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Sat May 22 23:49:49 PDT 1999

May 21, 1999

(Thunder outside.)

Most High Observer (Bill): The heavens are resounding with praise to God;
the earth shows his majesty. The planets in their orbits, the stars in their
courses, sing the wonder and power of our God. Paradise is swept with
adulation, overcome with love and worship of the great mystery of the
amazing love and the perfect intelligence of the Deities. 

Greetings. I am one who communicates at a high level with this planet.  Yes,
I am a Most High Observer stationed here on Urantia, as you have been
discussing. Do not be overly impressed or awed by my presence for you are
now comfortable with that order of sonship that is my superior, even the
Melchizedeks, and you are even at ease with out beloved Sovereign Master
Son, Michael and his cohort, Nebadonia.

My purpose in visiting you tonight is to further enhance your perceptions of
interconnectedness, of the profound truth that this planet is indeed on the
way to emerge from darkness and be reinstated into the full fellowship in
the constellation of Norlatiadek. This, I realize, is not new information
for you but increasingly will this truth, the termination of isolation of
this beautiful planet, be presented to your senses and to your spiritual

Long years have we waited for the completion of the Lucifer rebellion and
now that this has been accomplished our hearts are filled with great
excitement, wondrous gratitude to the Father of all for the righteousness
which has been wrought from the dross of evil and iniquity. Yes, the book
does tell you the gains from this initial tragedy are far greater than the
losses because the value of freewill choice in the face of a real
alternative to doing God's will brings about great spiritual progression;
not only for mortals but for all orders of lower intelligent life including
angels, midwayers, Material Sons, Lanonandeks, and some others. 

I will now take my leave of you, my friends, but I do wish you to remember
that there are more manifestations of loving concern on this formerly dark
planet than your minds can possibly imagine. You are heralds of a brand new
gospel. The light is dawning. God's love is being made manifest. Humanities
destiny in light and life is assured. 

These are my words this evening. I send you my dearest affection and leave
you with an open-ended invitation that on occasion I will be present with
you again. 

Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel. Good evening dear friends, fellow comrades,
my dear students, brothers and sisters. My heart is overflowing with love
for you tonight as you gather here and contemplate the future and as you
look back on the past and see with certainty that your faith is built, not
on shifting sands of illusion, but on the bedrock of truth. 

This group, like others, has had its ups and downs, its times of tribulation
and its times of great joy. Your membership has fluctuated in terms of
attendance. But your influence continues to spread just as the concentric
circles which are produced by throwing a rock in a placid pool of water.
Outward and outward they go, and, if you can image this in your mind,
imagine you're at one large pond and small rocks are being cast from all
sides; at first very slowly and then more frequently. As they strike the
water each rock produces the shockwave which moves outward from the center
and overlaps the other shockwaves.  And as the intensity of throwing
increases so does the intensity of the overlapping of the shockwaves until
the entire surface is agitated and in motion. This is analogous to what is
happening on your planet. It is not a phenomenon limited to the Teaching
Mission, of course, but is occurring everywhere. The possibilities of
synthesis then are exponentially generated, you see. 

I remind you of this, my friends, for you have been told this before.  But
when you feel unappreciated and insignificant, when you feel that what you
do has little or no effect upon the rest of the world, that you dismiss
these negative and false ideas by remembering the pond with its agitated
surface. It is not possible for you to understand your influences during
your mortal life. That is why it is imperative and required that your life
review be done on the mansion worlds, not as some of you have feared, in
order to embarrass you and discourage you with your failures; but rather to
show you accurately and fairly the progress that you have made spiritually. 

We teachers who are older than you really can see better than you can how
much you have progressed. But there is one in each of you who knows far
better than we, and that is your infallible divine Pilot. Bring every
decision you can into consciousness. I refer not to reflex decisions like
driving and so forth; but moral decisions; decisions that affect other
people and that affect you. All of these are of paramount importance. Learn
to bring those into consciousness and to offer to God the willingness to
follow his leading. And when you consciously realize you have erred, just
turn it over, let go of the guilt, make amends if you need to, to others,
and turn away from your error to continue your walk forward. 

Yes, this is a universe that has not reached its perfected state, but it is
a universe that will achieve that destiny person by person, nation by
nation, planet by planet, system, constellation, universe, and
superuniverse. All shall arrive one day at perfection when God the Supreme
will have achieved completion. 

