoming more aware of the
subliminal contact that you have with teachers as well as with your Thought
Adjuster. You are actually hearing us, perhaps not as clearly as you might
wish. You might, if you wish, try some writing and see what  happens.

Ken: You have been talking with Lorenzo.

Aaron (Bill): Of course. We all visit with each other fairly regularly,
almost daily.

Ken: You've given me much to thing about. Thank you. Thank you Aaron.  That
helps me focus a little bit tighter on my responsibilities. Thank you.

Aaron (Bill): And your question Ken had many ramifications which I could
perhaps ramble on about but I will not do that tonight. Daniel is requesting
a moment.

Daniel (Bill): My dear friends, yes, I wish to let you know that you may
feel free to continue to interact with us on a egalitarian basis. That is,
even though we are your teachers, and even though we have lived longer, and
even though you hold us in high regard, we also, fundamentally, are equal
spiritually. So, should you find it difficult to understand what we say,
don't be afraid to interact with us for we don't want you to treat us with
undo regard and put us on high pedestals which we don't deserve. Remember my
dear friends, we are not gods. We don't know everything. We know what we
have learned, what we have experienced, and on these subjects we will
plentifully react and communicate with you. But all of us must always rely
on our great
Indweller, that divine Pilot, that perfect Guide. 

Now, having said that, are there other comments, questions, etc.?

Virginia: Aaron, I just had... not that it will help me spiritually and you
will probably say that's a curiosity question, but you did say that you had
some training in relationships and in practical experience, maybe its like
you referred to. So what I'm saying is, as a mortal were you a trained
counselor, what we would call a counselor, or has this been a result of the
ascendent career where you chose to be trained in this way to help in

Aaron (Bill): My dear Letah, I was a physician as part of my mortal career,
for I had more than one aspect to the time that I was in the flesh. But
primarily my experience has been with the Social Architects in my morontial
career and I have been trained in relationship communication specific to
personalities from very different origins.  Actually I cannot explain this
any further. Remember that the book says that there are many optional
directions that can be taken in the ascension career. Some people chose to
be celestial musicians others work on their interests in other fields. I
chose to take this training, and we're not speaking here of weeks or months
but many years, in order to have this skill for this Teaching Mission. Now
does that answer your curiosity and does that entice you...

Virginia: Yes.

Aaron (Bill): ...regarding your future?

Virginia: Not so much my future, I should have let you finish your
statement. I was thinking in terms of the book saying that relationships
really were of most importance and that those relationships that we don't
solve down here will be solved, that they have spiritual significance. And I
am also thinking this, Aaron, that there is a proverb that says, "We teach
best those things that we most have to learn."  And so as I think about that
and the fact that you are interested in relationships...  has your training
helped you in your relationship with other ascending beings?

Aaron (Bill): Of course, my dear. Just as your counselors often enter the
profession of counseling because they perceive the need to complete or to
enhance their own deficiencies, this continues to apply in the correctional
aspects of the mansion world experience. For you see it is the purpose of
the lower mansion worlds to make up the deficiencies acquired during the
mortal career. However, as one passes a certain point in the ascension
morontial career, the mansion world experience of correction blends over
into the enhancement aspect where deficiencies have been corrected and now
things expand from a different direction. (I am not conveying this clearly
to Isaac's mind.) But growth is continuous through correctional aspects on
into enhancement aspects. Correctional aspects can be viewed as negative,
negatives being remedied.  Enhancement aspects are positives being expanded.
Do you understand what I am saying here? 

Virginia: Yes. Thank you. I appreciate that. 

Aaron (Bill): So you see, that is why we are so excited to see the immense
progress that you are all making, for it puts you well ahead of others who
have to remedy the deficiencies of their mortal career; whereas you who
become aware of these deficiencies can move past the deficiency correction
aspect into enhancement, even in your mortal careers, as would occur on a
normal planet in Light and Life. For you see, in advanced planets so much is
learned in the mortal life that there is little to be corrected on the
mansion worlds. For those people their experience is to go back to more
primitive worlds and work with others who are struggling.  It is essential
to them, for they grew up in a world where these problems had already been
ameliorated. Can you follow what I am saying? 

Virginia: Yes, Aaron. Very much so.

Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel. My dears, I have concern for your physical
limitations tonight and I wish to draw our evening to a close.  If there are
unanswered questions in your minds make a note and we will entertain them in
the future. However, I do wish to send you off on your reversion period with
my greatest delight and my pride, not self-centered pride, but my sense of
great satisfaction in your progress. I do not take the credit for this, no,
you are the ones who have undertaken to be students. I am glad to be part of
that team that shares. But you are to be congratulated. So until we meet
again, my love to you all and all the love of all the others here present is
added as well. Good evening.

Ken: Good evening, Daniel, thank you.

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