[tmtranscripts] Elyon 5/23/99 at Devine's Wedding

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Mon May 31 13:56:53 PDT 1999

Coeur d'Alene and Spokane Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spiritual Sharing, Fellowship, Love
Teachers: Elyon, Rantarason, Lester

May 23, 1999 
*	Elyon (Mark TR):Good afternoon, my friends.  This is your group associate
Elyon.  On such a wonderfully peaceful day it is to your friends that your mind
wanders, to your associations, and I would like you each to know that I
count you
among my friends, among the individuals I care deeply for and I foresee a
long-term relationship with.  I applaud your efforts at making this time
together.  Just as you have expressed missing contact with us, I can assure you
the opposite is true as well.  We miss each opportunity that we do not share
you.  But I would call to our collective attention that much in the way of
experience, both spiritual and material, is had at an experience such as this
occasion today. [Bob and Nancy's wedding]  It is not required or mandatory that
you share with others in a spiritual fashion at any time.  I would point out
in your routine activities, in your conversations, in your mannerisms, in your
lifestyle, you do, in fact, demonstrate the principles and values you have come
to internalize as your own in this process we undergo together.  So there is
great value in simply shining the Father's light, in rubbing elbows with your
brothers and sisters, those you are deeply fond of and those you have yet to
develop this relationship with.  I as a teacher and we as teachers are always
available and ready to complete the circuit with you when you so desire.
	Your offered prayer of the value of stillness as a priority in your lives
is an excellent sentiment today and all days, as this direction provides you
purpose and intent in your daily activities and colors the very interactions you
have with those around you.  When your priority is truly spiritual, then
spirituality is all around you in the mundane as well as in those special
encounters in which you are able to clearly feel the presence and the energy. 
But I say that when you look out at the world through your spiritual glasses
filtered through the lenses of the Father's love, you see spirituality
everywhere, and opportunities to access spirituality abound.  So, do not ever
fear that you are wasting any time in your life or not applying yourselves
as you
think perhaps you should.  Simply enjoy the moment, the task before you, the
group assembled around you, the opportunities placed at your feet.  All of these
are truly gifts for you to enjoy each and every day.
	Never fear the advancement of your spirituality as an individual.  You have
chosen this course, and so it will be.  The rest, my friends, is the journey, is
how the journey intertwines with your life, how you embrace this journey.  That
is the difference you make each day.  In the long term you are spiritually
secure, each one of you.  It is in arriving at that point, in the journey to
point, that you have the flexibility to enhance your journey.  So be about your
fun, your work, your play, with the overall insight that all aspects of life
contribute to your spirituality.
	Those conclude my remarks today.  There are other teachers at your beck and
call should you so desire.  Thank you once again for allowing our presence.
*	Rantarason (Sheila):  I greet you today.  I am your brother/friend
	The joyous occasion of uniting two who so pledge their love is a joyous
occasion for a gathering, although every occasion that presents opportunity for
gathering of this group holds equal value, and this group does so on many
occasions, and therefore so do we.  The uniting of these gatherings represents
value to our Father; it represents value for us, and it represents value to each
individual that yearns and desires to share this ultimate and intimate
communication.  Your individual time of stillness with our Father, of course, is
one's ultimate experience, but the value of this group sharing is an essential
tool for your journey.
	As teachers yourselves you understand the value of participating in the
student/teacher relationship as well as we do.  You amongst yourselves are
amongst a high group of teachers.  In gathering you ultimately share your
techniques, your opportunities, your experiences, as teachers.  We do the
same by
sharing our experiences amongst ourselves with you.  Your universal career
demands that you always extend yourselves to one another to share, to learn from
one another.
	I, myself, value you as my teachers.  I simply take this time to say thank
you, to tell you I appreciate you, and in doing so I now shall spend a moment in
silence to our Father to complete this experience ultimately.
*	Lester (Ginnie):  I couldn't pass up this moment.  This is Lester.  I
wouldn't miss this party for the world.  Not only do we celebrate the love
of two
people but the love that all of us have for each other.  Love is universal; love
unites; love is one.  When you celebrate it with one or two you celebrate it
all.  I can guarantee that we are all present today as you reconnected with your
fellows and as you rekindled your love for each other after sometimes a
considerable separation.  Yes, we had a good time today.  We felt all of you
communicating openly, sharing your love for each other, and this is party
time in
its ultimate.  May you continue throughout the season and throughout all of your
lives to spend regular time in rejoicing and connecting.  It is very important
that you rekindle this love you have for one another frequently.  There is
nothing to stand in your way; you really do not have many excuses.  I know I had
lots when I was here, and I am making up for it now by making sure you have my
company when you celebrate.
	It is my great pleasure to play with you today, as I am one who is quick to
find the partygoers.  I leave you in peace.

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