What an incredible opportunity we are given, my friends, to participate in
creation. Not as in the first universe age where perfection flashed into
existence from eternity, but over the slow time of one step after another
through your own freewill choices do you create your future; do we all
create our future. What an honor the Gods have given us to participate in
creation; and not merely at the biological level. No, but at the very heart
of the spiritual experience; to move from mortal to morontial to spirit,
that is your response to the downreach of divinity. 

I would end my commentary and offer in this intimate atmosphere a chance for
you to interact with me. Minearisa is also here. Aaron is present and all of
your teachers, your guardian angels and other student visitors from other
universes. I am Daniel and I will be glad to moderate. Please, the floor is

Bob: I have a question. Is it human nature that makes it so difficult for us
to determine...we seem to want to spend all of our time planning for
tomorrow and forgetting about today and you and others have said,
"No, don't worry about tomorrow. Focus on today." Why is it so difficult for
us to do that? Why is it so difficult for me to do that?

Minearisa (Bill): This is Minearisa speaking. Your question is profound in
its implications. Part of the reason that your culture seeks for
satisfaction in the future is because people do not experience satisfaction
in the present moment. Many people are afraid to be by themselves for fear
of some awful confrontation occurring with the load of guilt and fear which
many people carry mostly as a result of their cultural conditioning. One way
to avoid confronting these negative things is to occupy one's mind with the
future, making plans, living for tomorrow. 

There are other reasons for the avoidance of the present besides the fear of
confrontation with one's self.  This is due to the fact that in your culture
individualism has been stressed to the maximum so that people no longer feel
their connectedness to the rest of the universe, starting with their own
bodies, and then the environment immediate to them, the earth itself with
its gorgeous beauty of related sentient life. 

Your religions have carry a great deal of responsibility for the fear of
meeting God because they have portrayed God in fearful terms: as a punishing
ruler, as a policeman, as a judge of the sternest nature, as a unfeeling,
uncaring, judgmental, powerful, and angry Deity. 

And a fourth reason: in your culture in particular, there has been  little
or no value attached to the contemplation of beauty, truth and goodness. The
time spent in quiet has been rejected by many as having no value. Although,
of course, all of these things that I have described, are in the process of
change. Fortunately, there is a new dawning. 

So, in conclusion, Bob, I would say it is not human nature. It is the result
of the default of Adam and Eve which occurred because of the rebellion of
Lucifer, Caligastia, Daligastia, Satan and the others and the spiritual
directions of this planet were set completely adrift from their moorings. 

Your nature is basically two fold. You are animal and you are spirit;
resulting in morontial soul I know you understand this. Has this survey
provided you with any insight? Would you wish to discuss this further?

Bob: No, this is a magnificent answer. Thank you. It was very thought provoking.

Minearisa (Bill): You see it is in the eternal present that God contacts you
for God is outside of time and space. The Thought Adjusters, being fragments
of God, also are outside of time and space. But they do dwell within your
minds. And so in the present, which is the eternal moment, that is the place
of contact; and this practice of perceiving the moment as eternal, as well
as transitory, has great benefits. 

Bob: That's marvelous insight. I'm going to have to think about that.  Thank

Minearisa (Bill): You are welcome.  (Pause)

Daniel(Bill): Perhaps you are weary this evening and perhaps you have enough
on your plates. If this is the case, we can conclude our meeting. But I do
not wish to prematurely close if there is some other burning concern or
casual concern.   (Pause)

Hearing none, I Daniel, will turn the final portion of this meeting over to
Aaron who wishes to draw this meeting to a close. One moment please.

Aaron (Bill): I am Aaron. I wish for you to join hands with each other.  Let
us do a brief exercise. At this time I want you to exercise your
consciousness of the present moment. (Long pause)

You see, what you are experiencing is reality for your hands are joined with
each other and your spirits are attuned to the presence of God. 

And now, Christ Michael, our dear Father and Nebadonia, our dear Mother, we
thank you for the assignment of these our little brothers and sisters to our
care and teaching. We thank you for their growth and progress. We are joyous
to be doing Michael's work on this his birth planet.  And now I pray for
these our brothers and sisters that the ears of their souls and the eyes of
their souls will both hear and see morontial realities, transcending the
limitations of the flesh as they move through their days until we meet again. 

 I love you all and so do all your teachers. Good evening.

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